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  1. As is every lefty in the pg....it must be tough being wrong all the time.
  2. Poor knewbee. All I can say is I hope he's getting the help he needs. From the VA......
  3. When can you get started on the carrot cake backorders?
  4. I thought they did the sheathing. Mexicans do the roofing.
  5. You wish death on everyone....in this thread.....
  6. Mokes is universally loved. If I had a vote that counted, I say swap ratprick for mokes straight up.
  7. Yes you do, and of course you don't. What percentage of the 40% of your stupid poll that you agree with would you suppose are hard lefties?
  8. .....so, you agree with every lefty in the poll, big shock there. Not politically motivated, lol, your poll is politically motivated.
  9. I saw a news piece not to long ago where a mom said her 7 year old identifies as non-binary. How the **** would a 7 year old know anything about that? I'm not even sure I totally know what it means, lol. There are a lot of ****ed up parents out there making ****ed up kids....
  10. Hurry, theres a thread here discussing how gender dysphoria is a bunch of crap. The trannies need you!
  11. It sure is. Cracks me up when you hear fishntransition cry how outnumbered the lefty/liberal nut jobs are in the pg. Its stunning how many there are. Theres a lot of stupid on that list.
  12. Is this where you get your Maine eyetalians?
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