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  1. Maybe a dorado? I saw a couple crashing bait on top years back way off the north jetty. And also the one that was caught in the inlet a year or two ago
  2. There was some interesting posts on the ***** fishing report yesterday and today about some people spearfishing for sheepies at the south jetty. Would be a good idea to set a creel on sheepshead? or do our waters not have enough of those fish to justify a creel? Also had no idea people used to be able to fish on the jetty... Any thoughts on whats been going on?
  3. Saw that vid scooby. Might have to try that rig when I head up to Shenandoah next month. Took the yak out on saturday to a river fed lake. The hydrofoil haven't started growing too tall yet, so started out fishing grassbeds in about 10ft of water. Nothing but carp spawning, snagged one on a crankbait. Fought like a mini submarine. Lots of activity in the lily pads. Looked like the fish were chasing baitfish deep into the lily pads. Couldn't find anything to match the hatch because the water was too low and the lily's were about a foot and a half above the water. Tried a frog and had one blow up but didn't connect. Anyone have any ideas what to throw around lily pads high up above the water?
  4. A juvenile barracuda and large sandeel for reference. Eyes on your fish seem big like the barracuda, so does the two broken fins on the back. Thought it was ballyhoo, but the jaw structure on ballyhoo is formed where the bottom lip overlaps the top lip. Your fish looks like the top lip is overlapping the bottom. Sandeel was my next guess but sandeels don't have have anal and dorsal fins as pronounced as your fish. I'm going with tiny barracuda for my answer.
  5. It's always when I'm targeting bass where I won't catch one but will catch everything else. Not pictured is a sunfish the size of a dinner plate that got snagged on a blade bait
  6. Biggest of the season that was landed. Full of eggs right before spawn. but don't get me started on the citation size that I lost in February. Biggest bass I've seen in my life, big black spot on it's back dorsal fin. Hit a luckycraft right next to a downed tree. Right as I was getting to pull it up, shook the hook out.....I still have nightmares about it.
  7. Went out last week caught my first smallie. Boy these things are strong for their size. There were some big ones cruising the outsides of weedlines but couldn't get them to bite. This week is just rain and more rain, probably head out saturday and fish the flooded lily pad areas and creek mouths.
  8. Have a northface back pack thats served me well the past 9 years from fishing,work,vacation, etc. Back pouch has a cylindrical foam padding that helps keep drinks cool. Only gripe is that the 2 front pouches have a bunch of zippered pockets which serve no purpose. Has nice side clip belts that I strap a pvc pipe onto to hold my rod. The price point for northface products in my opinion are a bit too much but it was a gift so no complaints here
  9. +1 Super quiet and slick stuff. Reminded me more of the powerpro super slick. Been using it to jig and throw weightless worms. I'm using the 15lb green color. Used it for about 5-6 outings and the coating and color haven't worn out yet which was a big surprise.
  10. Was a nice weekend camping trip except for the rain and the 30mph winds. Those sea roaches had the right idea...The water was way up so I guess they couldn't stay in between the rocks, they knew which direction the wind was coming from and perched themselves on the steps. Those who weren't lucky were picked up by the wind...
  11. The Kinami line from Gary Yamamoto had a senko that was like a sapphire blue. It was one of the most productive colors for me, I don't think I got skunked a single day during the 2010 year from just using those. Had I known kinami would stop making the baits I would have bought the color in bulk. Tried looking for them online but can't seem to find em. Wish the yamamoto senko line produced more of a brighter june bug color, or any senko-like company would...
  12. I've been using 40lb/50lb braid for pitching this summer and haven't had much luck trying to get these fish to bite. The lack of rain has caused most of the bodies of water around me to turn almost gin clear. I have 1 rod spooled with regular 20lb mono and have been catching most of my fish on it rather then the one with braid. Same techniques, same lures. Was thinking of maybe just switching to fluro/copoly for the meanwhile purely for visibility reasons. I know some of you guys use fluro leaders, do they hold well against grass/pads? Anyone here who uses copoly/ fluro for pitching?
  13. Which P-line model? FluoroClear?Halo?CXX? I've only used p-line as a freshwater line so take it as you will. Fluoroclear was a bit softer compared to the other 2. Used the 10lb for bass fishing, stronger than the copolymer trilene that I used. Landed a bunch of 10-20lb carp because they would snag my jerkbait, had no real issues bringing them in. Abrasion wise they would fray up quite a bit after a week or two. Was very sensitive, I used it to drop shot and fish weightless flukes, you could feel small bream nip it very clearly. Line tangles were no issue, no springing line when spooled, probably the best spooling line out of the 3. CXX was much harder, and if you don't spool it right it starts to tangle. Much stronger compared to the fluorclear in the same 10lb test. Been using it for early season frogging in lily pads, does it's job, but again the spooling and tangling was a big issue. Was less sensitive than fluoroclear and the halo. Halo is in my opinion the strongest out of the 3. I've never had a line hurt my teeth trying to bite it to tie something on. Sensitivity was like the fluoroclear, albeit a bit less. I use it to jig football heads and weighted swimbaits, no issues. Pretty sure even the 10lb test of the halo can be used in backbay fishing. If the 10lb test was that hard to cut off I can't imagine what the 25lb would be like. Had no issues with line tangling or springing with this one. I've heard of the line slip issues that TheKnot mentioned above. I've been using strictly the uni-knot with 5 turns but haven't had a line slip yet, maybe I'm just lucky
  14. Past couple days have been great days to fish. The fish are getting ready to spawn, and you can see the smaller fish guarding their nests and the bigger ones roaming the shallows in a bit deeper water. Biggest was this piggy on a blue senko. She was part of a group of 3-4 big fish that were circling a stump, pitched the worm right next to the stump and she just inhaled it right as it hit the bottom. Anyone know of other companies that make a brighter junebug/ blue senko style worm? Kinami used to make them but I believe the company has since disbanded and merged with Gary Yamamoto.
  15. I've had good luck fishing for flathead using scents on bucktails. And the occasional blue cat. I know channels will bite the power bait minnows that are soaked in the power bait scent. I tried out spraying some scents on cut live bait during the fall for blue cats. 1 rod had just the cut bait, and the other I sprayed some shad scent on. The scent would produce more fish but the fish would be smaller in size.