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  1. participation will be back up when the thread transitions from drag setting to fish pics
  2. we all get that anyway standing on a jetty staring into the abyss at 2am
  3. the bad thing about technology is that you can lose 5yrs of logs because google decides to change how it likes to store your files. keep multiple back ups...
  4. whole, gutted, stuffed w/ garlic, lemon and herbs to your liking, roasted in it’s own salt tomb.
  5. take a #5 and a #7 pls
  6. rigged a few metal lips done in this fashion, never thought about doing it with a needle, duh, i should do a regular and a bullet
  7. gave it a wipe down saw a couple minor scratches in the thicker epoxy areas over wraps, ran cotton ball through the guides and no snags, will pm more pics
  8. the only thing I remember is the cosmetic scratches/scuffs pictured on the reel seat, been in the garage since last spring but guides are good and no issues to the rod itself. I’ll pull it off the rack later today and give it a look. Going to hold at $250 with shipping and paypal costs
  9. used it maybe a dozen times, lightweight and sensitive, action is just a touch fast for my liking
  10. would stretch your budget a touch but I have 10’ ODM Genesis 3/4-4 I would ship for $250, will post pics if interested.
  11. to expand on all the mask talk keep in mind that surgical mask is a one way valve intended to protect those around you N-95 mask is a one way valve intended to protect you Bandana is for robbing a stagecoach, maybe a bank
  12. Like the National Fishing League colors here
  13. Sure, need space for curfew violators and nonessential drivers.
  14. it’s over
  15. “there went another wind” lol