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  1. Been 2 weeks. Had buddy to the vet last Monday. He had worms, got rabies, distemper, nails clipped. No chip. Made a couple half assed efforts to find an owner. Guess he's mine.
  2. Don't forget me!
  3. Just to clarify.... "they" did shut down golf courses. Because it's impossible to keep your distance golfing. Same with state parks.
  4. Like down here in the winter.
  5. Like I said earlier, not concerned, relaxed. Just trying to get a feel for any potential obstacles. Have jobs planned, hotels booked, etc. Lots of running around to do. Sounds like there should'nt be any issues. Just want to be prepared.
  6. No can do. Have work to do up there, need my tools and truck.
  7. Do you find more people than normal giving you the bird?
  8. Or a strap on from some other Karen.
  9. Dug, meet rope.
  10. I meant from gange green, not ass.
  11. You forgot **** Fauci, **** the WHO, and most of all, **** Tom T !
  12. Good stuff here guys, lol. Certainly not at all concerned, just trying to get a heads up on what I might have to deal with. Get my story straight, and all my bull**** lines in order. Like I said, I'll drive straight through. I might stop to see red, but the only thing I might catch there is a good buzz, or some kind of fungus. I can't wait for this trip.
  13. Is that starting to smell yet?