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  1. Bending Branches Angler Ace, great paddle for the money.
  2. I love spinnerbait fishing! A little chop on the water seems to help the bite. Gold blades for sunny days, silver for overcast. They usually knock the snot out of them, especially when you wake the bait on the surface. Trailer hooks help if you start missing fish.
  3. Virginia beaches are all currently open to fishing and exercising.
  4. Been a rough season here in central Virginia, lots of folks in the woods due to COVID-19; no work or school. Seems like every bird has been pressured. I finally found one on Sunday, that either hadn't heard a call all season, or was doorknob stupid, because he literally walked close to a 1/2 mile before I shot him at 35yds. He had some really cool coloring in his wings, still not sure what that's about. How's everybody else been faring?
  5. It's a stainless steel stripper guide, it's supposed to look like that. Awesome rods!
  6. Been overhauling all of my freshwater gear, new rods and reels, lures etc. Just made an order this morning for Rapala DT4s and 6s, ZMan TRDs and creatures for both large and smallmouth. The Ned Rig has been killing the largies this spring but I find it hangs up too much in rocks for river smallies. However, Ned type lures on sleds have been gliding along and over rocks beautifully. Now if I could get a day when the wind isnt blowing 30 ...
  7. 8lb Fireline Crystal, 10lb flouro leader.
  8. River smallies crush WPs, both 75 and 90s!
  9. I use a Sedona 3000 for smallmouth fishing. Zero complaints, great little reel for the money.
  10. This is what happens when people sit at home on election day. The "Oh my vote won't count," or the "They won't ever do that, don't worry," people. Three years in a row we've had low voter turnout. Check out all the unconstitutional gun legislation that Richmond is trying to ram down our throats, it's insane. Complete democratic control of the state house, and all funded by Bloomberg. They would love nothing more than to erase history and have complete power over the people. Money talks unfortunately. People really believe that inanimate objects will suddenly come to life and attack them ...or offend them.
  11. Replied, offer withdrawn. GLWS.
  12. What are you thinking for shipping cost? My zip is 23093. Thanks
  13. $160 include shipping? If so I will take it. Thanks
  14. Sold to DaveC, PM incoming. Thanks