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  1. Russ, I was searching for your plugs on the net because I heard how well they catch bass...I never expected to find the works of art that you are producing. Truly amazing stuff. I hope your health improves and you can continue to produces these amazing lures! KenK
  2. I need a drive gear to get my favorite reel back into service and it seems like all of my normal sources are out of stock. Any ideas where I can get one? RT4725 - Drive Gear Thanks...I would hate to have to retire this reel
  3. So how was the fishing on St. John. My family and I are headed there in November and would lie to try to catch something...anything really. Thanks, Ken
  4. Gobble Gobble....Awesome! Thanks
  5. I'm In!
  6. Count me in and Thanks!
  7. It was an 'interesting' Genesis to this site and I am fortunate to have been around since the 1st days!
  8. Spigola, Ahh...a classic error in Mrs. Management. I feel your pain!
  9. TimS, Any chance you'll be carrying the Charlie Graves Tins? I have some of these and was hoping to get a few more. I would certainly rather buy from you. If you are not going to carry them...does anyone know where else I could get them?
  10. John O, Thanks for sharing...that is a great story. Earlier this summer I got into a school of Taylor Blues and I let my 3 year-old son land a few...I would say he is hooked now (Pun intended). My 6 year-old daughter also landed one, but then didn't enjoy the 'blood thing'. I told her it didn't hurt the fish too much and that we would release it and it would be fine, but she was still a little shaky...Jury is still out on her as a future fisherperson...Any advice for dealing with this issue?
  11. We just returned from a week's vacation in Sandbridge VA and we saw bunker shools all along the beach all week. There were also schools of taylor blue all week as well (not nearly as plentiful as the bunker). We have caught bluefish here before but usually a one and done kinda thing. This week they were there in numbers. As far as the bunker go they were decent size 8-11" and they were all over the place (amazing numbers). I snagged a few for bait and they were loaded with small shrimp like critters.
  12. "As I brought her alongside the boat I was starting to think about that scene from the Oldman and the Sea... when I lost my concentration and she snapped my rod in two. I will remember her 'til the day I die"
  13. My strength is my enthusiasm and my desire to learn anything and everything I can from any and all sources. My main weakness is the amount of time I get to fish. I have a young family, a hectic job and I'm >1 hour from the water. I pray one day I will get more time to pursue this wonderful sport.
  14. Now that's what I call a good day of fishing!!! Congratulations Poppy!