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  1. Appreciate the feedback everyone
  2. In the market for a used truck. Budget is around 20K and I’m seriously considering a Frontier or Tacoma. Absolute number one priority is reliability . I’ll be throwing a kayak in the bed/rack but will not be towing anything. I will be driving on sand. Down here, our beaches are generally more packed than in NE and we rarely air down so I’m not locked into the TRD or Pro-4X packages.Currently in Texas but may move back to New England in the future so snow could be a consideration down the line. I currently drive a bare bones 2001 Frontier so almost anything will be a huge upgrade feature wise. 20K will get me a 2018 Frontier SV with a V6 and 4WD and ~35K miles With a Tacoma Id be looking at 2014 with a V6, 4WD and 80-100K miles. Really intrigued by the Tacoma, their reputation for reliability (esp pre 2016) and resale value. How would an older Taco with 50K more miles stack up to a Frontier?
  3. Guessing this is engineered to keep fish buttoned. Similar concept as the leverage line of spinnerbaits or coon pop rig for tarpon. Hooks detach from the body of the bait lessening their leverage when head shaking and jumping. I’d like to throw this at tarpon but not sure if it fits the New England fishery
  4. Popping cork screams redfish and speckled trout to me, no issues on my end throwing paddle tails, corkys, or spooks with my ssvi and slammer. That being said, it sounds like you’re fishing inshore so a sealed reel wouldn’t be necessary. I actually prefer the daiwa bg to the penns.
  5. Pre-Brady BUCs fan here. RT is our biggest need, with Brady, Gronk, Evans and Godwin in town, the biggest threat to our offense is poor offensive line play. We signed joe Haeg but ideally he would compete at right tackle then ultimately serve as a versatile back up. My ideal draft: Rd 1: Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia Rd 2: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB LSU Rd 3: Micheal Pittman JR, WR USC Andrew Thomas is a plug and play tackle with good technique and loads of experience in the SEC. Helaire is arguably the best pass catching rb in the class and can fill the role of James White/Dion Lewis. Helaire is more of a bell cow than the above mentioned however and runs with great power, contact balance etc Pittman would fill the void of Breshad Perriman. We played in three plus wide receiver sets the majority of last season. Pittman could play outside while Goodwin moves to the slot during 11 personnel. We still have a fourth after the Gronk trade that we can use for depth. Maybe a safety like geno stone or edge rusher like jonathon greenard. Could go DT to groom behind Suh
  6. I’ve been intrigued by the 50 for awhile. 325 yards of 30 pound braid in a reel that weighs 14 ounces?!? Plus it has a seal anti reverse clutch, hmmmm I’m looking for a reason to play with one but don’t have the need right now...
  7. Reduced $55 for the chef knife $195 for the dive knife
  8. I’d be looking for $65 shipped for the chef knife
  9. Seiglers use tef-gel. There’s a maintenance video that Wes put out and he briefly talks about it. It’s time for me to lube a couple reels including my seiglers and I’m at a crossroads. I was planning on doing corrosion X on the frame, corrosion X grease on the gears and then reel X on the bearings since I know everything would play well. If aquashield plays well with other oils then I may reconsider. I remember watching that video you put out when you first handled aqua shield, that stuff looks like it won’t go anywhere!
  10. I’d be looking for $65 shipped for the chef knife
  11. Yes, I can split. How about $40 shipped?
  12. Where are you located and how do people fish for kings there? It would be cool to hit a smoker on a classic penn. My biggest concerns would be the drag and line roller since kings run so fast. If the drag is sticky you could probably replace with HT-100s or carbontex. Also the gear ratio is slow so you’ll have to crank quickly if the fish swims toward you. Otherwise, I have no doubt that the reel has the guts and line capacity to land a king. You could probably do 17-20 mono and be ok if braid is frowned upon on your pier.