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  1. I would go with 7wt. You want soft tip so you can land more fish. 8wt with soft tip will work if you can get a great deal but the difference is very noticable. It just you do not need more power that 7wt has. You can fish with even 9wt and light 10wt if you have it already, some people do and that is fine. You will just be limited to the tippet size you can effectively use. I more and more appreaciate the softness of 7wt now. And sometimes I am thinking about going down to 6wt or 5wt as my main stealhead rod, I just did not try it yet. I can only speculate on what it takes to get down from 2x to 7x tippet. -Vlad.
  2. I have Axiom 7wt, used it only for steelhead fishing. Agree there is not much info on the rod. Vlad Quote: Originally Posted by ccb I have a Axiom rod. 10 wt. I don't see them to much? what do you guys think of them?
  3. What trade are you looking for? Do you need a different 7wt or something else? -Vlad.
  4. should be green and online.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by shivsean I'll need a 2nd life if I have to re-tie every time I break-down the road and head out again fishing. Basic question I know... Sean Sean, if you use mono or heavy (50+lb) braid as a running run then you can have a loop at the end of the line and pass the loop through the barrel swivel. Surgeon's Loop Knot would be easiest for you to tie even if your fingers are numb. If you use braid under 40lb then it would be easier to cut it every time than to try to disassemble it. -Vlad
  6. Costco will sell Alpen Shasta Ridge 10x42 Waterproof/Fogproof/Nitrogen filled ones for $99.99 in a week. I am buying it for next season.
  7. I am with the Fisherman, I am happy with neoprene. But I might not sweat like other people, at least I do not get wet to the point it is cold. Though I never fish under below zero, even under 30 it is tough for me. Not because I get cold but because my rod guides and reel get covered in the ice quickly. The funny story happened to me while I was fishing around 30 degrees. I accidentally slipped and fell face down in the water. My neoprene waders scooped some ice cold water that sipped down to socks giving me extreme sensation feelings. But it warmed up pretty quickly inside my neoprene waders, at least to the point that I could continue fishing that spot. After I came back to the car and took a wader down my feet were emitting water vapor like it was boiling. Well my friend was impressed by my being so coldproof. LOL He probably thinks I can wear shorts in winter, Chicago style.
  8. I think 5mm neoprene waders with 1200-1600 gram boots are the best for fishing Feb while standing all day in the water. Next are 5mm sock neoprene waders that are good enough for end of Feb and March but you might need to double on merino wool socks. I do not use breathable in the winter because I am afraid of ice cuts especially when you kneel down to unhook the fish. Neoprene waders have reinforced knee guards while breathable ones do not. But in the fall I love my breathable waders. -Vlad.
  9. Great report The Fisherman. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading it
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by BrianBM Nice report. I agree about wasting fish. The hook in that wounded fish looks far bigger then I'd've expected for a steelhead angler. What size is normal for egg fishing? I would say size 4, 6 and 8 tied on a scud hook are "normal". -Vlad.
  11. I will take it. have a Honda pilot. Should fit with a stand. vlad.
  12. Bushnell has a $100 rebate on its Legend Ultra HD models. "Get a $100 rebate on Legend Ultra HD Binoculars at participating dealers. Offer expires on 11/16/2014." That rebate brings them down to just under $100 mark. -Vlad
  13. Smoked bluefish is still my favorite right after smoked steelhead and smoked fat fall striper. When I purchased my smoker 10 years ago I quickly realized the blue fish potentials. My last experiment ? Smoked dogfish a friend of mine asked to smoke for him. It had very perculiar taste but he ate it.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Wigeon OK...never had this here issue before.....see your point....pretty sure there are some guidelines in the SOL rules....let me consult them so we can settle this fairly... Hi Wigeon, It is your call. You may either sell it to me or fshng2. Neither of us have a priority over another. I was the one who locked the thread but I did not lock fshng2 out. Kind Regards, Vladimir.