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    Im a big dumb cave man who likes to cast my rod
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    Fishing and photography
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    I put up tents
  1. I have seen them the past couple weeks. Saw a pod of like 9 under the lights, just scouts I'd say. Nothing like last year at this time
  2. I think hooters is closed down...
  3. 3 keepers 5638 shorts at the stops I made
  4. Huge ones out by an old railroad bridge, or so the pictures say
  5. Nice one! I caught a fluke today too. There was only one sea robin caught there besides my fluke of 15" still massive amounts of bait every place I've gone
  6. Thousands of pogies within casting distance of shore. Multiple schools everywhere I looked. Fins packed in real tight. I hope they stay put when the fish show up
  7. I believe it's a terrapin. There's a lot up in the Palmer river area
  8. Saw about 100x20 yards of breaking fish while at work today in tiverton. Haven't gotten out enough recently, wish I could bring a pole with me
  9. blues from the kayak. Fishing an outflow haven't seen a stripe in 3 weeks :/
  10. Berkeley gulp white swimming mullet I believe is the most versatile option
  11. They weren't too happy last night. Kayak fishing is a little more dicey when blues are involved. Easier to tell there is something on them though
  12. I'd be more than happy to put that hat on my head
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