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  1. Interested in any trades? I have a 9' Rodgeeks 1-4oz spinner I built that I'm looking to unload. Thanks
  2. I'll take these John, thanks!
  3. This right here. 99% of the serious drum pros will help you if you're respectful and ask. Just pay attention to what's going on and tend your rod when somebody has a fish on. This is serious fishing but it's also an absolute blast, so if you want to drink a couple, by all means, but getting sloppy on a pier during a drum bite is asking for problems. Same goes for the beach.
  4. No problem, good luck!
  5. Owner Mutu Lite #1 circle, has caught everything from 8" whiting to 32" redfish and a baby tarpon.
  6. You can drop the 20lb and get 16lb or 17lb depending the manufacturer. 95% of the drum-pros are throwing one of those two, for distance and abrasion control. Berkley Prospec Chrome 16lb, or Sufix Tritanium Plus 17lb, both are .40mm. 20lb is .45mm in both of those. As for reels, the Fathom 30 is way too big, stick with a 12 or 15. Also ditch the 80lb flouro and get regular 50lb mono for shock leaders. Drum don't care about line color or flourocarbon for that matter. Any more questions shoot me a PM.
  7. If you're set on Rodgeeks get the XH blank, the H is pretty wimpy with 8oz+. 22mm trigger reelseat, unless you don't want the trigger, then stick with 22mm or 24mm if you have big hands. Guide trains: 30-25-20-16-16-16-16-16 tip top. 30-25-20-16-12-12-12-12(or 16) tip top. 25-20-16-16-12-12-12-12(or 16 again) tip top. Size 10 runners are asking for shock knots to hit and cause issues. I use 16 tops on all mine, the knots pass through much easier on the retrieve, and if you get into grass they don't clog as easy. The size 12 runners sit nicely in a notch on the pier rail as well. Grips are personal preference, shrink tube is the go-to down here. Can shrink over corktape, or use real cork as well. Be advised real cork requires lots of reaming and the grips become really delicate until glued on the rod. Pic is a CTS 1306, real cork, 24mm reel seat, and the third guide train listed.
  8. Complete BS, that's never happened.
  9. 1. Im not sure at this exact minute. 2. Yes the parking lot it still open on the south side. 3. Yep. 4. Can be very good! Lots of grass flast and channels to fish on that side.
  10. I'll ship mine also, it's literally in a tube ready to go to the post office.
  11. 2 piece, 70/30 split, central VA.
  12. Sold to 1badf350, PM incoming.
  13. $45 and its yours.
  14. Have a custom Rodgeeks 9' 1-4oz I'll trade you, it's already packed to ship.
  15. Sold to short cast, PM incoming. Thanks!