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  1. Xtratuf are narrow. They had wide sizes for a while but double check their website if you need wide. I usually wear size 8 shoes but I have to wear size 9 xtratuf. No complaints from me about build quality. wait for a sale
  2. http://www.nj.com/monmouth/index.ssf/2015/06/authorities_pull_kayaker_from_raritan_bay.html#incart_river KEANSBURG - After an hours-long search, authorities have pulled a male kayaker from a section of the Raritan Bay near Beachway Avenue and Raritan Avenue. The search, which included officials from the New York Police Department's Harbor Patrol, Keansburg Police Department and other local agencies, began early Saturday morning after the man slipped underneath the water several feet from the shore and did not surface, said witnesses at the scene. Borough resident Jessica Voorhees said she arrived at the scene shortly after the search began. The kayaker was removed from the water just feet from where he initially went missing, Voorhees said. The kayaker's medical condition remains unclear. Calls to the Keansburg Police Department for details were not immediately returned. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nj.com/articles/16400445/kayaker_pulled_from_raritan_bay_has_died_authoriti.amp KEANSBURG -The kayaker pulled from Raritan Bay near a Keansburg beach Saturday morning has died, authorities confirm. Jairo Esquivel-Prendas of Summit, was pulled from the waters near the beach at Beachway Avenue and Raritan Avenue following an hours-long search that included the Keansburg Police Department, the New York Police Department, U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies. The search began at approximately 8:45 Saturday morning, when first responders arrived at the beach after receiving reports of a male kayaker signaling for aid, said Sergeant First Class Gregory Williams, New Jersey State Police spokesman Aviation units from the New York Police Department and New Jersey State Police began a search of the waters where Esquivel-Prendas' kayak disappeared beneath the water's surface, Williams said. Esquivel-Prendas was eventually located and transported to Bayshore Hospital in Holmdel, where he was pronounced dead at approximately 11 a.m., Williams said. Police did not release his full date of birth but said he was born in 1982. Additional details were not immediately available. An investigation by the state police into the cause of the incident is ongoing, Williams said.
  3. Tuna belly sashimi, close second is fluke fin meat Smoked Eel
  4. BG/Spinfisher VI/spheros are on the heavier side. Lighter reels include the Stradic FL, Ballistic, Clash. all have good reputation.
  5. Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be on the bottom. I want to be just above it, occasionally touching to adjust to depth changes. I’ve tried and watched others use the rapid jigging on boats and it simply doesn’t produce as much of the time as employing a flexible approach. It’s my opinion that rapid jigging doesn’t work as well when conditions favor other approaches. Conversely, I’ll give it to you that it seems to work for you when conditions are suitable for your style of fishing. I admit I don’t know it all.
  6. Pay attention to the skinner/jigging jerks vids when it isn’t calm. Vertical jigging is almost impossible to perform.
  7. No trolling motor. Sea anchors waste too much time to deploy and are somewhat awkward. We’ve found it’s better to have a dedicated captain to bump the motor in and out of gear to moderate a quick drift or create a drift when needed. Anyhow different strokes for different folks.
  8. If we waited for calm conditions, we would only fluke fish a few days a summer. Rapid jigging doesn’t work for us at all but we battle depth (30’ to over 120’), current, and some wind most of the time. Rarely are we drifting in the optimal 0.5-10+ knot range. I’m glad it works for you. We also never use fluoro or bucktails but that’s another thread I suppose.
  9. If you can’t do a simple web search, it’s a waste of time to have a conversation
  10. Of course it doesn’t move a jig/teaser much. The line is scoped out and it isn’t in a straight line more so a curve from the current and boat movement. So a rod tip deflection is mostly acting to straighten the curve in the line. This is exaggerated by greater depth. It’s math to me but you guys consider it nonsense. Whatever.
  11. Math. but not to be a smart ass, watch skinner’s videos with john halkias. Even he isn’t doing it in deeper water
  12. No need to trim if you are fishing deeper than 30 feet. That rapid jigging technique doesn’t even move the jig/teaser in deeper water.
  13. And FWIW rapid jigging isn’t really a productive technique deeper than 30 feet or so or with strong current. My two cents.
  14. I use a 7” nexus MH for sea bass and dragging chicken rigs and spoons up to about 10 oz. Not a great rod for rapid jigging. It’s ok for bottom bouncing.
  15. About $100 if you can find them Daiwa Harrier 70MHS (good for 1-4 oz). This is my go to fluke rod since last August. The fenwick HMG series are worth a look. both rods have fast/extra fast action the harrier has small guides and isn’t going to cast as far as a St Croix Avid inshore or Tidemaster MH. hope this helps tight lines!
  16. Do what works. The last few weeks, up casting not worked at all but dragging and bouncing has. Fishing is still lousy but the water is cold (for the summer) and the fish are coming up cold. The fleet has been chasing warmer water with partial success. That said, if you come upon the right patch, it can be game on. Two days ago, we had 6 out of 6 anglers hooked up simultaneously with 5 being keepers.
  17. That’s a cow nose ray. Fun to catch but also annoying lol
  18. People have also used the water wolf which can be tied to your line. There is a new version called the water wolf 2. Not sure if it is for sale yet in the states.
  19. Gotcha plugs also work great
  20. Save the fluoro for albies
  21. No need for fluoro leader for stripers. They aren’t leader shy. Mono works. Anywhere from 30-40 lb.
  22. I hear the HH is fishing the shoals in the last few days and doing well.
  23. Protecting the screen is the only thing which really protects your phone from a costly repair. Even the cheap film will save your phone. I would put a film on my phone if my “protector” didn’t come with one.
  24. Boomerang snips