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  1. I don't know if they have an official policy somewhere but I have some recent experience. I have an old sling shot that I'm at least the second owner of and unfortunately I broke it, completely my fault. I called them to try and get a new tip section but wasn't able to. The blanks have been retooled and the new tip section wouldn't correctly fit my old rod. Even though the rod was clearly out of warranty and not broken because of a manufacturer defect they still offered me a solid discount on a new complete rod or blank. They really didn't owe me anything and I wouldn't have blamed them for saying I was out of luck. The way they made it sound was like that's what they offer to anybody who breaks a rod out of warranty. That seems like a really solid way to conduct business and I couldn't have asked for more.
  2. After you catch up on all your overdue guiding fees I'll take you again.
  3. Hahaha that's hilarious! Awesome that he got one all on his own too. If you asked my friends what it's like to fish with me they would probably give a similar description lol. I'm glad you two are out there wackin some fish together. If I win the lottery he's hired!
  4. Yeah we'll absolutely have to do it! I feel the same way. All fishing is fun but nothing compares to steelhead.
  5. Does he guide surf fishing trips? I couldn't find a fish to save my life.
  6. I think you guys might be getting a little carried away
  7. 122 days left, whooooo!
  8. Well you almost got it right.... I'm not that nice of a guy.
  9. Hahaha that's to cool, thanks for sharing! I'm glad he could put that to some use. I'd love to see a musky hanging off of it.
  10. I'm glad you like it but I still hate you for always catching fish.
  11. Legendary effort from Guy. The food was great all around from everyone that contributed. I was great to see everybody again, looking forward to next year already.
  12. I wouldn't worry about adding anything below the reel seat except some heat shrink. Unless you're worried about durability that is just going to add weight. For the reel seat and grip, turned down eva with heat shrink over it would probably add the most thickness with the best durability and least weight.
  13. Are they both the same size? Top one looks smaller.
  14. I'll be there early and bring something to eat unless you've got a specific request Guy? Anyone that's thinking about getting a new rod, this is a great opportunity to test a bunch of stuff. Being on the west coast it's not as easy to get your hands on a lot of different makes. This is your best chance to try them out. You'll probably see various models from ODM, Century, Lamiglas, CTS, Black Hole, etc.
  15. I love to watch people sort through sandcrabs for 30 min before they start fishing. Why would you go and ruin my fun? Think of all the hours that would be saved if they stopped looking for the "perfect crab". I need all the advantages I can get .