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  1. 3000 for fluke on a 7 foot rod and 6000 on a longer rod since it first came out late fall. So far no issues. i would say crazy good value at that price point
  2. I've seen the new proto from sebile plastic lip swimmer casts as far as ss popper with my own eyes. In its heaviest configuration. Was told at ICAST this year
  3. Lakeside Welding he has ebay store not sure if links are allowed google ebay- lakeside-welding
  4. bm makes a jointed Conrad ? Got a pic? Would love to see it
  5. Omg...I think I would jump off the bridge if God forbid my rod is slightly missaligned!!! The horror... Sarcasm? Sure but the hysteria over a possibility of rod twist is laughable. I would assume that one piece rods are a very small part of sales in USA , mostly in northeast. Most of people I've meet south over the years would not even consider a one piece rods. To say that manufacturers are forcing anyone to use two piece rods is silly. If there was $ to be made is one piece configuration you bet your last $ rod makers would be tripping over themselves to make them It's not physically possible for a two piece to be equal to one piece rod. Each has it's plus and minuses when it comes to performance or storage.But I think what many are saying is that by using modern two piece rods the are not giving up much in the performance department unlike in the old days when difference was more evident. I owned at least 20 one piece sur rods over the years.Today I own zero. I am not looking at my Tsunami/ODM/century/st Croix in the garage as one or two piece rods..they are just rods
  6. finally after two years of elbow pain and fishing with only Century Noreaster 10 footer (awesome rod) i got my first 11 footer, an ODM Genesis 2-4. Was going to get 3/4-4 but redhawk recommended a 2-6 instead. Said it will do all i wanted from 1 oz bucks to Sebile Shads and he was not wrong. Very happy with the rod and for a change I managed bunch of fish that bottomed my scale this fall in some really rough conditions and was very happy with its performan
  7. I been fishing Genesis 11' 2 to 6 oz on recommendation of Lou Caruso and are very happy with it. Was going to go with 1 to 4 but he told me 2-6 will do everything i wanted and he was right. I've done as small as 3/4 oz buck sideaways casting in a noreaster and giant 6 oz sebile shads. It can handle both but it shines somewhere in the middle which is where most of my SS plugs are anyway. As far as durability, I think most manufactures make solid rods that do not break unless there is a manufacturing defect or issues. ODM is no exception. If a lot of people were complaining about specific model from any maker, I would get concerned but I have heard nothing like that about ODM. And yeah, ODM demo is by far your best pace to familiarize with a product
  8. I do own few but maybe twice a year in my bag. Never really did like them enough to earn a slot in my bag or for the way they cast.I think their casting ability is overstated but they are compared to some really poor casters to be fair.... They do catch and when on sand eel bite they can be killer....but so do a lot of other plugs I just cant get over the fact that i need to change hooks as soon as I buy them...
  9. disagree...one of the most accurate and honest thing I've heard..but that's why they call it fishing boards...for discussion
  10. just finishing shooting underwater video to compare the two yes yes and yes and all three
  11. what's the verdict? I am sure its professionally done but did it capture that feeling of running the coast? Saying its long does not give us a clue one way or another
  12. its just wrong to post positive experience. I clicked on the link hoping for drama
  13. Brian I don't think its fair our accurate to call it “waterproof” I got to play a little bit at the Fisherman show enough to know that is for real but its not designed to be waterproof or reeled under water. You could say that is has the most seals of any reels in its price range..and from what I’ve seen very smooth. Remember when Tsunami showed me Elite prototype rod at River’s End Surf day many years ago and told me that complete rod will be under $200. I said no way. We’ll I was wrong and I wont doubt them again but this reel is in no way a replacement for anyones waterproof reel
  14. Yeah, while we are browsing the net with a smart phone made in China, headphones in our ears made in Vietnam and every piece of clothing on us made in Bangladesh, while sitting in F350 assembled in Mexico. Sometimes I wonder how hypocritical we all are about stuff made in USA.