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  1. The EPA mandated that expanding coal fired power plants install modern stack scrubbers to clean some of the nasties out of the filthy smoke they spew They are no longer required to do that-they can expand the old plants to their heart's content now- and those old plants are quite profitable, make no mistake-the notes are all paid of and soft coal is cheaper than dirt What the hell, penguins already know how to swim, and anybody who is poor enough or stupid enough to live downwind from a power plant deserves to die a slow, painful, premature death The stricter emissions standards apply only to those plants still on the drawing board or over a year out from breaking ground What the hell is the matter with that? It's not like the administration recently woke up in the morning and decided that coal plants were dirty So now a victory for the power companies and a qualified victory for common sense down the road is now a "cap and trade" issue Whoever wrote that article should do a little research on status quo ante-the requirement to clean stack emissions that was recently waived by the Obama administration has literally been on the books for decades Not that the power companies ever went meekly along with it- they always filed for a waiver when they expanded plant capacity If anybody's kids or grand kids end up with minimata disease from sucking in mercury fumes, then you'd whine that they aren't doing enough to stop mercury pollution
  2. little wonder why the descendants of black slaves have used religion to legitimize their resentment over they way they were, and still are, treated by the people whose ancestors once held titles to their great grandparents the way one would now hold a title for a pick-up truck not saying it is right- just saying it is a factor to this day
  3. been there a couple of times very nice but i was one of the only vehicles there with mass plates lots of folks from PA hardly any from new york try again
  4. i don't see that happening (collection of arms) maybe some hi-cap magazine restrictions as for the "mercenary" angle- a lot of security formerly handled by uniformed military is being farmed out- mostly to former US military and intelligence folks i think i view this as troubling- used to be the USMC was in charge of embassy security- now it is jobbed out to places like blackwater
  5. or get it on line for 10 bucks and print it out and laminate it hang out at the local bait and tackle and pretend to look at lures- listen for any useful tips, imo
  6. by live lining porgies i assume you mean live lining pogies if in fact you live line porgies (scup) cut the dorsal fin spines off with a pair of scissors first
  7. they don't supplant them they buy them off in the last fifteen years or so, more wealth is being held by fewer people than at any other time in our history and somehow any mention of altering tax law to reverse this trend is successfully painted as communism- the right does a very good job of painting policy decisions in stark moral terms- no nuance whatsoever and the moneyed elite continue to accumulate wealth like they never have before if, god forbid, the tea party and other like thinkers ever get hold of all the levers of power, we will all be screwed let's find some eisenhower republicans and get them elected- this country needs more cooperation between its political parties, not more divisiveness
  8. Those 2 things don't go together. They can't. they can they should and they do
  10. how about some home made mayonnaise using sherry or champagne vinegar?
  11. if you want cocktail shrimp: to a pot of cold water add: one onion, skin on, quartered couple ribs of celery cut in chunks couple of carrots cut in chunks a handful of pickling spice one lemon cut in half- squeezed into he water and then tossed into the pot bring to a boil, then turn off the heat- cover pot and let it sit ten minutes bring in back to a boil, then throw the shrimp in POACH, do not boil, until they are JUST cooked through then throw them in ice water until completely chilled if you want an easy to make, kickass cocktail sauce, just ask
  12. (ones with the eggs) i hate to rain on your culinary parade, but blue crabs with eggs are supposed to be thrown back so there will be more blue crabs down the road
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