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  1. $190 and it’s yours.
  2. Excellent condition LBC68MHF 6'8" 3/8-1oz casting rod. Thinning out some rods and this one is collecting dust. $220 shipped Paypal. Thanks!
  3. We can't pitch, which means we can't hold a lead. We can't hit with the bases loaded ..at all. I think we have the worst batting average in the league with the bases juiced. Been a VERY frustrating couple weeks. We've needed pitching help since 2018, both starters and bullpen, and haven't gotten anything. I understand they're trying to rebuild the farm system, but how long can you go getting your teeth kicked in by mediocre teams every night? Reminds me of 2011, and we know how that went ...
  4. Never got to fish, it rained the whole time and the rivers were all high and very muddy. Beautiful area though, will definitely be back one day with the kayak. Thanks for all the help!
  5. One-Armed Steve's is closed, the one by the Wings. Frank & Fran's is my home away from home, but all the rest of the shops are well stocked and ready to go. Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. Hello all, will be traveling to upstate NY mid-July for a weekend, staying near Eagle Bridge on the Hoosic River and Owl Kill Creek. Looks like it's a nice trout stream. Will be bringing waders and trout gear, just wondering if it's worth fishing that time of year? Also would there be any wadeable streams nearby that would hold smallmouth bass? Thanks for any help! Adam
  8. What FBK said, or the Carolina Cast Pro 12' 3-7oz, OR the CTS S7 1303 ...the 1303 is getting lots of good feedback from the OBX Pompano guru's.
  9. Got home today, overall good trip. Weather wasn't the best, and we never got a good consistent wind, but we managed to pick off a few. Here's a sample.
  10. The simple fact is this: a firearm is an inanimate object. They are completely useless without HUMAN input. Nobody seems to want to tackle the real issues about mental health in this country. Or the lack of parenting. Or the violent movies/video games/music/media, etc. All you people want to do is treat the symptom, not the actual disease. The MSM won't even touch that stuff. They need ratings so they sensationalize the shootings, whether they mean to or not. The media knows the gun argument is stupid so now they try to spin it with race/gender/political party, but that's another topic. I think anybody that commits a mass murder should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, no matter what weapon was used. The powers that be don't like the AR platform because it puts the every day American citizen on the same playing field as their federal LEOs. That's the only logical reason I can come up with. They don't want a fair fight, and they know at this point, they're outnumbered, and in some cases, outclassed. Guns aren't the problem, never have been. Evil/mentally unstable people are the problem, and always have been. There's a very disturbing obsession with killing. Kids these days are very easily influenced by the aforementioned methods, and in a lot of cases are completely left unchecked until it's too late. Maybe they're bored? Bullied? Mentally ill? I don't know what causes a person to lash out in such ways, I really don't. I wish I did. I do know that in recent years, all these shootings seem to happen at exactly the same time as the gov't trying to push through gun legislation ...weird right? So don't throw the blame at the 99.9% of responsible armed citizens who just want to be left alone, and have the God given right to defend themselves if needed. Power and money corrupts, it's nothing new, we all know that. You want a history lesson about government overreach and firearm confiscation? Look at 1930's Germany. That's just one example. Want to read a very good book? Read "On Killing," by Dave Grossman. Try doing some research before just throwing blame at me for something I didn't do. I know, I know it's the easy thing to do, but just stop with it already. A firearm might as well be a paperweight until an evil person makes it work. It really is that simple.
  11. SML Stripers grow 100x bigger than LKA fish, there's no comparison.
  12. I'll be there the beginning of that week. If the weather is right it'll be good.
  13. 7" screen is the way to go, even a 9" if you have the room. I have a Hook2 5 Reveal, and a Hook2 7 Tripleshot. Both are good units, but the 7" screen is definitely the better option. The Reveal feature doesn't do much for me really, but both units work very well once you get your settings set correctly. If you want stupid clear images, maybe look at the Lowrance Live units or the Humminbird Helix Mega Imaging units. I'm 95% sure I'm going to sell my Lowrance units and go Humminbird this year at some point. If you freshwater fish a lot, I'd recommend getting side-scan and learning how to use it. Finding those isolated stumps and rockpiles is game-changing.