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  1. Going to Hawks Cay with family this winter. Does anyone have any experience with any of the backcountry guides there? Just looking for any recommendations thanks
  2. Accurate 6 oops didn’t notice this was fresh water
  3. Kudos to the Den! I purchased a reel from another store and realized later it wasn't set up correctly. I later went back to the store and they said it was good or maybe try this....didnt care for that answer. I also called some reputable stores and there answer I knew was wrong. I called Bears as soon as they opened and they knew immediately what was wrong. Very different from every other store. Hands down top notch and have all my fly fishing business moving forward. Thank you. Looking forward to one day making the 5 hour trip
  4. Angel on Earth. Thank you for sharing
  5. So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family
  6. Can’t find them either
  7. You have to consider Seiglers for saltwater and definitely for big game. School bus stopping drag nothing comes close.
  8. Wow! So awesome. Congrats
  9. Brian What kind of big flashy fly would you use and where to get from? Im in a similar situation as BC. Cant really find anything online. Dont see any really good large bunker imitations either
  10. Nice!
  11. Went back in September 2014 for our honeymoon loved it. Id go in September because you still get great weather and less tourist. We went to Rome, Positano, Ravello, Capri and Sorrento. Didn't want to be on the run the whole so we limited it to the south. Gives us a reason to back and see the North. Dont go with a tour group. Only recommend a tour guide for Vatican they will get you ahead of all lines. Think we used DarkHorse tours I could ask the wife if your interested. Tour guide was American and was unbelievable. We had a driver for tour of Amalfi coast who took us to several mom and pop places insane. Places you won't find on your own. Can you hook with our itinerary or driver contact if interested. If you got to Positano go to Max's and Music on the Rocks late night. If you go to Capri go to Gelsomina for dinner in Anacapri great views of the island and best meal we had. Also only need to drink the house wine through trip. PM with any questions
  12. Sick trip! Ive seen clips of Jako Lucas and others do this for roosters. Looks awesome. Mexico?
  13. Jones Brothers also.
  14. Thaistick at it again!!! Nice work
  15. Costa gives lens recommendations for different scenarios. Think I have every option....