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  1. Sorry, I ment shipped.
  2. I'll do $155 if he passes.
  3. I was able to listen in. Good deal!
  4. I'm not sure if this can really be answered but any idea how long it will take to get to #30?
  5. Hahahaha. Wait a did you get access to my Google search history?
  6. Ok you've got a point about the calling and writing. Don't take the steelhead thing personal though, I lie to my wife about where I catch them too. Besides Kenny knows a lot more than I do.
  7. Oh I was wondering why I didn't get invited. Now it makes sense.
  8. What the ****. Nice fish
  9. Oh yeah you're not who I'm worried about at all.
  10. Sounds like a good business opportunity. The online only idea scares me a little. There are already enough idiot's out hunting. Meh can't be much worse than it already is.
  11. Can I pay you to take the course for me?
  12. I think Stu was just saying that nobody is around to enforce the regulations. At least not to a high enough level to put any fear in knuckleheads.
  13. If you don't tape that to your right now rod I'm soooooo stealing that idea. Haha. I hope you're able to land whatever that was one day. For me the not knowing or at least seeing what it was is worse than loosing it.
  14. Don't be so modest. Word on the street is that you invented power mode.
  15. Not likely to have any leftover. Those add up.