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  1. It was a family run business and the mentor passed. they decided not to move forward
  2. Ketchup plus eggs only equals one thing…, white trash
  3. Your method has those in a fixed position or do the float with the tide?
  4. Fair enough, I’ll take a fiscally responsible POTUS if that animal exists i am seriously considering registering as a dem so I can vote rfk in the primary although I need to be sure he ain’t a commie on guns
  5. You all bitch and moan so the solution to defaulting is to just print more paper!! id pay the piper now cause your going to pay more dearly as the debit continues to spiral out of control trump is just another big spender and while it’s no condolence for me he just spends a few trillion less than joe
  6. Do you believe Trump received 80.5 million legit votes? no to both guys!!
  7. 1973 is to 1923 2023 is to 1973 in the 70’s what did you think of ppl and culture of the 20’s? it’s a simple fact that not only are we old we are out of touch generally speaking
  8. No offense to the op but…. not fundable??? Your surprised?? Everything they do isn’t fundable, we be using a credit card since Mr blue dress left offixe
  9. You better also call for big pharma to be on your terrorist list, not really much different
  10. Left behind 60-75 mil his peeps are set for generations god bless America
  11. Any dude with the lyrics “ she’s so sweet when she yanks on my meat” is a hit with me
  12. If in NJ call John at njtrollingmotors , you can find him on social media great guy/company
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