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  1. Basic first aid items (tape, gauze, aspirin, peroxide) Blunt tip dive knife Para-cord Whistle Sun Mask Seargent spotsmate/Manley pliers capable of cutting hooks Standard horizon handheld VHF radio with GPS Granola bars, Drinks (black tea, gatorade, water)
  2. If you loosen the drag all the way then then yes, there won't be any pressure on the main gear and the spool will not rotate. In terms of the handle play, the classic penns have some play in the gear sleeve where it meshes with the bridge. This could be why you're seeing some handle play, but it's tough to tell without handling it.
  3. Besides the simplicity and casting distance, I prefer non levelwinds because I use a shock leader and I don't have to worry about passing a knot through the levelwind guide.
  4. A 22 ounce reel is pretty big for a light plugging rod as you describe. I’d take a look at the 4000 or even the 3500 especially since you intend to use 20 pound braid
  5. I really like sufix elite and siege. I generally use siege for bass fishing and elite for trout fishing. I always impressed with how much force it takes to break it
  6. Great! Just an FYI, I will be out of town until next Sunday. I will monitor this thread but will not be able to send anything out until then
  7. J, both yeti hats are available, which color would you prefer? $12 via check is fine Ill do $20 for both yeti hats if you’re interested
  8. Visors, Pants and face mask are all sold and went in the mail today. All the hats remain
  9. Gotcha, for some reason I thought that each forum could run on its own set of rules. Thanks for the feedback
  10. Yay! I've been waiting on updates! I think your list is solid and starting out simple is a good idea. One thing I would add would be a signaling device. I carry a whistle and VHF radio and sometimes a signal mirror
  11. Hi Tim, I was wondering if there has ever been discussion regarding editing thread in the BST outside of 24 hours. I remember this topic coming up in a general sense a couple years ago and I think the view was that 24hours was enough time to realize mistakes in the OP and make the appropriate edits. In the BST however, I feel as though editing could be useful beyond 24 hours. For example, as items sell, they could be crossed off in the OP or if the seller changes prices, the price changes could be highlighted in the OP. I feel as though in some of the longer threads some of this info can get buried especially when there is significant negotiation with multiple items. JMO, thanks for listening
  12. Got it, thanks. I’ll have it sent out tomorrow or Wed
  13. Hey Skinny, If you can, please let me know what form of payment you've chosen so I can keep a look out. Thanks Recieved, Thank you Payment received, thank you Thanks to everyone that has shown interest so far. Items should be sent out Tue/Wed
  14. Sure, I'll send you my info