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  1. Walk on around 9 but don’t park in the spots we all park, they have eyes as you approach in the car. you obviously up for a walk it just needs to be a more discreet walk
  2. Would I be correct to say that eels must be a min of 9” to posess?
  3. Police in America are not properly trained, to put it bluntly they are entitled! police are public servants but act more like they are the master, very entitled. the entire way police are trained needs to be radically changed with regard to how they generally interact with the public they serve
  4. It’s a reasonable option I’ve done it for years but lots of counterfeit outfits. make sure they are registered with canadian health
  5. You are going to have tell me the cop sitting perpendicular to the road I’m traveling can’t tell if I’m black or white when I drive by?
  6. i can drive through Asbury Park with a head light out all day everyday and not get pulled over. A black guy driving my car won’t last 15 minutes before getting pulled over. i don’t believe in general systematic racism exists but it certainly might exist in po po training.
  7. There was no blm, as far as I am aware
  8. It’s basically a whitey town, lots of well off millennials that think they got a clue
  9. Don’t know about now but they were peaceful marching in TR, cops marched with them.
  10. Won’t happen, he’s to smart to shift the responsibility away from lefty states, lefty governors. it would be a political death wish if he did. round up the organizers and lock em up
  11. Bullchit Trump has no interest in killing Americans, even the scummy rioter type
  12. Out back, boat fish 3 fluke in 3 hrs, 2 were keepers
  13. Crazy, Comcast in Ocean County does carry it
  14. Trump said this week Hong Kong belongs to China and China will do what China will do. Taiwan imo is off limits to China unless something egregious occurs on Taiwan’s part