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  1. i have to agree- white walls, no furniture, when you put the place on the market- if you can't get rid of the furniture, remove all personal items-family pictures, knick knacks, etc.
  2. can you explain to us how obama's presence in the oval office is driving up oil prices? the only thing i can think of is maybe oil speculators who don't know much about soul food figure that people will now be eating a lot more fried chicken higher oil prices mean there is either lower supply, higher demand, or excessive speculation cheap gas in january of 2009 is likely due to the fact that the economy of most of the world nearly fell right off a cliff less economic activity results in less fuel usage and petroleum based manufacturing which results in lower prices
  3. there is a lake in japan with edible crabs in it the people who catch them have been throwing back the crabs that have shell marking resembling the face of a samurai warrior over the years, now a whole lot more of those crabs have the face markings than used to increasing the mesh size in codfish nets to take only the bigger fish from a given school of fish has had the unintended result of letting fish with genes for smallness become the primary breeding stock- in some areas, cod of a given age are now 20% smaller than they used to be in the above examples, man's intervention mimics a mutation by selecting for traits that help the species survive
  4. complete with satellite TV dish! i commend you for your thoughtfulness seriously- very good- i did some volunteer scouting for asian longhorned beetle in boston a couple of months ago- i brought a guy with me who happens to be vice president of the BSA in the baltimore area- he put the beetle scouts in touch with the local BSA bigwigs- don't know if they connected, but well focused volunteer efforts make a huge difference in helping out with matters natural
  5. could use a better picture, with maybe a dime in the photo for scale they should know what it is at the mass dept. of agricultural resources i think it is 200 causeway street, 6th floor might be a different street number failing that, bob childs at the umass extension in amherst might be able to ID it from a (better) photo hope it isn't a bat bug- closely related to bed bugs, and will enter the living space if bats are present in the attic but i think they run a little smaller hard to tell from such a (crappy) photograph bat bug above bed bug below
  6. feeling a little close-minded today, are we? evolution is as proven as proven can be
  7. we have common ancesrty, period don't assume that Homo sapiens is the end all and be all of animal development- the culmination of eons of animal speciation is not overweight ladies in black stretch pants looking for the lowest price on family size bags of cheezy poofs
  8. buy some Preen- it prevents weeds from germinatiing just don't use it where you want to plant food crops (or anything else) directly from seed sprinkle it down, scratch it in lightly, then water then you can skip the mulch if you want, but you can mulch on top of it as well- the directions say to sprinkle it on top of the mulch- if you mulch- but i think you get better control if you put the preen down first right now lowe's is selling preen and mulch mixed together- if you order it online then go pick it up it is $2.50 a bag but it is colored mulch, not bark mulch- i don't like that stuff
  9. you should pile some light soil/manure up around the stems of all but the hardiest roses just before the ground tightens up in the fall- this protects the graft pull it back in the spring i like the idea about weed barrier and mulch but as SIM pointed out, never- ever- pile mulch up around the stem/trunk of any plant, except for some winter protection as noted above there should be a special place in hell for anybody guilty of making "mulch muffins" as the base of any plant..........rigth next to the people who prune hedges and similar shrubs narrower at the bottom than the top
  10. i'm no expert but i wonder if the roof is hot over that area- ice dams might develop there but not on the rest of the eaves or maybe snow piles up on that exposure- less sun to melt it, and the right prevailing wind will also cause snow to pile up in funny spots at any rate- it might be ice dams causing water to run behind the siding because the ice and water barrier is being overwhelmed
  11. try it by hand sometime- choose the whip and bowl wisely never tried mayo in a food processor, but have made hollandaise both by hand and with a machine- the hand beaten does come out better when i make mayo by hand, there is a sort of elasticity that develops in the yolks after you get some oil incorporated that i don't think you get with a machine do you coddle the eggs for one minute in boiling water? really helps take salmonella out of the equation to a great degree
  12. can't make good cole slaw without a little sugar.............period speaking of celeriac- i went to a lunch buffet somewhere, probably at a trade show- there was a slaw made from some shredded root vegetable- not sure, but it might have been jicama- it was outstanding
  13. what he said
  14. my boat hasn't seen the water since my daughter started college, but i renewed by recreational lobster license primarily so i can put out some crab pots in the falmouth area, where my neighbors bought a place on the water it occurs to me that i could stick a couple of pots in the canal somewhere and check them on my way down and back- plus the cottage is not that far from the canal anyway any hints on what i can do to minimize people messing with them? how far should i be from any other gear so people don't think i'm invading their honey holes? is one side any better than the other?
  15. i was sure people would get killed because of that idiot no mights about it "depraved indifference" fits IMO he knew frikkin' right well towel heads would roll when he burned that book
  16. if tea party members have a problem with the actions of a publicly traded company they should buy enough shares to control the board and have the board vote him out .....if they can't do that, they should shut the hell up and not buy any of duke energy's products
  17. i agree- i don't think the effects (true costs!) of all the baitfish being sucked up and used to feed chickens in maryland and mexican farmed shrimp and aquacultured salmon and such is taken into account anywhere along the line
  18. good stuff in moderation the minerals it adds are gone in about 6 weeks though, so spreading them on your garden in the winter is a waste of time
  19. so you are fine with corporate management's continued practice of dismantling reasonable pay and benefit packages? do you like the wal-mart style of wages and benefits? or should i say the lack thereof?
  20. don't blame the unions for our manufacturing woes: #1- the USA is still the largest producer of manufactured goods in the world #2- the average factory wage in china is $2.50 an hour- nobody can compete with that
  21. GOP voters make up about 16% of registered voters in mass democrats i think about 35% the rest of us are "un-enrolled" we can and do actually vote for GOP candidates- just not the far right reactionary types there is no way in hell scott brown will get re-elected if he cozies up to the tea party whackos
  22. i remember rumsfeld saying it, if that is any comfort i'm also quite sure the library of congress has an entire wing devoted to every utterance of a journalist of hannity's stature
  23. sardines are the only thing i can think of that might fit
  24. it is also an exotic invasive plant that has had sales prohibited in some states the seedlings crowd out more desirable native plants well meaning plantsmen have unleashed a lot of plants and have drastically altered our open land, much for the worse i'm afraid i won't bother to list them now
  25. wrong cut them all off at about 2 feet high get yourself a HEAVY DUTY nursery spade, and make sure it is sharp any good garden center will have them i prefer a long handles spade these days, and on the heavy side pretend the big clumps are plants you want to dig with a nice root ball- tie the tops in if they are sprawling all over the place mark a round ball around each clump- not too big, not too small sink your spade straight down around each plant- overlap your cuts- go around it twice- do not pry, but at the bottom of each thrust, pull back on the handle just a little when you have well and truly cut around the thing as deep as you can, try to pry it- if it moves, go around to the other side, sink your spade in, and pry it again hope you get the idea- if you go about it with little or no method, you will tire yourself out and not make much progress for grubbing the roots out, i recommend an italian grape hoe have fun