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  1. Lighter is better. Most of the Penn’s are kinda tanky for Spanish except maybe the clash but I haven’t seen one of the newer ones in action. You don’t need a big reel, something in the 3000-4000 size will do. Spanish have one, maybe two runs and then they are done most of the time. A whippy rod (moderate action) is better than a fast or extra fast one. Are you fishing for them from a boat, kayak, pier or shore?
  2. The best fishermen I know have fun fishing, don’t toot their own horn and don’t tell you how you can do better. But they will show you things if you pay attention and ask (sometimes).
  3. 1-5 oz. you aren’t only dealing with depth, but also current. And if you use a teaser that creates extra drag in a fast current. You have to stay near or on the bottom. If I need over 5 oz, I switch to a chicken rig. this means 2 or three rods depending on how you like to fish. good luck!
  4. As you point out, the Penn is heavier. It is also more water resistant that the Stradic. It depends on what you want to use it for. More splashes/dunks probably go with the Penn. The stradic handle can be replaced. Personally, I didn’t like the way the Penn felt while cranking, but that’s just my opinion.
  5. Based on the logic used in this thread, we should stop using oil and gas because of tanker leaks, pipeline failures, and drill platform fires. Come on people. Expect failure before success. That’s how it works.
  6. NSFW And this is 4 years ago…
  7. Divers say they are LOADED with huge seabass.
  8. Now that the options to go to the edge of space will become a matter of $, would you do it? My answer is, if money is no object, yes. How about you?
  9. Different health care systems from the USA. For example, in Thailand you buy “insurance” at a given hospital/system range is 1000 USD per year or more depending on your needs. I dunno about cardiology. Look into it if that’s what you need. Panama is 1-2k a year. You can pay more if that’s what makes you happy All payment is up front for care so no surprises in the mail and fights with insurance companies. Based on what I’ve seen on the board, you just want to troll people so I’m done with responding to you.
  10. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Panama, Thailand. All as good and much cheaper except for advanced cancer care. I’m sure there are other countries, but I haven’t had time to research them.
  11. Every $ invested in an total stock market index fund at age 21 becomes $88 at age 65. Sure way to build a 7 figure portfolio at 65 is to invest $100 a month starting at age 21. If it’s done in a Roth IRA it’s all tax free. About $3 a day becomes a million. Most people just don’t do have the knowledge or discipline to do it.
  12. It can be much cheaper to live elsewhere but you sacrifice family, lose your network, weaken close friendships, etc. This might become an issue if you become debilitated or demented. Many countries allow you to work, others don’t. You can find better access to quality and affordable healthcare (but not all types of healthcare like advanced cancer care or elder care) in Panama and Thailand. I’m sure other countries have good and affordable care but I haven’t researched them yet. Panama recently changed their retirement visa options. Take a look and see if what they offer appeals to you. You don’t want to renounce your US citizenship as that will cost you 50% of all of your assets for “exit” tax. You also have to think about paying Medicare premiums in case you return to the states and need care. If you don’t pay the premiums, the penalty is substantial. My plan is evolving, currently 3-4 months in the USA, 3-4 months in Asia, the rest slow traveling other places. No need for a financial advisor unless you have a very complex estate to manage. Learn how to do your own taxes using the available software products.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. Buoyweather for inshore seems to be the most reliably accurate. In my experience, the other ones that I tried (windy, Windfinder, fish weather) seem to be off in a bad way more often than they are correct and that matters if you have a long drive.
  14. The straw rig works as well