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  1. Gilz masks are on sale currently on their website for anyone that likes them. They seem nicely built to me, just wish they had a nose contour
  2. Yes. Every single body of water, every single time. Current, water clarity, topography/structure, cover etc
  3. There’s a lot of info on this reel if you search this site. Also, Alan Hawk does an extensive review as well. I’ve had mine for a couple years and I’ve had no issues. I’ve used it as a vertical jigging reel off the kayak and as surf reel on a 9.5 foot rod. It’s taken waves and been dunked a couple times and it’s been fine with a rinse. The clicker under the spool pool is a bit quiet but that’s really my only knock. Lays braid well, casts well etc...
  4. The Huk “trophy” gaiters have countours at the top and bottom. Here’s one of mine compared to the aftco. Side note, my aftco has a reinforced breathing area but I got it in a tounrnament, it doesn’t appear that the solido has any sort of reinforcement based on what I see on their website
  5. I put on a gillz mask and looked like a villain from a horror movie, I think it’s the mesh...
  6. Thanks for the review buddha, I’d like to echo your sentiments. I primarily wear the huk because they’re less expensive than Simms and seem more durable, but they’re both comfortable. I also wear an aftco solido which is nice with the breathing holes, and shoulder contour. If it had a contoured upper portion for the nose it would be perfect. As mentioned above, the breathing hole s really do make a difference with fogging and they’re less restrictive. I do notice that I get some fogging in the morning when it’s cool but as the sun comes up the fogging becomes a non issue
  7. You know, I was fishing in Mexico with one and a couple came up to me and said jokingly “I’ll give you what ever you want” as they put their hands up. So yea, I guess not everyone’s accustomed to them yet. Not sure what makes them “gay” though, maybe because of the idea that some people are treating them as a fashion accesory?? They’re quickly becoming part of the landscape here in Texas though, especially among kayak anglers. In the summer I’m often miles offshore, mid day, no shade in sight, not even a tiny T-top, 101 degrees. My gloves are constantly wet, slimy and bloody, not ideal for applying sunscreen. They’re also tough to remove and put back on when my hands are wet and doing so costs valuable time when you’re getting blown around by 15 mph winds. I never have to re-apply a sun gaiter, nor does it sting my eyes when I sweat or bust through the surf line, I don’t get a nasty taste of chemicals on my lips anymore, and quite frankly I’m less red than when I wore sunscreen no matter how vigilant I was. If if I still lived in RI or CT fishing mornings, evenings and at night, I might be less interested in them. For what I do, I’m fully dressed, pants, long sleeves, sun gaiter and hat.
  8. One of the first blacktiph videos I watched was josh and another guy fighting a large shark off the beach. The video starts with him saying “we put a cobia out” To each their own I guess but I’m here wondering if they kept at least a few steaks for the grill
  9. Another thing I meant to ask you earlier. Does your hatch cover have a cord to keep it attached to the yak when you open it? If so you can attach a carabiner to your dry box, Tupperware, peanut butter container etc and clip it to the cord so that it doesn’t slide around the hull
  10. This^^^^ The pool noodle also provides a little bit of flotation if your boat springs a leak
  11. I use the action hat mount. You can buy the action hat or the foam insert and mount it to any ball cap. Much more comfortable than a head strap and it keeps you camera afloat if it goes into the drink.
  12. That little center hatch on your boat would be ideal. I put my phone, keys and wallet in a peanut butter jar and put that into the hatch. Never seen a drop of water in there even after flipping in the surf. I used to to keep my car key on my person and the rest of my keys, wallet and phone in my car. Ahh the days of being young, dumb and care free... I think the idea of having the car key on your person is a good one. I may have to revisit that one. I’m frequently in and out of my vest pockets since I carry a knife, pliers and a hook cutter, so the neck lanyard sounds ideal.
  13. I’ll offer up the VM 275 for $325 as my best number although it seems like you have a few suitable options. Also I think that the drag numbers that we use in practice are surprisingly low. The penn senators DOMINATE land based shark fishing here in Texas. The 6/0 puts out 22 pounds. The 12/0 holds 1000 yards of 100 pound MONO and puts out 30 pounds. My kayak sharks have been fought on TLDs at about 6-10 pounds and I’ve seen 5-6 footers caught on the pier with 309s, those reels top out at around 15 pounds of drag. Here’s me with a black tip when I was in highschool. The Reel was a penn 330 GTI with a max drag of 16 pounds, the rod but left a bruise on my hip for a week.
  14. He's the master of the tin squid and buck tail for everyone...