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  1. What’s the process for getting them on the boat and back to land? Are they tail roping them and paddling back to shore, letting them die boatside the then placing them on top, or bringing them aboard when they’re alive?!?!
  2. It’s definitely not perfect but gets me close and it’s much better than guessing. Also, if the backing is short, you can just measure with a yard stick to eliminate any inconsistencies with line counters. Obviously reeling on to a spare spool is the ideal.
  3. If you search “line capacity calculator” on google there’s a converter that’s helpful. You can input yardage and line diameter and then input a new diameter and the converter will spit out a new yardage. So for example if a reel holds say 200 yards of 20 pound braid and you want to use a 150 filler spool, you can input 50 yards at braid diameter and then convert to your backing diameter. Once you have your backing yardage you can use a line counter to measure the backing, then just fill the rest with braid. Easier than I make it sound
  4. This most commonly refers to the penn senator line of reels. For example a penn senator 113h is also known as a 4/0 and holds about 450 yards of 30 pound mono. 114 = 6/0 115 = 9/0 etc etc While catalogs and websites often use the 11X nomenclature, the 4/0, 6/0, 9/0 12/0 nomenclature is more commonly used in discussion. Everol also uses this nomenclature for some of their reels.
  5. Sad to hear. My family vacationed at rehoboth beach for a couple years and we spent a decent amount of time in that shop. Worms and perms...
  6. There’s not a huge difference between the two tips, it’s noticeable when you test them side by side but it’s not dramatic. The ML tip can throw 1/4 oz but if that’s what you will be throwing the majority of the time I think there are better options. I was throwing 1oz spoons and spooks a couple weeks ago and it really felt good with that payload. I caught a snook in Florida using an 1/8 oz jighead and paddle tail but it was less than ideal. I’d feel really comfortable throwing 1/2-1oz with the ML tip and maybe a tiny bit more with the medium tip. The rod is beautiful though with alps components and spigot ferrules. The aluminum reel seat is nice but a little overkill IMO, it feels a tiny bit bulky in the hand
  7. What state are you fishing in? Here in Texas a seven footer rated 1/4-3/4 give or take is invaluable. You can use an inshore rod like that to freeline live baits, throw lures, fish dead shrimp on a dropper rig or fish live shrimp under a popping cork. You’ll be targeting redfish (slot reds), black drum (puppy drum), trout, flounder, Spanish mackerel and whiting with this rig. Extremely versatile set up and an absolute necessity. Catching whiting on the inshore rig is a good way to acquire bait for your surfrod. 2000-3000 and 20 pound braid or 4000 and 12-15 pound mono.
  8. Do any of you coat the spool prior to winding on your braid? If so, what do you use? Corrosion X, boeshield, wax? This is a spin-off from a couple threads, namely the thread about treating corrosion on a spool and the line tying thread. When fishing mono I changed line so frequently that I was constantly inspecting/cleaning my spools by default. Now that I fish braid on 3/4 of my salt water reels, I find that my line sits on the spool quite a bit longer before changing line. I rinse reels gently after fishing but am wondering if corrosion may be a concern in the long run. Do any of you coat the spools before loading line? Do you ever remove the line to clean the spool before spooling the same line back on? Ive considered removing the line at the end of the season and spooling it back on but this is quite a chore, even with a drill. One of my reels for example has 700 yards of mono plus 500 yards of braid backing. Do any any of the compounds mentioned above have negative effects on the line?
  9. Yep, I have two battle 4000s and a fierce 4000. They could use a cleaning/lube but the reels are fully functional as is.
  10. I have a bunch of reels that could use minor repairs and cleaning. Penn battles (different sizes) shimano stradic 4000 fj penn pursuit penn ssv 4500 i can post pics in interested in any of these. I'd love to sell as a lot if possible. Also have several used reels that are in perfect working order...
  11. ~50’ liquid logic manta Ray 10 ocean kayak scrambler XT wilderness systems tarpon 140 viking reload
  12. I own the 11’ sealine. I haven’t had any issues with the build but I’ve only used it a handful of times and have not caught anything substantial on it. I trimmed the butt since it’s pretty long as mentioned above. Also I feel the rating is off, I think it’s more of a 6-10 ounce rod. I use it as an 8 and large bait rod for sharks.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions everyone
  14. My cousin just had a 4500 machine spooled. It took 275 yards of 30 pound FINS, 25 yards more than the factory lists...
  15. ^^^^^