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  1. I've been out. But I'm doing more squidding than fishing these past two weeks. I'm perfectly content with how this season has been going and if the 50's all passed before I got a chance to hit the ocean front it wouldn't change a thing. I'll make it down there when I have the chance. I heard a 40lber was caught not too far from where I was squidding, with squid. If I lived in chuck town I'd be out there every night.

  2. I had no idea I was being cocky, nor was I trying to be. I simply replied to posts where people were saying there was no big fish. I was simply stating a FACT that I have personally caught some decent size fish and have seen others do the same. This is not me being cocky this is just me sharing real information.

    Here is another fact. Even though I was in a boat I was well within casting distance from shore. In fact there was people fishing off the shore while we were catching. Certain spots produce better this time of the year and those are the spots I concentrate on.

    Lastly, if you think kayak fishing is easy come try it out with me for a day. There are some days you end up feeling like you got hit by a freight train when you're done. You earn EVERY fish you catch. I recently went out for tautog. It was beautiful when I launched but a couple hours later the wind turned up and so did the surf. Not fun getting back to the launch.

    That is an open invite to come try it out. I have a spare kayak.

    I just started kayak fishing this year. 3 trips one fish. It's nothing like standing on the rocks or beach. You aren't the only person I've heard catching nice size fish for this time

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