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  1. Plugs received. Thank you.
  2. I could do $185.40
  3. Does your kayak even weigh 75 pounds? That seems really heavy.
  4. Would you do $25
  5. I hear you. Not a problem.
  6. Any luck?
  7. N I’m open to others
  8. Finally try. Anyone willing to part with any
  9. Maybe Tims can give him some pointers or recommend a guy that can take care of his site.
  10. I used plastic food wrap between the lid to help reopening. Only prep you would need depends on the job. Coating the frame would only need loose material clean up. It made for coating rust and bare metal.
  11. Little late now but if wait till Sunday around pack up time. Deals can be made.
  12. Por 15 stuff is amazing
  13. Look up blank fuse slot with power in your fuse box. Most vehicles have a extra not being used. That way you can have a fused circuit with continuous power. Go a little heavy with wire gauge like 12-10g for future options. Ground at tail lights ground or tap to frame bumper frame. Use marine grade terminals and use liquid electrical tape to coat ground connection on finished ring terminal. Just double check it’s not a extra accessory power blank. Those only have power with the key turned.
  14. Flap wheel any mushrooming caused by the screw and bondo, sand, prime then paint.
  15. I’ll take these please. Pp