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  1. Yes, let’s do it. I’ll send you $315 momentarily for the three reels.
  2. How about $75 and you can send this and the rocket reel/Abu together. So $250 shipped total for both reels
  3. I’ll take this for asking price if you take PayPal
  4. Sending some feelers out there to see what zziplex rods are going for these days. Looking for zziplex blanks and or rods wrapped as conventional or dual purpose. Looking for something to compliment a dymic HST evo on the light side. some models that would be of interest primo synchro evolution CT/GT HSM profile TF 50/50 m4 glass tip/carbon tip and hiflex to be considered My HST evo is plenty beefy so I’m going to rule out the m427 su, zeteque, MBR, TBR, and TRC I’m looking for a field/bait rod so 13’ and up. I’m located in San Antonio, TX so the rod would likely need to be shipped Thanks everyone!
  5. My kayak safety knife is a Spyderco caspian salt blunt tip. As mentioned above, it’s discontinued. I’d love to see the caspian salt brought back in LC200N I also carry a pacific salt 2 in LC200N and it’s a beast. I can use it for opening packages, making bait, cutting gills and making steaks. I used to carry a native salt in LC200N and a combo edge bench made griptilian in N680.
  6. Score! I have a pair of stainless donmar pliers and they’re very solid. I believe the titanium models had the blue handles. They’ve been around for decades
  7. Are you still planning on using the gear for rays and catfish or are you taking that gear and now planning to fish for striped bass?
  8. First kayak was Necky Santa Cruz. When I started offshore fishing I knew I was “gonna need a bigger boat” so when I bought a tarpon 140 and starting fighting sharks that’s what I called it, “bigger boat”
  9. Yakima. It’s much lighter than the cheap harbor freight and doesn’t rust. It offers the same ground clearance as the Boonedox but can be oriented vertical for a roof rack and has an optional extender
  10. Great, thank you!
  11. How does the width and gearing of the Int 70 compare to the 50 and 80? Is it a wide 50 a narrow 80 or something in between. In other words does it share the gearing of the 50 or 80 or are the internals unique to the 70?
  12. Momoi diamond and sufix tritanium get my vote
  13. I wanted to do the same this year and went with the wilderness radar 135. I was looking for something that I could paddle when fishing the shallows for bass of fishing flats for redfish. It’s more narrow than most pedal kayaks except the revo and adventure and has an insert that can take that can be fitted in place of the drive. It’s not a slug but its noticeably slower than my Viking reload and wilderness tarpon 140. I was able to paddle it without if feeling like a chore however. Tracking is fine with decent technique, maneuverability is good. It reminds me a lot of the ride 135. I was able to paddle it through two foot surf and surf it back in. I can also stand in it (again stalking fish in the flats. Hoping to get it in more challenging conditions soon… Wilderness markets this boat as built for paddle, pedal and motor. Obviously there’s always compromise as with any hull design. I think if you go in with the mindset that you’re going to give up some speed and use the drive primarily anyway, the radar is a potential candidate. If the expectation is to find something that paddles as well as your ultra, you’ll be set up for disappointment
  14. It’s a misnomer that’s continually perpetuated. Technically action refers to the flex of the rod and ranges from slow to extra fast. A slow rod (think downrigger) will flex all the way to the butt while an extra fast rod will primarily flex near the tip. Power refers to amount of load that can be put on a rod through casting, fighting fish, trolling lures etc. and ranges from ultra light (panfish)to unlimited (heavy trolling for Tuna) It’s a common mistake for writers to use action to describe power. In the OP the author would be well advised to say something to the effect of light power moderately fast action.