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  1. Cc didn’t kill it those ***** Stones killed it cause their commies
  2. Fly into Stuggart and drive to Lake Constance and Black Forest region. Lake Constance is beautiful on way home go to Strousborg France before returning to stuggart to go home trains are your best friend in Germany, language at train stations, no issue in rural areas it can be tough but that’s part of the fun
  3. China doesn’t want them back and yes they can keep building containers as the trade imbalance continues to grow
  4. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. If you don’t have freight to load into the container coming into port then you don’t allow that container to come to port to unload. there is no place to store empty containers that don’t go back east
  5. I’m saying that if you got stuck in Afghanistan knowing the deadline for a few years your a dumb **** and the gene pool is smarter without you
  6. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes no sympathy from me
  7. I personally would sell my cakes to gays just not you cause your ugly
  8. My body my choice
  9. My bakery will sell a cake to who ever I please. Feel free to buy your cake elsewhere
  10. Mayo ***** ****** on rye loaded with horseradish sauce
  11. No one is trying to force an edible in your mouth!! That’s the difference
  12. Jar them with brandy
  13. Agreed that corporations with employees in Afghanistan have responsibility BUT those employees also have personal responsibility, something we have lost in America! don’t rely on your govt for jack! When govt says they are coming to help, you know it’s past time to scoot
  14. From a Trumper, if your not military **** you you’re on your own! why the **** would you go to Afghanistan? If you did you knew the risks and you knew the pullout deadline