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  1. Looking for a 1-pc rod that can throw plugs 3/4-3oz well, without using a surf rod. Planning to chase big jacks with it this summer from my boat. Anybody using one that can provide some performance feedback? Anything you do not like about the rod? Other good comparable rod options? Thanks!!
  2. Great to know. I sifted through the reviews on TD, and noticed that most of the breaks were of the MF or MLF variety. Makes me think the cross section near the tip is really small resulting in being fragile and intolerable to any high sticking at all. The size fish I am catching can not be flipped into the boat; which is where a lot of high sticking breaks are probably occurring.
  3. Not sure if you are considering 2-pc rods, but I have the 9’6” Tsunami Salt X rod that is rated for 1/2-3oz. I have thrown 1/2oz on it, but not very well. I really think the rod should be rated at 3/4oz on the lower end. The rod does not have enough tip to load 1/2oz very well. It does throw 3/4oz pretty well. I have pulled in some pretty big rays with it, so it is a strong rod. If throwing the heavier end, I usually use a casting rod. I really like the St Croix Premier Musky in MHF. They offer both a 7’6” and 8’ lengths. I think the rod leans more toward mod-fast because of how it loads in a parabolic fashion. I use it for live/cut bait for trophy cats and plugging striped bass. Super nice rods for the money, IMO.
  4. Great feedback. Another feature that St. Croix added to this series of rods is a backup reel collar (serves like a jam nut). I have so many rods that end up with loose reels after a hard day of use; with many times frantically trying to tighten the reel nut while fighting a fish. I can not believe this is not a standard reel seat feature on every rod. It was a very welcome surprise!!
  5. I received my (2) mojo inshore rods yesterday. Really like the feel of them. Love the tip action on these XH rods. They will see their first workout this weekend on the river. With all of our recent rain, the heavy current should be a good test.
  6. LOL - nice to have a doc onboard. Looks like he had a good laugh with that rod. I keep a pretty large first aid kit on my boat, and have removed quite a few hooks from various body parts while on the water to avoid losing a day of fishing. Had to take my FIL to the ER once to have a hook removed from his hand. He did not trust my handy work, so it ended the day early. He sure was whiney that day, and has not fished since.
  7. I always hate hearing stories like this. Many times, we take friends / family fishing to make great memories, and the last thing you want to remember is how failed gear let the big one get-away. Or worse yet, how it resulted in a trip to the emergency room. I know stuff happens, but try my best to prevent it as much as possible. If a rod model / brand is having a lot of complaints, I normally avoid buying those. Thanks for the feedback!!
  8. I own a lot of St. Croix rods; mostly USA-made models. Never have needed to use their customer service after many years of hard use. Seeing all of the negative reviews on the new inshore series kept me from trying them. After a few years, I would hope that a good company would resolve a design or production problem based on high rates of breakage. I guess sometimes failures on lower cost rod models could be user error from high sticking. It is hard to say, but I am going to find out. If they are a problem, I will simply change models through their upgrade program. Thanks again!!
  9. Well, I rolled the dice and picked up a couple of the 7’9” XHMF rods for some big striped bass/cat action in heavy river current. They were on sale and figure they could serve double duty when I travel to the Gulf. Hard to pass up for ~$130 each shipped; unless they break on the first trip.
  10. I replaced all of my trailer brake lines with Kodiak rubber style. They are holding up great. Be careful with any fittings you use. I received a thin wall elbow that blew out. I had to replace the elbow and flush the lines again. Lesson here is to buy good quality adapter fittings. All of them are not created equally.
  11. I know this series had a lot of broken rods when they were revised in 2020. Are they still routinely breaking? I am referring to the new green rods, not the purple/black rods.
  12. All rods I am discussing are the current offerings. I found a cyber Monday deal on the heavy version rod and ordered it. Keeping my fingers crossed it is more mod-fast than fast. The Premier MH is definitely mod-fast, even though it is rated fast.
  13. Had a few good days on the river last week. Caught a bunch of striped bass and a big blue.
  14. I know quite a few members use these rods for striped bass fishing. I own a few of 7’6” MHF versions, and love the parabolic bend when fighting a fish; especially since I primarily use braided line. I do at times wish the rod had a bit more backbone when fishing heavier current. How does the HF version compare? Does it have a similar parabolic bend when loaded? Anybody have both rods and could contrast both rods for me? Thanks!! BTW, I also own one of the 8’ LT Musky MHF rods, and it has no parabolic bend at all. More of a broomstick type rod. I have pulled too many hooks on large fish with this rod. Mostly targeting large striped bass and trophy cats.
  15. I have had (2) similar experiences out of (2) different rod purchases from Penn. Both times the shipping tubes arrived mangled, end caps missing and the rods hanging out of the tubes. I sent them emails and neither time did I receive a response. Needless to say, those were my last Penn purchases. It is not the shipping companies fault, in my opinion. Penn used the thinnest flimsy cardboard tube they could find. Whoever attached the end caps just stuck them in the tubes. No evidence or remnants of staples or tape were on the shipping tubes. Very hard to believe, but both times the rods were damage-free. If they will not respond to simple shipping damage issues, I can only imagine how hard it might be to get a product issue resolved. No more Penn for me!!