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  1. It was nice having it close last year but I'll go regardless of location.
  2. It's in the garage but if you get in there the garbage can is the last thing I'd be going for.
  3. I don't know man. The only place I'd throw that is straight into a garbage can.
  4. He's talking about the airwave guides. They have some type of metal insert instead of ceramic. I very much doubt you'll have any durability issues since it's typically the tip top that groves if something is going to. Pair them with a ceramic tip or a quality metal insert tip if you like that look and you'll be fine.
  5. Yeah he did it on purpose, that's it.
  6. I'm so ashamed. I just don't want everyone to know I'm a fraud.
  7. @windss
  8. It's pretty much the lightest rod I use when targeting stripers. The last thing I want to do is catch a pig and kill it because I took to long to get it in. It's hardly a broomstick but yeah 18" fish aren't exactly a challenge to land. Especially early with the big schools of small fish I'm just looking to get them in and back to the water quickly so I can move on to the next one.
  9. Lamiglas GSB108-1L. Credit to my goat yoga instructor Bob for putting me on to it.
  10. Great...just give away all my secrets why don't you.
  11. Likewise, it was great talking with you. Hopefully we run into each other again. I really love that rod, it throws a wide range well and still has plenty of backbone.
  12. I fish them for the same reasons as Stu, they are one of the best baits for targeting both. As he said, that's also the reason to stay with the smaller hooks. One thing I do though is swap the stock hooks for a more quality one of the same size. At the price you pay it's ridiculous that the stock hooks are such junk but oh well. Even with a better quality hook I wouldn't throw them with big stripers around.
  13. Was an awesome year indeed! Nice fish!
  14. Steelhead season is my favorite time of year. Always sad when it's over.
  15. I never really thought about it that way for some reason. Back it will go.