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  1. The EPA mandated that expanding coal fired power plants install modern stack scrubbers to clean some of the nasties out of the filthy smoke they spew


    They are no longer required to do that-they can expand the old plants to their heart's content now- and those old plants are quite profitable, make no mistake-the notes are all paid of and soft coal is cheaper than dirt


    What the hell, penguins already know how to swim, and anybody who is poor enough or stupid enough to live downwind from a power plant deserves to die a slow, painful, premature death


    The stricter emissions standards apply only to those plants still on the drawing board or over a year out from breaking ground


    What the hell is the matter with that?


    It's not like the administration recently woke up in the morning and decided that coal plants were dirty



    So now a victory for the power companies and a qualified victory for common sense down the road is now a "cap and trade" issue


    Whoever wrote that article should do a little research on status quo ante-the requirement to clean stack emissions that was recently waived by the Obama


    administration has literally been on the books for decades


    Not that the power companies ever went meekly along with it- they always filed for a waiver when they expanded plant capacity



    If anybody's kids or grand kids end up with minimata disease from sucking in mercury fumes, then you'd whine that they aren't doing enough to stop mercury pollution


    He was left vulnerable to a 20 yr message of hate,


    "Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has defended himself against charges of anti-Americanism and racism by referring to his foundational philosophy, the "black liberation theology" of scholars such as James Cone, who regard Jesus Christ as a "black messiah" and blacks as "the chosen people" who will only accept a god who assists their aim of destroying the "white enemy."


    Thats what Obama calls his moral compass. I believe him.





    little wonder why the descendants of black slaves have used religion to legitimize their resentment over they way they were, and still are, treated by the people whose ancestors once held titles to their great grandparents the way one would now hold a title for a pick-up truck


    not saying it is right- just saying it is a factor to this day

  3. Beachrat, I am active duty and trust me, we understand that our duty is to protect the citizenry. As I am also an officer, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.....NOT the orders of the President. I WILL protect the Constitution no matter what. You will NOT see the military taking up arms against the people we are supposed to protect.


    As for when the line is drawn for civil war? For me and a very many other military folks it is when they come for our private weapons. At that point, it is "game on".


    i don't see that happening (collection of arms)


    maybe some hi-cap magazine restrictions


    as for the "mercenary" angle- a lot of security formerly handled by uniformed military is being farmed out- mostly to former US military and intelligence folks i think


    i view this as troubling- used to be the USMC was in charge of embassy security- now it is jobbed out to places like blackwater



  4. I have no problem with the top brackets being bumped a bit higher.


    It's like tweaking the game of monopoly so that more than one person can "win".


    I think our democracy fails when a class of people get enough wealth to supplant elected officials.


    they don't supplant them


    they buy them off


    in the last fifteen years or so, more wealth is being held by fewer people than at any other time in our history


    and somehow any mention of altering tax law to reverse this trend is successfully painted as communism- the right does a very good job of painting policy decisions in stark moral terms- no nuance whatsoever


    and the moneyed elite continue to accumulate wealth like they never have before


    if, god forbid, the tea party and other like thinkers ever get hold of all the levers of power, we will all be screwed


    let's find some eisenhower republicans and get them elected- this country needs more cooperation between its political parties, not more divisiveness



  5. I disagree WD. I prefer the NorthEast style of conservatism. Rockefeller Republicans I belive was the old term. fiscally conservative and socially liberal. It's much better than the southern bed wetter style of using Big Governement to push their social agenda and legislate their religious beliefs. The Terry Schiavo incident was a perfect example.


    fiscally conservative and socially liberal

    Those 2 things don't go together. They can't.


    they can


    they should


    and they do



  6. When you are cooking shrimp, do you prefer to steam them or boil them?


    Also, the can of Old Bay says use vinegar but wouldn't that make the shrimp rubbery?


    Going to try and cook shrimp and then in a few weeks have a a few neighbors over for seafood bash using the turkey cooker and a basket. Trying to decide whether to put clams, mussels, crabs, corn, potatoes, sausage, etc in to boil or steam as well.


    if you want cocktail shrimp:


    to a pot of cold water add:


    one onion, skin on, quartered


    couple ribs of celery cut in chunks


    couple of carrots cut in chunks


    a handful of pickling spice


    one lemon cut in half- squeezed into he water and then tossed into the pot


    bring to a boil, then turn off the heat- cover pot and let it sit ten minutes


    bring in back to a boil, then throw the shrimp in


    POACH, do not boil, until they are JUST cooked through


    then throw them in ice water until completely chilled


    if you want an easy to make, kickass cocktail sauce, just ask

  7. It'll be a cost saver just like Romneycare that's sinking Mass to the tune of 20 billion dollars of red ink. It's a big success, though, because 98% of people in Mass have healthcare.


    20 billion dollars of red ink?


    is your source the same anonymous mid-level indian bureaucrat who claimed obama's visit to india cost the US taxpayer 200 million dollars a day?


    a figure that was trumpeted from the parapets by that stupid tea party **** who is a rep from the midwest and whose name escapes me


    (the real cost was 5% of that figure)


    don't get me wrong- i hope i am never forced into that program, because compared to good health insurance it sucks


    but there are a lot of people who now have health insurance who had nothing before, so for them it is a whole lot better


    and now maybe 14 year old kids won't die as the result on an untreated tooth infection, as was the case before "romneycare" became the law of the land


    all that aside, it will be interesting to see how single payer health care pans out


    because right now, health care providers need to wade through hundreds of different forms in order to get a claim paid, which wastes a lot of time and money, and is very inefficient

  8. You say these things to create more excitement for your dreary little life on computer, but no one here thinks you believe anything else who has read your Leeb rants. The comments will be personal because you made the topic personal. These are the common thoughts of union loving, Democrat voting, "Progressives". Want a hard-on? Think "Redistribtiopn of Wealth".


    Does that mean Goldman Sachs people go to work every morning sportin' wood? Since they spend their days generating nothing of value to the US economy and are only there to transfer wealth to theirs and their client's pockets.


    your point is well taken on the "wealth" thing


    used to be bankers loaned money to people because they did their homework and figured that the loan would be repaid- wealth was created when the person taking out the loan put the money to work to realize their business vision and made a go of it


    it is little more than legalized gambling these days


    and if you screw up, the gummint bails you out, and you still get a big bonus- no need for fiduciary responsibility or anything as mundane as that


    they can't lose



  9. i posted in here 4 years ago because i was thrilled that my youngest daughter got accepted to UPenn, the only ivy league nursing school


    well, she graduated last monday- no *** laudes, but at least she made it straight through- she now holds a BSN


    she interviewed at NYU hospital, where she did her final semester internship in the cardiac telemetry unit


    they are not hiring, but she got on the waiting list


    while she was at the interview, the HR person who was handling her application left a voice mail telling her to report to another floor at the same hospital a couple of hours later


    she was offered, and accepted, a job in the neurological disease unit: MS, ALS that sort of thing


    in the scheme of things, i do okay IMO- but her starting pay is more than i make now!


    needless to say, i am a very proud father


    anybody have some suggestions on where she could live?


    NYU is in the twenties, so we were thinking of brooklyn, but somewhere on the other end of the holland tunnel is not out of the question


    between federal, state, and city income tax, she might have almost as much pocket money as she did while living at home rent free and working at a sausage stand across the street from fenway pahk, which she has done while on her summer break


    (the boss likes her, she is just about the only one there who is not on parole or dating somebody in jail)

  10. composted cow manure should have enough for a typical garden to get out of the gate in the growing season


    you can supplement with fertilizer that will become available as the season wears on


    the major benefit with manure is the addition of organic matter- essential for increasing both the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil, but it does also have some nutritive value


  11. If you buy a decent non stick pan and treat it right (that includes not getting the pan too hot and scorching it) it won't chip off.


    i have to agree with little here- buy a medium weight non-stick teflon fry pan - a place like target has them and if will cost less than 20 bucks


    use it only for bacon and eggs


    use a plastic spatula or wooden spoon and never overheat it


    it will last a few years


    then recycle it and buy a new one


    if you overheat it, toss it and go get another


    yes, overheated teflon is nasty stuff



  12. with that many hunks of hog, why not try a few different rubs/marinades/injections?


    in addition to the above suggestions, i would do a couple of them as "pernil"- puerto rican style: you can search this forum for recipes


    i would be tempted to inject them with mojo criollo as well


    as for the whole pig, i am very fond of "lechon"- again, a puerto rican recipe using ample quantities of garlic, sour orange, salt, and pepper


    neither one is usually served with a sauce on the side


    buen provecho!


    PS- a digital thermometer would come in real handy- leave yourself plenty of cooking and resting time- the only thing worse than being forced by time constraints to serve piping hot hunks of meat is having to serve it undercooked

  13. can you cut the stump at ground level?


    then you can build the shed over it


    i am going through exactly the same thing- i had a huge silver maple stump ground a couple of years ago and have started to dig a couple of test holes for the footings


    still a lot of roots


    i may end up borrowing a 7 foot backhoe on a farm tractor and digging it up that way. in which case i might consider pouring a foundation and putting a hatch in the floor