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  1. I like to have options. Bay 1. Avid 6 ft medium Stradic 2500 Fireline 10# 2. Legend tournament 9” cut off, quantum accurist, 10# fireline Inshore 1. Avid inshore 70 MF modified 3” short, Stradic FA 3000CI+, 15# PP 2. Legend tournament 9” cut off, quantum accurist, 10# fireline 3. Teramar Southeast TMC 70 MH, Lexa HD 300 XSL 4. Black Demon 7’5” Tranx 400AHG (overkill)
  2. I prefer to catch fish. Bait or lure, doesn’t matter to me.
  3. On days with a quick drift. When you cast with the wind In your face, it’s easier to maintain bottom with a light jig (let a little line out after a few hops). When casting with the wind at your back, the drift will pick up your slack and can do so faster than the jig falls. When this happens you’ll be under the boat and at risk of tangling with the guys on the other side of the boat. When this happens with a 3 oz jig, I switch to a chicken rig or spoon. Like the OP I don’t do bigger jigs (for me over 4 oz).
  4. FWIW I have tried plastics plus procure in NJ and gotten exactly zero bites (during a good gulp bite).
  5. Very sorry to hear about your father. Condolences and deepest sympathies to you and your family.
  6. Remove slack, set hard, reel nice and easy. Don’t pump, this can do a few bad things: 1. Introduce slack possibly allowing for head shake and lost fish 2. Make a big hole, head shake, lost fish, 3. Detach weakly hooked fish (outer lip skin). I have seen all of these things happen.
  7. I wish I had bought a pair of those Sargent sportsmate pliers. Something as good or equivalent will come into the market before long I hope.
  8. It works. Sometimes.
  9. This definitely happens. Theres a guy in SJ who used to say “some days you gotta figure out which way they are lookin’.”
  10. In addition to the prior comments about fish on structure, sometimes a similar kind of bite can be mimicked by an occasional high lift after a minute or so of jigging to get the attention of the upward looking fluke. If a bite comes, it will be on the drop. This is a common jigging strategy for suspended stripers. Sometimes you have to vary your approach to see what works during the course of a drift. It’s one of the reasons I find jigging to be so much fun.
  11. Kahle
  12. TLDR: Good trip. limit, largest 9.5 #, my PB 8.5#. A couple of us felt that we lost monsters... Details: Fished Bounty Hunter Charters (35’ down east boat, Reaction) out of South Yarmouth with Jeff on 7/21. Hop on 6-pack (got lucky). One of the fares is a party boat captain from NY state who was sick of catching porgies. Hot as hell at the dock. Weather was forecast for 10-15 predominantly west south west increasing in the late afternoon with 3-5’ waves. No rain in the forecast. There was some overcast early and fog. Moon was about a week past full. Left the dock at 4 am and steamed about 3 hours on a nice easy ride. Boat had two bean bags, a side bench and a berth with two beds. First drop, no bites. 6-8 oz chicken rigs holding easy, too fast to jig 3 oz or less. All day was drifting. No power drifting. Second, third, fourth picked away. Bites were savage but few and far between, overall lethargic. This pattern continued until slack around 9-10. After the tide changed, bites were soft, probing bites. More hangers and less swallowers. Had to let them chew. Moved several times. Switched to spoons, Bam. I got a limit in 3 drifts. Interesting because I tried the spoon early and got nothing. We stayed an hour longer to fill the box. Average fish about 6-7#. Nothing under 24” was kept. Rigging: Most fish on pink chicken rigs, pink shine or white. 6-8 oz held easy. White meat to accentuate profiles. Spoons (I used them). Some action on 5-6 oz bucktails. No rigs lost. I estimate about 50% fish caught on chicken rig, 35% bucktail/teaser, 15% spoon. Some of the teasers looked fancy (Tsunami glass minnows, Mylar flash) others were the old tried and true rubber squids. Gulp: Pink shine and white 6” grubs A few caught on 6” chartreuse, new penny, and nuclear chicken, 4” new penny shrimp No action on: salmon, blue fuze, fire tiger. Rods: Black demon/Tranx401AHG 20# 832 Teramar MH/Lexa300XSL 20# 832 A few doggies, sea robins, and blues. All on meat. One clear nose skate. Jeff, the captain, put us on fish, but the bite was tough. We didn’t implement his backup plan so the trip wasn’t terrible from his POV. He gave us more fishing time and was enthusiastic. He made some astute suggestions. Did a nice job with the filets as well. I can recommend him. Side lites: Whale breaching about a mile away Jimmy “the Greek” stopped by for a chat. Only saw one other boat (Helen H) I learned that very large bait profiles on spoons can make a difference. Overall it turned into a good day but it could have sucked for me. For a long part of the day I wondered if it was even worth the trip. The last hour flurry showed me what it could be like when it’s good. I guess they they are booked thru October, and they have an unofficial social media blackout. Don’t expect to see much on FB except the ads for the party boat. If you get lucky and see an open spot, it definitely beats a porgy trip or crappy rig-losing Jersey trip.
  13. Anybody find that a skirt, hair collar, teaser hook with bucktail hair makes a difference over a naked hook on top of a buck tail for fluke? If yes, can you describe the conditions when it matters? I use 3/0 bait holders in the early season for the 4” swimming mullets and switch to 5/0-7/0 bait holder hooks for the bigger grubs and swimming mullets.
  14. I found the opposite to be true, tails are tougher compared to grubs from the last 3 years or so. Seabass and fluke eat blue fuze, salmon red, fire tiger, and pink. Haven’t tried cajun chicken, orange belly, camo, orange tiger, or sardine yet. I’ll wait for the next sale ...
  15. TVS70ML