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  1. Literally new. Took it out of the plastic, mounted a reel, took the reel off, and set it in a corner. I have too many of this sized spinning rod and it needs to go to a new home. Never seen water. St. Croix LTB 7'1" MF spinner(blue blank) $275 shipped Paypal Please note that I will not be able to ship until Saturday due to work obligations.
  2. Going to Cooperstown on Monday, planning on fishing the headwaters there for a little bit(after visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame of course). Hopefully get a NY smallie, the bite down here in VA has been good this week for sure.
  3. 3.5" Rage Swimmer on a plain jighead has been killing the smallies this week here in VA. This time of year I also have a plopper type lure tied on, as well as a white fluke, and some sort of football head with a craw plastic. The grass die-off is starting, so fishing anything with treble hooks is frustrating right now.
  4. Sold to bazel, PM incoming!
  5. Excellent condition, fished exactly four times. Used for large crankbaits and chatterbaits in freshwater. St. Croix Legend Glass casting 7'4" 3/8-1oz $235 shipped Paypal
  6. Thanks for the info. Emailed the resort with no response as of yet.
  7. Thanks guys!
  8. Well that sucks. Thanks for the advice, will have to check with the resort.
  9. Looking at taking a trip to Secrets Cap Cana in February, and am looking for any advice on whether its worth packing a travel rod and gear. Been reading about tarpon and snook from the beaches early and late. Thanks for any help! Adam
  10. Heading to Cooperstown at the end of September, was wondering if there was any chance of a big Smallmouth from shore, maybe around the town docks, or at one of the parks? Thanks for any help! Adam
  11. I used Lowrance Hook2s for a few years, both a 5" DI and a 7" Tripleshot, and they worked well for what they are. This year I upgraded(in my opinion) to a Humminbird Helix 7 MSI, and it's night and day different. Mega-Imaging is the real deal, I've found more structure and more fish than I ever saw on my Lowrance units. The image clarity on SI and DI is ridiculous. I also bought the Noqua 10ah battery and love it! Saves weight and space and it lasts forever. Lowrance has an edge with their mapping technology, but if you want a unit to find and see fish, check out the Birds.
  12. Hello all, after spending a few days fishing this month in some serious wind, I am considering getting the Motorguide Xi3 trolling motor kit for my SS127. This will be primarily for freshwater use, and with the Spotlock feature it will really help when fishing deeper water. Was curious if anybody has this setup or one similar, and what battery you are using? The kit says 100ah lithium is recommended, but I usually only fish 2-4hrs at a stretch, and was considering trying a smaller battery to save weight and space, maybe a 54ah or the like. Thanks!
  13. Had the Yakgadget one and it worked fine unless I was in heavy current, such as heavy tidal flow, or when in a river fishing for smallies. It would often bind up in current, and trying to turn and pull the string was awkward. Installed a Power Pole Micro and never looked back, works like a charm. Granted it's limited on depth, but it works every time. No complaints.
  14. #1 or 1/0 J-hooks for live shrimp and finger mullet. Adjust up with bait size. Big mullet for tarpon you may need a 5/0-6/0 circle hook. For shrimp I found I missed way too many bites with circles. For plastics, an assortment of paddletails and flukes will cover just about anything you need. You can add a popping cork above these if need be. Hard twitch baits like a Mirrolure Mirrodine or something similar work well for snook and redfish. Don't forget topwater! Any kind of spook type plug with good hooks. I fish 7' M or MH spinners most of the time with 20lb braid. 20lb fluro leaders unless Im fishing around docks then I'll go to 30lb. Good luck!