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  1. Do what works. The last few weeks, up casting not worked at all but dragging and bouncing has. Fishing is still lousy but the water is cold (for the summer) and the fish are coming up cold. The fleet has been chasing warmer water with partial success. That said, if you come upon the right patch, it can be game on. Two days ago, we had 6 out of 6 anglers hooked up simultaneously with 5 being keepers.
  2. That’s a cow nose ray. Fun to catch but also annoying lol
  3. People have also used the water wolf which can be tied to your line. There is a new version called the water wolf 2. Not sure if it is for sale yet in the states.
  4. Gotcha plugs also work great
  5. Save the fluoro for albies
  6. No need for fluoro leader for stripers. They aren’t leader shy. Mono works. Anywhere from 30-40 lb.
  7. I hear the HH is fishing the shoals in the last few days and doing well.
  8. Protecting the screen is the only thing which really protects your phone from a costly repair. Even the cheap film will save your phone. I would put a film on my phone if my “protector” didn’t come with one.
  9. Boomerang snips
  10. The other component of upcasting is using a light setup. I use a medium rod with 10 lb line. I’m sure you can use a lighter rod, but that’s what I’m comfortable with.
  11. They did the opposite. They added a $40 fuel surcharge and didn’t go to the shoals. …
  12. Nexus tip is too soft and cannot do rapid jigging which is why skinner cut off the top 4” and then he started selling his branded rods. The Nexus is ok for bouncing though. I don’t use the nexus heavy under 6 oz. It’s mainly a spoon/chicken rig/seabass rod and it easily handles 12 oz sinkers. I would use two different rods for the scenarios you discussed. And I use freshwater gear for the bay.
  13. You should be happy. I just heard from a guy who fished Bad Influence two days ago and all they got was 7 4#er. The guys is retired and fishes ALOT so it wasn’t him. Apparently the shoals bite is off.
  14. Apparently the HH hasn’t been fishing the shoals but is saving money and only fishing within sight of land. Catching nothing larger than 6 lb. People are pissed!
  15. Many people do not understand this. fishing behind the boat is essentially dragging and a foolhardy approach on wrecks or sticky structure. I’ve watched people go through more than a dozen bucktails by doing this. The up cast technique can be learned first by casting in the direction of the drift from the bow or stern and working the jig/bucktail as the boat drifts. Keep jigging until the line starts to scope a little then reel up and start over. Depending on where the hits occur, adjust to upcast or dragging or a hybrid. There isn’t one best way to catch fluke. The challenge is to figure out how to trigger bites on a given day with that day’s conditions. That said, expect to lose tackle. So learn how to tie rigs and main line to leader connections quickly.