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  1. The New Yawkers and CT's have been moving here and trying hard to change that for the last decade or two
  2. You draw that Bill?
  3. I seem to get monthly emails from them. Got one today. I agree with calling them, the first lami I broke was back in 2007 (a GLB 1081MH), mostly operator error and some rod. Rod angle a little to high when setting the drag that night Replaced quickly, sent right to the builder. Just had to send in section where the break was. Second rod I broke was a pain in the ass to get replaced. Had to go back and forth for a good part of the season. Was my favorite rod (a 1201M) from 2003.. In the end the wait was worth because they came out with the Old School version of the 1201M and 1321M. They again replaced with the Old School 1201M shipped the builder. Both times only cost me the postage to send in the sections and the rewrap. Had a 1201L from 2003 that I also really liked, wish I didn't sell it. Have an ARRA 1205 wrapped casting (another excellent rod, blank from 2005, I'm trying to sell that one to, not listed here (Yet), need $ and want to just stick with spinning for now. Just be a pain in the you know where and something will happen. Those rod blanks from back then were fantastic and also had a lifetime warranty.
  4. Spot Burn Joking aside, really good stuff!
  5. A smart move and one to not feel guilty about. I know/am learning how difficult it can be to be at odds with yourself at knowing when to say when or no way from the start.
  6. With the full moon (including the days just before and just after) there should be a sizeable movement of fish. Just a matter of being out actively fishing in the right location and stage of tide as they set up in positions where the bait comes to or gets swept to them. Large fish will typically ezert less effort and energy for there meals, they tend to let the tides and movement of water sweep their meals to them, which is why it really pays off to know a spot well and when it sets up and produces best. More effort may be spent on a larger meal, just a matter of how much effort and the size of the meal
  7. Glad to hear you say you both are ok with just some bruises. Hope you didn't lose or break any expensive gear. I am saying this in general and not directed at you or anyone else in particular. Why do people chance risking their lives at those two particular areas (Jamestown and Gansett, even the tips of the BWays) when the storm swells are clearly forecasted well in advance. Not worth chanceing in the daylight let alone the night once the "Safe With Caution Prestorm Window" has closed. When will people learn. You not only put your lives in peril but also the lives of Coast Guard and Fire and Rescue, and many times it's with them doing a "Recovery" because there was no chance there was anywhere near the time and mostly conditions to do a "Rescue". As was mentioned, once swept off in those conditions if you were lucky enough to not be knocked unconscious or which is usually the case, the repeated being picked up by the waves/swells and battered into the rocks or cliffs, so if lucky enough, you swim out toward sea and away from the hazardous shore and pray there is a buoy close by. You will need more than a PFD at night, you better have an EPIRB or at least a portable waterproof VHF or your odds go downhill fast. Nights like last night are not to be taken lightly out front. The swells coming in to BTail and the Aves are from "deep water". Deep water swells aren't knocked down or reduced in size or power like most of everywhere else with bars and shallower water near shore. These are not "Rogue" waves, there were no rogue waves last night. Rogue waves are a rather rare occurrence and are something entirely different. The term "Rogue wave is almost always improperly used by surf fisherman. Wiser, more experienced (or older, tired and beat up guys) talk and post about fishing the lee, sheltered and protected areas on nights like last night. Put together a game plan of spots (estuaries, salt ponds, protected coves inside the bay, etc...) if you plan to fish but the "Safe With Caution Window Has Closed". I don't mean to come off as condescending or a jerk but I would hope to expect better from members of these fishing forums. This stuff comes up and is chatted about or circulated on the boards from once to a half dozen times a year. When it does, I think and hope many, even at least one more guy will learn or understand these circumstances a little better. Glad you guys have future fishing trips ahead of you. You know where to not be over confident, just don't lose all confidence. Getting off my soap box now.
  8. I think the more important aspect to consider when choosing between these two rods is where and how they will be fished. If used to fish beaches and soft structure the L would be the proper choice. But for rocky shorelines, boulder fields hard structure and strong currents the M would be better suited to put the boots to and turn a respectable fish. Having owned both, I know the L is capable of landing some decent sized fish in less than ideal conditions but with less margin for error. It's just not the proper choice for those conditions.
  9. Here there stranger. You must be nearly through downing a 12 pack of Bud by now. Sucks that we lost another one. Peace out brother!
  10. Truly sad news indeed Eddie was one of the finest individual's I had the pleasure to know. He could bring a smile or laugh out of anyone. He was the "Boss Man" of the crew from the early get togethers and he originated "The Biggest Bass and Bluefish" year long contest back in '06 and he would always make a lure or three for the winners. A lot of good friendships and bonds were formed from those get togethers. Every time I saw him he would say "what's up Boss", but Eddie was the true " Boss". When Eddie put on the hat and "Fish Pimp" was present he reminded us that fishing is fun and we should enjoy it no matter the month, sweet or salt water. Its to bad it's tragic events like this that brings the old crew out of the shadows, it shows we may not be active and post but we still lurk. (Been meaning to post over the last month or two but can never remember my password or where I wrote it down). My condolences to his family. RIP my friend! Your also joining Scotty "The Silent One"
  11. Another option would be a pair of mini bolt cutters from Harbor Freight for like $10
  12. I broke a 14 year old custom built 1201 m 2 years ago casting a 5 oz bucktail w/ a 6" curly tail (about 6 oz). Also made me sick, I loved that rod.
  13. Something to think about. It has been mentioned about charging to make it illuminate and wearing down to not be as bright or noticeable, etc... Instead of looking at it and thinking about it from our perspective from our eyes (after all different game, different eyesight, certainly not ours) think about it from the games perspective and eyesight. I used to be like most and feel and believe the same thing. But pets and wildlife educated me to consider some things differently. I consider this to be one of those things. I feel a fair amount of game and some pets can see the phosphorus glow without the charging we need to see the glow. It may not be as bright, it may appear differently, but they do see a glow or illumination. I remember starting about 35 years or more ago prepping my clothes for hunting. It was not only for scent but also for visibility. This was based on wildlife research and an article about how different wildlife sees colors or more specifically UV wavelengths. It detailed how different detergents we use to wash our clothes had UV brighteners and how through the eyes of certain game this made us glow. Needless to say I not only chose a detergent to eliminate scent but also one with no UV brighteners as well. Those glow epoxy jigs are probably my best producer for albies, even on days with heavy overcast I can pick them out in the water from some dist@nce uncharged. Again something to think about.
  14. In my mind this is quite overdue. I Iexpected this to happen at least 5-8 years ago. Over the last 5-10 years I have been reading about GW's getting caught in fish traps and washing up dead on shore here in Rhody. Not a pleasant thing to be made aware of for those of us who wear black wetsuits and swim or deep wade to rocks or rock piles/boulders adjacent to deep water. Going back 5-10 years ago I remember on three occasions where the morning after l was bobbing or side stroking to a decent rock/rockpile and learned of a GW caught in a fishtrap or washed up on shore from between 100-300 yards from where I spent most of the night in the water. Now if I'm waste deep or more in water I want to make sure it's loaded with structure, reefs, boulders whatever making it difficult to impossible for us to be sharing the same water. This kid didn't do himself any favors wearing a wetsuit and swim fins while thrashing about on his paddleboard. Wonder if we will truly get the complete story. There was quite a bit intentionally withheld on the first attack in truro. The guy had quite a few surgeries. What many don't know is those severe bites to his upper legs and torso also removed his privates. Several surgeries to rebuild and reattach his penis and save at least one testicle in hopes they still function. Thankfully he wasn't a young guy, sad to say the guy yesterday was only 21. Blame the FN seal lovers, they should be locked in their cars with a swarm of bees. Time to start a pool on what the final number for G Whitey will be for the year.
  15. I still stand by my statement. There is only one way to take a proper measurement of a fish and that is from under the fish. I have seen the EPO's measure fish to ensure they met minimum lengths and always done from under the fish. The EPO's pinch the forks of the tails together when the measurement is close. EPO's, DFW and the like always take measurements from a flat measuring device from the underside of a fish. Tournaments based on length always measure from the underside of a fish. I certainly won't say they're wrong in assuming this is the proper way to measure as to not add improper length to the measurement. Whether it is a half inch, an inch, two inches or just under two inches, length is gained when taken by going up over the topside of a fish. I wasn't part of this tourney and I am only voicing my opinion as I have in the past. This is not done to intentionally stir the pot. I understand it is not always practical for safety reasons when the intention is to release the fish. However I will acknowledge the fisherman who takes a proper measurement.