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  1. I’m tempted
  2. Any chance to fish it yet? How do you like it so far?
  3. I know a lot of guys fish GB from shore for drum. How many boaters target them this time of year. Looking to target them by kayak and see if I can get them on gulp so I can avoid anchoring.
  4. Sorry for the delay. Wife and kid had a stomach virus so I was running around like a madman. Kayak black drum fishing primarily. So I’m thinking for chunking and maybe some eeling. Any pics?
  5. Bump. Price Drop. $185
  6. No trades at the moment but what are you considering?
  7. Bump
  8. $200. I live in South Jersey
  9. Lightly used (one full season) rod. ML rated 1-6oz. Well maintained. Just looking to clear space. Rod was paired with a 4000 Nasci and is ideal for jigging. I used it from a kayak and just found that I have too many setups that serve the same purpose. $200
  10. They have rods for all ranges, it’s just tough that they aren’t around nj. Check the artillery line and call them about custom stuff as well. Their prices are great and they are really easy to reach. The artillary 7’6” heavy seems like what you’re looking for.
  11. Hey Bull Bay Rods are sensitive enough to detect subtle bites from fish like sheepshead while being simultaneously great for topwater plugs and swimmers. I have found my bull bay assault to be my favorite all around spinning rod. I managed to bring up a 90-100lb butterfly ray a few years back, a fish that I hooked in the wing. Despite being completely out matched, I managed to get the fish up after an hour. I gained a ton of respect for the company and there products as a result of that fish. You won’t be disappointed. In the pic is my go to combo, a Bull Bay Assault paired with a daiwa saltist back bay.
  12. I have the same dilemma and was planning to make the same post lol. My wife purchased a plastic enclosure for me to help protect the phone. It’s fairly thin but it protects the screen and body of the watch. She does searched the web and found a product with good reviews. So far so good
  13. Have you ever had any issues with freshwater rod components handling saltwater applications from ratings and even corrosion? I live near TD so I’ll try to check out a Levante this weekend.
  14. I plan to pick up a saltist after falling in love with the BG. I’ve turned in my Stradic so I’ll definitely check out the saltist inshore rods.
  15. I recently sold some gear and have a couple baitcasters that need rods. Each reel will have a separate purpose and I just want to hear your suggestions. The first reel is a Tranx 300 that will be used for jigging and some trolling (Thinking Black hole Charter Special) The second reel is a Daiwa Lexa 300 that I want to use for casting swimmers and topwater plugs for blues mainly (Looked into Cajun Customs Revenant). The third reel is going to be a 200 sized reel which will be either a Daiwa Coastal or Tranx 200 that I will use for casting light lures in flats and soft plastics. (Looking at a G.loomis E6x). Looking for any suggestions or thoughts on these potential setups and am open to any recommendations.