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  1. i dunno- i kept some sherbert frozen for 2 days in ice and rock salt the temp on my digital read 9 degrees 24 hours plus after i packed it up
  2. i dunno- i kept some sherbert frozen for 2 days in ice and rock salt the temp on my digital read 9 degrees 24 hours plus after i packed it up
  3. my father used to get an occasional case of omaha frozen steaks from one of his vendors instructions were to cook them while still frozen- even thick ones think i was around twice when they fired up the grill for some of those they were good or a least better than any meat my mother would buy at the supermarket
  4. "sweet potato" has always meant yams around these parts a bit too sweet for me unless it is in the form of a pie i bought a couple of white sweet potatoes recently i like them a whole lot better than yams and they have a much lower glycemic index than white potatoes, which is a good thing
  5. just think how fast his beanie would spin on that hawg!
  6. the chimney on a house that old might not even have a liner of any sort a rain cap on top of the chimney might help some- but i expect moisture is finding its way in below the top as well but you might be overdue for a chimney rebuild as far down into the house as is needed to get to solid brickwork- repointing might be feasible and natural gas exhaust has a lot of water vapor into it, which will accelerate the deterioration of the inside of the flue a stainless rectangular flue liner would be my solution a typical chimney lasts about 100 years before it needs rehabbing to some extent
  7. yup
  8. what he said you should not need to install a whole house fan- if you need one, something else is wrong plus you can't have a whole house fan and a fireplace in some towns- if the fan comes on and all the windows are closed while you are enjoying a fire, the fan can suck the fire into the house instead of up the chimney anything that makes that happen can't be good
  9. i can still hear the death screams of the last goat i helped eat- it was a mature goat and was fricaseed yummy i've had goat a couple of times since then- not so yummy
  10. does anybody remember the fraser episode where the sister was cooking the thanksgiving turkey at low temps for a long time? everybody was worried about food poisoning but this sounds good- i'll give it a shot cook's illustrated seems to know what they are about even though the head honcho looks like a real propellor head
  11. you can get a valve that will mix hot water in before it gets to the sillcock- once installed, you adjust it to the temperature you want by tightening or loosening a screw on the valve body- the water will come out of the bibb at your pre-determined temperature i had one installed at the greenhouse to allow seedling watering at 72 degrees instead of the 45 degrees or so from the regular cold water supply- no muss, no fuss- turn the thing on and you get what you want without having to tweak it
  12. questionable reactor designs and engineering hubris have done little to advance the cause of nuclear power well designed, properly sited nuke plants should have a bigger place in our energy source profile we still need to figure out what to do with the spent fuel
  13. all your legitimate out of pocket costs are deductible and you can depreciate buildings and equipment and some expenses occasionally qualify for a tax credit, not just a deduction anything else gets taxed as income unless you tie it up in the business somehow the type of business you set up ( sole propietor, s corp, partnership, etc.)might have something to do with the taxability of liquid assets at the end of the fiscal year
  14. the poor should pay SOMETHING, even if it is a token amount even if it is offset by credits rich and poor paying the same percentage is regressive- fundamentally unfair to low wage earners
  15. kinda like the warning on a hair dryer that says "do not use while asleep"
  16. i have it on good authority that jimmy hoffa actually is in the meadowlands
  17. if the sides of the old bucket were wiped down, your old mud will probably work if you mix it up well if it doesn't do the job, you will have a bit of a mess on your hands it only costs about 8 bucks for a one gallon bucket of new mud but i know you will try the old bucket first
  18. you can install a mixing valve easily enough
  19. they taste like mud
  20. I like P&J's where is Van's?- I know there was a place just inland of the expressway near the neponset rotary, but it looked closed a couple of years ago
  21. if you ever have to use them in a hot conflict you need to plan on losing some to enemy fire the chinese recently deployed a new carrier killer missile a few direct hits, and suddenly you don't have the advantage you used to if you have two and one is sunk, now you half have the carrier capability than you did the day before
  22. hopefully not powder post beetle
  23. i didn't see a P trap on your sink drain down cellar, i hope?
  24. you can extend the life of a wooden windowsill with a 2 part filler, depending on how far gone it is for bigger deeper holes, sink a screw or two with the head below the surface- it will give the filler something to grab onto do a good job sanding and priming and it will let in a lot less water than before i saved myself a lot of carpentry with a can of bondo, and the repair lasted longer than the paint job on the whole house
  25. yeah.....unless you're a yankees fan, that is