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  1. I wish you could have tough guy.. You would have definitely gotten the **** kicked out of you.
  2. Must be tough knowing no one but dud and A2K give a **** about what you say. I would imagine your personal life away from the keyboard is pretty much the same. You may have a couple "friends" who humor you, tolerate you, unless you act like a total ass in here on purpose and are different away from here. But I doubt that, you are likely a total ass in every aspect of your life.
  3. I don't.... but you're splitting hairs.
  4. Wow, those are whoppers. All politicians, and trump, lie and make **** up, exaggerate, embelish.......always only pointing out the other guy, just like when you whine about off topic posts. You never cry about your fellow lefties. It's why you are a poster child for the purest of hypocrites. 100% partisan hack. I'm not giving you a whataboutism, but am curious how you feel about Bidens lies. There are a lot of em, some good ones.
  5. LOL, slip n drip.
  6. Write in votes..excellent idea. I vote CnR.
  7. Are colonel sanders
  8. Thanks. I am witty, and appreciate the compliment. Even from an ass like yourself.
  9. And I feel the lefties in here land in one category. You are all idiots. Spaz doesn't inform me, or misinform me. I rarely respond to his posts. I've said more than once, I generally just read in the pg. I normally respond do the dumbest of posts/posters. It just happens to be you, Zak, dud, and a2k, fake knewbee and gami post the most stupid.. plus, I just think you're an ass overall. Personally, I can't stand people who toot their own horn about what a great person they are. You, dud and Slacker do it often. I don't pat myself on the back. The fact that you and dud don't like my posts makes me smile really. I take it as a compliment.
  10. A2k uses all the lines, doesn't he? But you know this already Be better Speaks volumes Very telling You people A2k is a turd........
  11. Yea, I knew the answer to my question. Was asking sarcastically. I knew the OP would bring out the typical Orange God, cult crap, from the likes of fnm, b2s, slacker, etc. Only surprise in this thread is no zak lighting his hair on fire and putting up charts about how many people DeSantis has killed.
  12. You forgot ignorant.