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  1. I think Stu was just saying that nobody is around to enforce the regulations. At least not to a high enough level to put any fear in knuckleheads.
  2. If you don't tape that to your right now rod I'm soooooo stealing that idea. Haha. I hope you're able to land whatever that was one day. For me the not knowing or at least seeing what it was is worse than loosing it.
  3. Don't be so modest. Word on the street is that you invented power mode.
  4. Not likely to have any leftover. Those add up.
  5. I did a little fishing on the Santa Cruz area beaches. I honestly don't know if parking lots are open or closed, where is ok and where isn't? All I know is I'm trying to get near the least amount of people possible. I know enough places to park that aren't lots or likely spots to cross paths with people. There were plenty of people on the beach, not crowded at all but it wasn't empty. Granted I was out of the way somewhat but I didn't see any law enforcement and everybody was respectful of space.
  6. Thanks. The ratings on the lineup are kinda "different" as you've probably seen. They go 1-3oz, 1-4, 1-5, 1-8 and 1-10. My 1-5 is probably more like 1.25-5oz with the high end being a little more of a lob. Never fished the canal but the higher rating blanks could be good.
  7. Yeah they connect where the handle ends. I could have made the grip a little shorter but figured it would look cleaner this way. One cool thing is that both tip sections fit tight in either handle. You could bring one handle with two tip options but I don't see a lot of advantage in that. If you could just order additional tips that might be neat.
  8. This isn't really a review since I haven't fished them yet. I just wanted to put this out there for anybody that might be looking for more info on these blanks. I couldn't find much myself before I ordered them and I though this might be helpful to somebody. My curiosity got the best of me and I ordered the US100 ML-2J (1-3oz) and US100 H-2J (1-5oz). They are a 30/70 split with a tip into but ferrule. The butt section is actually reversed taper going from a thinner diameter at the butt cap and increasing where the ferrule is. I did cork under shrink below the reel seat and winn wrap directly on the blank above to try to make it appear a little more even. Ratings are almost always a crap shoot but I was surprised that they were pretty accurate. The butt design makes them a little heavier than any other comparable rods I own. I guess it could add some strength but I've never blown up a joint before so I'm not sure how valuable that is. Interesting blanks, maybe after I fish them I'll feel differently but right now I don't see anything that puts them ahead of anything else. Anyways, hopefully somebody finds this useful.
  9. Want to buy a rod at a good price?
  10. I spray my stuff down pretty religiously and I haven't noticed anything like that yet. I have gotten a few rust stains from hanging hooks on the guides after rinsing. I'm pretty paranoid now though, maybe I need to go have a closer look. I literally just finished a rod last night with guides I purchased the first month they were out, doh!
  11. If I'm not mistaken they were wacking the crap out of them inside the golden gate a few months back? A few years ago I got a couple shakers off the beach in my neck of the woods and got spooled by a big one. Don't know of any way to reliably target them off the beach up here unless they happen to be around.
  12. And they have a 15% off sale right now if you spend over $150
  13. I don't know if they have an official policy somewhere but I have some recent experience. I have an old sling shot that I'm at least the second owner of and unfortunately I broke it, completely my fault. I called them to try and get a new tip section but wasn't able to. The blanks have been retooled and the new tip section wouldn't correctly fit my old rod. Even though the rod was clearly out of warranty and not broken because of a manufacturer defect they still offered me a solid discount on a new complete rod or blank. They really didn't owe me anything and I wouldn't have blamed them for saying I was out of luck. The way they made it sound was like that's what they offer to anybody who breaks a rod out of warranty. That seems like a really solid way to conduct business and I couldn't have asked for more.
  14. After you catch up on all your overdue guiding fees I'll take you again.
  15. Hahaha that's hilarious! Awesome that he got one all on his own too. If you asked my friends what it's like to fish with me they would probably give a similar description lol. I'm glad you two are out there wackin some fish together. If I win the lottery he's hired!