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  1. Was down there at the same time! Pretty much the same fishing report, plus a few nice blues and spanish macks at sunrise.
  2. Small bucktails, Stingsilvers, Berkley Gulp on a jighead, and a Spook type topwater will do just about everything for you. Colors vary. Popping corks in front of soft-plastics are effective as well.
  3. Absolutely. Ryan and Frank & Fran's gets 99% of my business when I'm down. Will be there on Monday for the week, need a fishing fix badly.
  4. Ugly's and an 8' Tsunami Airwave.
  5. $150 shipped for all this gear folks, it's just taking up space in the closet.
  6. They're great blanks! I have one I built spinning, and am planning on building another one, and one more for baitcasting. Have caught everything from flounder to specks, spanish mackerel, and even juvenile tarpon in FL.
  7. Might look at the Rainshadow RX6 SP844 7' 1/4-3/4oz. Works great for flounder jigging up to 1oz, and probably up to 2oz if you're vertical jigging from the yak. Blanks are on sale for $27 right now.
  8. Sold to Rockhopper.
  9. Meet me at $400 shipped and it's yours. Thanks
  10. No problem. $415 shipped.
  11. 30" to the bottom hood when a reel is in place.
  12. New never fished Fenwick SU1445, older chocolate/brown blank. Cut 2' from the butt to make it a 10' rod, so its now about a 60/40 split. Handle is 23" to the top of the reel seat. Fuji Alconite guides and reel seat. Needs a butt cap. Rated 3-6oz but I would say it's more 2-5oz. Would make a good light chunking or heavy plug rod. $175 shipped, open to offers or trades, not looking for anything in particular, but it never hurts to ask.
  13. Rod is 13' long, even 50/50 split. This was specially ordered 50/50 by mistake. Dimensions are all the same as the 70/30 split 1305's otherwise.
  14. Leaning towards this boat myself; they seem very popular for a budget minded fisherman like me. The seat is what has me looking hard at these, as my back doesn't like the traditional seats. Have paddled a few and the higher seat setting is a huge plus.