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  1. There is at least one confirmed in lbi this past week
  2. There is but one condiment for a good ole fashioned hot dog
  3. Socialist pigs the lot of you
  4. They sold your info the big pharma
  5. That’s not a bass it’s a white perch
  6. City-Madrid hands down Fripp Island/Beaufort area in SC to get away with the family
  7. Im in Toms River on Comcast, I don't think they offer it!
  8. You’re a brave man
  9. I am and atvthe end of the day most of what goes on in here has no direct impact on your life while everyone is arguing Washington laughs at its minions footing the bill for their spoils
  10. Question is why do you fookers care about any of this bullsheet
  11. The Alamo, its a *******g mud hut and San Antonio is a sheet hole
  12. Can inbred ppl even learn to swim?
  13. 7 drownings this year? Where do you live?
  14. Maybe they ain’t a hostile bunch, I would think if they want to open a can of whoop ass on us they could have done it at anytime
  15. I believe in my lifetime (I’m 55) the governments of the world will admit there are alien space craft that they know zero about or basically zero maybe we be on the menu