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  1. Nice fish!
  2. Holy Carp!
  3. Are you fishing the Delaware River? that's all ill ask
  4. Went to Rome, Positano, Capri and Sorrento for my honeymoon a few years back dont remember seeing anyone fish. I can recommend some places to eat, a driver and tour of the Almafi region
  5. Congratulations on the catch and release! Beautiful fish
  6. PhillyPhisher Also just got back from Tarpon and same outcome. Went down for 2 days and of course 20-30 mph winds. Had 6 shots 2 were perfect and only one showed interest. It was my first time so I learned a lot especially how awesome it is to see 150+ lb fish cruise the flats! Better luck next time
  7. Brian how many more species do you need for the Seigler challenge? I believe I've seen pics of you with a Rooster and Seigler.. As always great pics and info
  8. Conway bowman is a well known shark (Mako) on the fly guide if you need pointers he has a lot online
  9. some cool pics and awesome memories
  10. Never been to Australia but hear he's a stud. He's definitely one of the top guys
  11. South America? Yes Delaware River? No
  12. Congratulations on the wedding and tarpon.
  13. Great pics. Did you see the new Regulator XO?
  14. For Bones Id go 8WT. Dont overthink it. Just get the 8WT because you will eventually get a 10,12, then 9, 11, 7...