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  1. That happens if too much paint sticks to the jig. Try to apply a thinner coat of powder paint. A fluid bed is the easiest way. Not sure if there’s a good way to apply paint when directly dipping into the paint jar. Maybe somebody will chime in. When curing in the oven, put a layer of aluminum foil or a foil pan under the jigs to collect the drips in case any excess paint is on the jigs.
  2. This
  3. In general, I follow the following guideline: Gulp seems to shine in conditions where the angler imparts most of the action to the bucktail/jig or teaser. Rapid jigging gulp works if you are on top of the fluke. Bait seems to be superior when the conditions (current or drift) provide most of the action instead the angler input. But I’ve seen the opposite true on some days. You have to see what works on each day at each location. Having an open minded approach will catch more fish. My buddies used to think I was using “crazy party boat approaches,” until they realized I was bringing in 75% of the keeper fluke in back bay and inshore locales. Now they want to try everything I’m doing when they see me catching and them not so much. But I’m not so arrogant as to think I know what the fluke want each time we fish. We take a team approach to patterning the bite each time we go out. I’m still looking around and learning. I think it’s fun to try new things. I’d rather catch a few big fluke on lure X then dogfish, sea robins, small sea bass and short fluke on squid and whatever bait sandwich. That said, I think dragging BIG baits has its place for catching BIG fluke. FWIW salmon red gulp isn’t in my tackle bag and it won’t be unless they make it tougher. I’ll add one one last bit of intel that’s stupid and obvious but difficult in real life: you gotta be on the fish. Find them and you can catch them, maybe.
  4. What’s the job of the main moderator? To moderate the moderators? I don’t get the point of this thread unless it’s a troll/joke post. On a site this big, a team with different but overlapping areas of interest/expertise can best moderate challenging issues as a group and cover the diverse topical areas. Also, usually somebody is online if something unruly breaks out. In contrast, most of the general rules moderation or simple help is QED.
  5. +1 what Houdini said. If you are fishing in a group, each guy can take a different approach/color to see what’s working. Then lock in and catch. Do that until it drops off then reposition or reset with your different approaches and start again as the preference can change as the day wears on.
  6. Thanks. This is really helpful!
  7. Walmart parking lot in your car
  8. Some days they eat everything and it doesn’t matter. Some days they like fluke belly over robin belly over gulp over other. Some days robin, fluke, etc. I’ve noticed that if I catch a few sea robins, if I put a robin strip out it usually outperforms fluke belly. Empirical data tho. It can help to be open minded to changing up fishing bait/presentation or fish with enough people so as a group, you cover the different options.
  9. The captain of the powerboat is from a family of charter captains with a track record on the bay at least back to 1997. Something weird happened. We may never find out the truth.
  10. Brief thread hijack: Does anybody know why it’s called “acid” wrap?
  11. Vibrio is common in warm water and has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. Vibrio does not respond to antibiotic therapy. So either it dies, your body’s immune system kills it, or they have to cut out the infected tissue. Sucks but that’s the reality of it. If if you get a cut or puncture, hit it with peroxide or some other strong antibacterial wash. Or at least wash it extensively with soap and clean water.
  12. Are these upgraded? Amazon has them listed as 6+1 bearings. The upgrade is 7+1
  13. I don’t eat deer meat because of chronic wasting disease despite the lack of data on the transmissibility of the disease from deer to human. Too bad bad it doesn’t stop deer from jumping into cars and trucks.
  14. I have experienced the same problem. The spacers just aren’t strong enough to hold the jigs. I’m gradually switching over to peanut butter jars and large medicine bottles and carrying them in a back pack with extra bags of gulp.