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  1. Morning to early afternoon out front in Ocean County. Steady 28-32" blues and a 24" Striper. Fresh bunker and SP minnow in bunker pattern. Striper was on SP with a very slow retrieve. Best action at top of tide. Great outing!
  2. Ocean County yesterday, 1:30pm to 7pm on incoming tide; skunked. Water looked pretty good, if only a bit flat once the wind shifted to the west. No real bird or bait action, but did see the occasional swirls in the breakers just before dark. note: swirls were no where near my plug... and by "plug" I mean every conceivable piece of plastic, metal, or wood that I threw at them.
  3. Fished (skunked) from 5:30am to 11am. Waves & wind were tolerable, but challenging. Fished out front and in the inlet. Mostly threw a chicken scratch SP minnow, but also a 1.5 oz bucktail. Not a bite, but water looked fishy. Edit - Not so specific please ~ Sudsy
  4. Jumping in on this fluke rod discussion, my perspective is more inshore than rocks/jetties. first a quick report... fished Ocean County on Sunday. 20 or so short fluke (13" to 17") between a buddy and myself with one 18" weakie on a hot pink spro BT with white 4" Gulp mullet. I fish A Tsunami Trophy 7' one-piece medium-heavy weight for times when I could be surprised by a big fish; doubles as a great inshore plugging rod. Was happy to have the backbone to hoist a 27" 8lb fluke last month. I have won battles with cow nose rays on this, but still enough play to have fun with short fluke. Inexpensive and good rod. Lighter fluke tackle is a St. Croix Premiere Medium-Light 6'6". Great for inshore rod or light bucktails wherever. Has great action on your average fluke, croaker, blues, etc... was a blast this past weekend.
  5. Nice fluke!!!!
  6. Fluke is open! 27" 7.75lb. In the back, Blues as well. Incoming on chartreuse Gulp 3" mullet.
  7. Ocean County. 5am to 10am. After sunrise, the wind kicked up and the water started looking real good. Bird patrolling and forming mobs occasionally; not another fisherman around besides us. Threw bucktails, MC55, Ava 007, DD, and SP minnows with teasers, but no hookups. Covered about a mile of beach on foot. Pretty disappointing given how great the water/waves looked. Then a 3 hour death defying trek home as the snow fell. One of these days I'll find fish.
  8. apparently there is an East Coast Snowy Owl invasion this year. Unless that's just code for Holgate dinks...
  9. Did the shuffle in OC in the morning. A few birds and a few other fisherman, but no one catching. Stuck with an Ava 007 green tail for most of the trip. Really nice morning... Then I bought a kayak! Ps - I do not mind county level reports at all and I agree that the talk of tides, lures, time of day, etc... is much more interesting than specific locals. But, all this "find your own fish" and spot burning IBSP bluster is really off putting. I am really impressed by those that can consistently put it together and find fish, but no need to be condescending to others. As someone said, this is enjoyable recreation, not a profession. We are here to learn, share, and enjoy, not show how elite we are (or are not in my case). But yes, I am a newb here and it's only my $0.02. I appreciate all that I have learned and I hope it does not change too drastically.
  10. IBSP. 5am to 2pm. Fished a bunch of different spots. Tons if birds all day long, all outside the bar. Baitfish in the water. Boats galore! No fish. Fished mostly SS needlefish, Danny swimmer, bucktail, storm wild eye, and deadly dick. NADA! Saw one short caught on bait. Found good structure, hit the tide, matched the hatch, didn't matter... A bit disappointing, but a fun day of fishing with good friends.
  11. Ok, well that situation could get old, but no regrets about today's outing!
  12. 430m to 9am - LBI. No fish, but learned a lot. - ice doesn't make jetty hopping any easier - ice also does not make casting easier when it covers your reel - 30 mph west winds carry a SS needlefish a mile! - casting into a swarm of diving gulls for an hour does not gaurentee even a bump (or the presence of fish???) - fishing with a wind chill around zero degrees in the dark and getting skunked is still better than sleeping in. Congrats to all you guys who did some catching!
  13. Southern Ocean County from 5pm to 9pm. Incoming tide, nice water, light wind. No fish. Threw the usual suspects, but concentrated on bucktails. Still a nice evening to be out.
  14. Joining the chorus here... I have Sufix 832 on all my reels and love it. Have only been fishing it for a year, but never had a problem with it. A few wind knots, but they are usually my fault. Super responsive, casts great, so far it is very durable. As other have said, the extra money is worth it for such an integral part of your setup.
  15. First post on SOL. Hi. landed my first striper from the surf this morning. Pretty jazzed Ocean County. First light birds and some fish went crazy on sand eels well within casting distance. Lasted about 20 minutes. Missed 2 good bumps. A few hours later, pulled a nice heathy 25" fish off the frontside of a bar. Great looking fish, complete with some sea lice. Caught a bunch of pickup trucks by the time I landed it. All my action was on bucktails. Channelled all my inner John Skinner and it paid off.