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  1. I saw the camp ground was full of cars at the campers.
  2. Ever try some that seems like a gimmick that turns out to work? I bought a buck tail with a rattle. Imitation of a lobster. Long story short it works Today I used a paddle tail with a spoon attached. Teen bass being caught and the spoon raise a keeper. Can’t think of anything non fish related but only got fish on the brains.
  3. Not going to be that noticeable.
  4. I use the jap fishing brand finger protector with the Velcro wrist strap. The leather last about a season. $16 I think.
  5. Revival of an old thread but found a second purpose for my “4 pack”. Also kinda good bag to show cause of the weekend. Tubed bag swapped over to Canal Plano bag.
  6. Mine does that from after trail riding and a shower. (Not a beach ride but stored near the water >1mi) It’s the salt in the air, spraying parts with water that are warm accelerate faster. I’m going to experiment with salt x spray.
  7. Maybe that’s what makes them taste good.
  8. Going to give this another day before ordering one.
  9. Locking to a tree or something along with its shut off key would do. Imagine the amount of bugs you could eat while Cruzen spot to spot on block with these.
  10. Look up radrunner same bike for about 1k less. Rad is a very reputable brand.
  11. Rad makes a nice one that is at a good price point. They don’t come racked but 60 for a setup is a big upgrade. what the price on these?
  12. Hey mr. Gables how you been? factory in vehicles expensing and I’d would venture to say he is making more if he considered that. Gas, parking, oil changes and other maintenance adds up.
  13. I don’t know where you get seeds in mass. But the they come in the mail. Edibles make good stocking stuffers.
  14. The difference that make the difference can be made by just feelings them In your hands on a reel seat in a store.