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  1. I’m not surprised you got skunk this past weekend, the surf was rough as hell. Gotta pick your battle and the right timing otherwise you’re going to skunk more often than not.
  2. realistically, no. Only difference I see is wood vs plastic. Just fish whatever you have trust in.
  3. It’s so wide open right now, I would just hop on a party boat. Although Que sera sera is actually cheaper because you don’t lose sinker.
  4. Scary thing Is I actually believe you..
  5. That happens plenty of time! I would say it’s about a 50/50 chance of hooking up whenever it’s like that..
  6. Mojo is nice.. but they break
  7. Nice!!
  8. I bought a delta bomber once for the surf when I first started fishing and didn’t know any better. No disrespect to the lure and I’m sure they’ve caught plenty of fish in the delta but for the surf there’s so many other options that are really good and ALOT cheaper. You can do your own digging on this forum and find all the popular top water lure for the surf or just look at what other ppl at the beach are using.
  9. Wow... funny you started a thread on this topic. As a matter of fact, I’ve been chased off my fishing spot by a GWS before. It was in 40 ft or so of water while I was fishing on a skiff. Must of been a 7-8 ft GWS. Darn thing took a live mackerel I was using for lingcod. At first I thought it was a sea lion because it just pulled drag so hard then all the sudden came up right under the boat and circled around. Then it came up again almost breaking the surface and I was able to get a real good look and see that it was a great white. Scared to death I immediately hold down the spook and broke it off and motored the heck away. Came back later and still can see it swimming around the area with its fin out of the water but this time there were more boats around so I wasn’t too scared.
  10. lol.. it comes in soy sauce and wasabi flavor fyi
  11. Needle is really good, definitely recommend trying.. and that’s coming from someone who almost always fish minnows. I like to fish them when water is a little calmer though, especially at night.
  12. Perch sashimi was also very good. For the carpaccio I just use olive oil but you can try other things. No doubt perch would make good ceviche as well.
  13. Haven’t spotted any worms in them though it doesn’t hurt to freeze it first. There could be some but nothing like what I’ve seen with striped bass and halibut. I just ate mine raw without freezing them.
  14. Made some carpaccio, soup with the head, and salted some for the grill which firmed up the meat. All of it was really good..
  15. Lol, nice pic Ed. Love the one with moocks and his ice cream.