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  1. Please close sorry i had some personal issues and couldnt get this in time.
  2. yup ill take them 40,30,25,20,12,10,10,10 or if you have 2x 12 2x10 ill take that. and the thread
  3. is there anyway you can get me those tip tops i really need them dont want to spend extra shipping for just 2 tiptops
  4. its a rewrapped it was originally made for me like that, so i guess ill have to keep it like that. do you have the tip tops? a 3.2mm and a 7.2mm (would be niceif you have a pacbay XBT for the 7.2mm one)
  5. do you have a spool of size d black thread 300yd you can sell me too?
  6. like tittle says i have attached a pic of what i kinda want the guide to look like.. ~~8 guides size from around 40 to 15 tip 3.2mm and another tip 7.2mm paypal only
  7. what its the exact name of this brush cleaner if i may ask please.
  8. i know some people use high end brushes for the finish, i would like to know what do you guys use to clean them. thanks
  9. with alot of brute force i got it out that thing they put on tip as glue its VERY strong. thanks
  10. Hello, So am trying to remove the tiptop of an ugly stik model BWC1100 12'0 am having no luck i have tried so many times with a lighter am afraid i will melt the blank i cant remove it. Any other tips i can use to remove the tiptop? thanks.
  11. got the reel thank you.
  12. You sent $160.00 to
  13. ok ill send the payment in a few
  14. could you let it go for 160 with line please? am ready to buy it
  15. ok thats fine ill send you the money tomorrow