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  1. 10 lb fireline. Bought a 1500 yard spool of tracer years ago and there’s plenty left. Works for me from less than 10 feet to over 100.
  2. Use the rig(s)you have confidence in. When the bite is hot, try different rigs. Soon you’ll have confidence in many types of rigs.
  3. I put the hooks into double thickness corregated cardboard, a hair tie around the jigs and carboard and the whole thing into a plasticware.
  4. Most affordable set up: Shimano Nasci 3000 with Berkley cherrywood. 10-15 lb braid mid cost (still under 200): Fenwick HMG or Diana harrier best value: buy used
  5. The yam seems to act like a sponge that slowly releases the attractants (likely amino acids, I think they are listed in the patent). How the yam is combined with the plastic and attractant is the secret
  6. I love the Al gags as well but I’ve caught thousands of stripers with zman paddlerz and minnowz. I always have a rod rigged with a zman.
  7. I have Stradic FL 2500, 3000, and 4000x2. Very happy with their performance and reliability in the ocean. I still have FJs and a FK that also are in the rotation but don’t see salt any more. no experience with the BGs.
  8. Yep, spinner is much easier to cast light jig heads/bucktails into the drift (where the boat is heading). I have spinners, conventional and bait caster and most of the time I’m using a spinner. I prefer not to drag rigs but it does work and sometimes outfishes casting into the drift so I always bring a spinner and a conventional/bait caster. In shallow water (less than 10 feet) either reel type works but I find lighter presentations outfish heavy ones. So again, I’m mostly using a spinner.
  9. Snap jigging has been a striper technique in the Chesapeake bay for as long as I can remember. Lots of rods will get the job done. I use old St croix avid inshore and tidemaster rods. Steve Fogle makes very reasonably priced custom rods that are light with good backbone. I have used these rods and they are comfortable for a day of jigging. Just about anything works. It’s really mostly of a function of how the angler likes to fish and impart action to a lure.
  10. IMHO, Zman is the best but not available in all sizes, shapes and colors.
  11. Nexus is JWNX701C Harrier is HRJ70MHS both BST purchases (Thanks Tim!) Both also serve as my tog rods and I got a 12 lber on the harrier and it wasn’t even a challenge. After you jack the tog out of the bottom sticky stuff, the nexus has the right amount of give if the fish makes a run.
  12. I find the nexus (1-6 oz) rather soft tipped and better for bouncing rather than jigging. For jigging, I much prefer the harrier, trevala px, or modified (lol) avid inshore. All of these can handle a 4 oz jig head/bucktail. The harrier has smaller guides so it seems like it doesn’t cast at far as the others, but it’s ok for dropping straight down.
  13. Look up credit card hacking. Lots of good resources on the web. The three largest points systems are Chase, AMEX, and Capital One. Delta has their own system as well. Select the cards that make sense for the places you travel from and to. For example, if you are near a United hub, Chase is usually best. If near an American Airlines hub, AMEX is usually better. Hyatt usually is a good deal (Chase point system). Your best bang for the buck comes from sign up bonuses. After the sign up bonuses, look for 5x or better multipliers to rack up points. Set points goals and spend the points. You can use points to build up status with airlines, hotels or car rental agencies. Try to focus on one of each for maximal benefit. Points sometimes lose value so spend them when you reach a goal.
  14. Hunters moon tonight/tomorrow. IYKYK
  15. Xtratuf are narrow. They had wide sizes for a while but double check their website if you need wide. I usually wear size 8 shoes but I have to wear size 9 xtratuf. No complaints from me about build quality. wait for a sale
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