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  1. Completely agree with this. My tarpon was a demo at a kayak shop. One year old and I got it for 600. I’ve taken it 5miles offshore, through the surf, been in the washing machine with it etc. It’s not a great surfing kayak and can get a little dicey during reentry since it doesn’t have much rocker but I love it on open water.
  2. Going to be doing some spring cleaning at my parents house and removing my “archive” of fishing magazines. I have years of Bassmaster and Field and Stream, not sure how many in total, 50 maybe? Every time I would come home I’d pull some of these magazines and read til I fell asleep. I will be in CT on Friday (6/14) and possibly early the following week (6/17, 6/18). If anyone has any interest in them for themselves of for a fishing club or something you feel free to take them for free. Located in Bristol, CT. Must pick up. I will have updates on the number of magazines and years when I arrive in CT next week.
  3. I usually use a leader that’s lighter or the equivalent pound test as the braid. The mono usually breaks first and is more stealthy
  4. One of the selling points for me going fully covered was that I used to wear a long sleeve shirt, hat and sunscreen. Well, after a trip, my face would be red and my knees/shins would always get burned, especially in a kayak when they're pointed at the sun. I don't get burned anymore, and I feel cooler. The phenomenon is a little difficult to explain. I feel the warmth of the ambient temperature but I don't feel like I'm getting burned I guess. In the shade, or in the house I feel cooler with sunscreen.
  5. Loose hips prevent flips!!
  6. I’m interested, do you have pics? How old is it?
  7. Lot of potential first rounders available (Greedy, Rock ya sin, all the safeties, Cody Ford, Eric McCoy etc etc) Who does everyone want for their team today?
  8. Like the deandre baker pick for the gmen. Rumors are that Jawaan Taylor has a knee issue that dropped him out of the first round
  9. Wow, bummed we took Devin White over Josh Allen and Ed Oliver. I think the Devin White and Devin Bush selections are reflective of the scarcity of linebackers in this draft compared to defensive lineman
  10. Porous Oline, limited receiving threats, offensive coordinator change mid season. Tough position for any QB, let alone a rookie
  11. I used a pair of full finger sun gloves from outdoor research and they were wonderful in terms of function and comfort but I wore them out in one summer. After the model was discontinued, I went with a pair of columbia full finger sun gloves had a bad experience with them. The seams started coming apart immediately and the the seems around the palm were uncomfortable on the inside. I now wear a pair of "maxiflex cut" gloves. These are similar to the cheap nitrile coated gloves you see at hardware stores. They have varying levels of cut resistance and dexterity so you can cater to your needs. They're dirt cheap and actually fairly breathable. There's a tiny bit of cushion between the thumb and index finger but these do no provide the cushion of a paddling glove. That said, I don't get blisters after paddling 15 miles in a day and I can tie knots in braid while wearing them I use these in 100 degree weather on jetties and when kayaking. Some of my rigs have seven hook points on them (2 trebles, one J hook) and I'm always reaching into the gills to load fish into the fish bag so I really favor full finger gloves. I also work in an infectious disease laboratory so I try to be as careful as possible when it comes to cuts on my hands!
  12. Thanks! I guess I got lucky with mine, I did look on the website and saw no indication of reinforcement at the breathing area, thanks for confirming.
  13. I also carry a dive knife, but I think this list covers it pretty well