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  1. I got Tusa
  2. St. Croix avid inshore 7’ medium fast. 3 replaced guides (#1,2,4) but otherwise in good condition $100. Near Philly
  3. Divers boots. Try them.
  4. The recent East blow pushed a load of BSB inshore. Result? Drop and reel double header keepers (a lil while ago for about a week). It helped to have good electronics to find the denser schools and false bottoms. It was stupid. Nothing huge, largest just over 3# Any kind of jig. Any kind of teaser including bare hooks ... Bare hooks! Okay, certain kinds of bare hooks. Some degree of jigging skill raised the DH rate. Boat limits within an hour were common including us. Didn’t lose any tackle because the lures almost never hit the bottom. #as good as it gets With the wind change, the bite switched to a bait preference. It was good while it lasted!
  5. Try corn starch instead of flour. The egg wash and coating will stay on better
  6. For med-deep jigging: 832 For shallow-medium jigging soft plastics and metals and light plugs (Xrap 10, shadow rap, crystal minnow, mag darter): fireline 10# tracer j braid 8 I haven’t fished from shore for years, but these lines should be ok for that. They seem very castable for lob casts to targeting shorelines, underwater structures and other sidescan targets.
  7. I really enjoy jig fishing. I see people using assist hooks on some jigs. What’s the advantage? Better hook up rate, less snagging? Also, I’ve avoided using treble hooks because of snagging risk. What about cutting off one of the trebles? I’ll try this but I thought you guys might already know. thanks in advance.
  8. Buy two insulated shopping bags. One large and one smaller. Put the smaller one inside the larger one. Use frozen ice packs or frozen water bottles instead of ice. Scavenge ice packs from food delivery (someone you know is probably doing this). Sometimes the food comes in reflectrix bags. These work great for inner liners and you only need to obtain the outer bag. I use this method to transport fish home from fishing (usually on a boat). The “cooler” stays in my car all day and rarely shows any melting of the ice packs or ice bottles. I think it cost me less than $10 total.
  9. I’m skeptical that it’s even close to gulp on a bad to average fluking day. It might be similar on a good fishing day. I tried the Jersey “fluke bellies” or something like that when I fished with the M3 spoon guy. Zero bites. Switched to gulp, limited in an hour. That said, I’ll try anything. All American stink is a piece of rubber similar to mister twister. Zero bites. Glad I got them for free. I might bring them when I go sea bass fishing. Otherwise, not going To waste fluke time with them.
  10. Bags are a better deal unless you want the juice
  11. No need. A small piece of electrical tape will do. Tie an arbor knot with your braid and load the reel under tension.
  12. ZMan paddle tails stand up better than most other soft plastics
  13. Paddle tails and shads throw off vibrations Bucktails flutter and breathe in current
  14. Have a look
  15. I love this rod so much I buy repaired ones. I could let one go if you are interested. Price $110 picked up near Philly (not willing to ship). This one has 3 repaired guides. I can post pics if you are interested.