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  1. I personally like an 8' rod. I fish with a 10wt Bass Pro Stage 1 Heat and a Sage Bass II small mouth (8wtish). I have several 9' 9wt's as well. I prefer the 8' rods. I can cast plenty far and it is easier to land the fish on my boat. Especially without help. I'm currently building two 8' 8wt Black Diamond rods. Hope to use them next week on the cape.
  2. Funny you mentioned Simm's. Two years ago I called the factory to help me decide in the G3 vs G4. After describing my usage (an telling them I don't care about price) they suggested G3's to replace my current G3s. So sometimes the best option is not the most expensive.
  3. Based on the pic under your name it appears you are in and around the Cape. They are not here today in any big numbers and the ones I did catch were not keeper size. Water was 55 - 58 degrees. I'm thinking another week.....
  4. For saltwater fishing I'm with Drew C. For saltwater fishing I use a "tapered" leader but only to get a 30lb connection at the fly line down to 12lb that I connect to the fly. I normally go 30 - 20 - 12(or so) all connected with blood knots. If the blues are around then I typically go 30 -20 usually without wire but not always. Leader anywhere from 5' to about 8' Store bought tapered leader are just another thing that I would need to keep stocked which means I would forget. Plus they are really expensive. I replace my leader everytime out. I use 110yds spools of mono or fluoro usually Berkley
  5. I bought my kids boot foot coated nylon chest waders until they were 15 years old or so. The coated nylon seems to hold up well to kids. Go with felt soled boots if you can. Much better grip and you can always add studs. The advantage of boot foot is the ability to easily dump out water if (when) they fall in. I forced all three of my kids to swim across our local river (not very wide) with their waders on before I would take them fishing. Wanted to make sure they did not panic when they fell in later by accident. They had no problem swimming but obviously pulling themselves out of the water was difficult so I was there to help. I'm not suggesting you do this but I am suggesting that they need to get comfortable with water in their waders. Cabelas still sells the type I purchased.
  6. A Cerone, Where are you located? If you are in eastern MA I have a 9' 9wt rod you can borrow indefinitely. Medium/fast action rod which is a good place to start.
  7. Stripernut,

       I normally don't chase shad but the ocean has mostly been unfishable due to wind recently.  Are the shad in at Turners Falls now?

    I do fish the Millers and the CT River just above the dam but I've never fished below.



    1. Stripernut1


      They might be, but not in numbers yet. A good point of concentration is the Rock Dam by Rawson Island. Keep in mind the water is still high.  I fished the River Wed. night and got 1 walleye and 2 rainbows. Good luck and let me know how you do, I am heading over to the Q for some shore fishing this afternoon...

  8. Anyone know if the Winthrop docks are in and open for a public launch?
  9. I've caught several on my fly rod while striper fishing. Usually up high on the water column. They will come up 5 or 6 feet to hit a fly. However if you want to target them you will need a full sinking line. The rig I use for black seabasss has caught them. Full sinking line, clouser and a tiny bit of gulp for scent on the hook. If you are on a boat you want a fly rod with some backbone. The one's I've caught from the boat (only a couple) were in 15 - 25' of water.
  10. Brian, Today I believe they are all made off shore in Asia. In the past they did make some here. I have one of their USA made fly blanks. Back then (4+ years ago) their fly rod series had a "+" after the model if they were made here. For example mine is a RX7+ blank.
  11. I've had this happen before as well. However in my case it was fly fishing and it was the 30# to 20# blood knot on the leader. Often when I was fishing a 2 fly rig with two fish attached. Thankfully they never cut off the fly line. I would try a longer leader and get the fish away from the knot. The rest of the blues tend to stay right with the hooked fish. For me it was several years ago when blues were more numerous on the Cape (cod). Has not been (unfortunately) a problem recently.
  12. Small with peacock herl! I use a #16 soft hackles with herl body. Zugbugs too. Usually swung. Brookie can't resist
  13. I made my own version of the boot dryer above. Parts from Amazon and Homedepot. Wish I made it years ago. Great for multiday fishing trips (if I travel by car).
  14. Korker studded felt work great in the slippery rivers I wade in. Much better than studded rubber. I don't wade on slippery seaweed rocks in the ocean so I can't comment on that. However I have MANY hours wading in rivers and there is not substitute for felt yet. Adding studs makes both felt and rubber better.
  15. I have two generation of the smaller (not guide) sling pack from Orvis. I like them alot. Would never go back to a vest or waist pack. I've never used other brands so I can't comment on which sling is better. I use one for "big game" which for me is saltwater and fresh water salmon. The other is for trout/bass etc. I keep them fully stocked so I can just grab and go. Leader material, flies, pliers etc