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  1. LL Bean 8wt rod will be fine. Any reel will do so don't spend a ton on that now. Just make sure you take it home and give a good fresh water rinse. I would go with an intermediate line. You don't need a reel with any significant drag so don't let someone at the store or here talk you into that.
  2. I would look at the Redington Predator as well. I've heard good things about the Recon. I have cast the BVK in an 8wt and did not like the weird grip and the rods was just OK. Having said that I have never cast any of other rods since I make my own. No matter which one you end up with I would get a 7wt not an 8wt. The difference between an 8 and 9 is not huge especially between two different companies. You might end up with basically the same rod line class.
  3. For that price (around $350) I would try to find a used Sage Bass Series II rod. Most likely you want the "smallmouth" not the largemouth version. The Sage rod is 7" shorter than the Loomis which I really like when fishing from a canoe, float tube and any water vessel where you sit close to the water. Makes landing fish much easier. I normally either cast side arm or water load (behind me) and shoot the line so rod length matters less when casting. I've only use the Sage rod once. Was with a guide and it was a game changer for me. That blank is on my list to purchase this spring. You can pick up the blank for $275. Throw on top of the line guides, reel seat and grips and you have a new rod for $350 if you want to try and make your own. I currently use a Bass Pro Stage 1 Heat rod from my boat. It is a 10wt which I use in saltwater. Love that rod too. They make them down to 8wt, maybe a 7wt. One piece or 4. $100! It is the only fly rod I own that I did not make. Finally, don't be afraid to overline any of these rods. Less false casting and easier to shoot line when fishing the type of flies you use for bass.
  4. You can stream off their web site too.
  5. The only real issue comes into play if you use a boat to get to a fishing spot. In the early spring I wear waders until the water warms up and have a second set of soles for my boot when on on my boat. Korkers wading boots with removable soles.
  6. Mike/Redgreen/Esa, What are you guys terminating the end of the skagit line with. Let's say you are using a 500gr line. Are you adding 50 - 100gr of sink tip material looped on? After the sink tip a normal 3 - 9' straight mono/floro leader?
  7. Mike, Unfortunately Johnny passed away last December and currently Angler's Roost is not selling anything right now according to their website. I hope his wife finds someone to buy the business. I have a half dozen of his blanks (IM6 and UHM) and really like them for spey type casts. I have not tried my UHM 12' 7/8 for overhead casting but I will as part of my testing process over the next month. The Maddragon showed up a few minutes ago. Good lord it is a beast! Much more like a surf rod then fly rod. We shall see but my initial impression makes me wonder: When does the rod stop being a fly rod and simply become a surf rod throwing a really heavy fly line? In my mind there is a difference. Much like the difference between throwing a 7wt and a 14wt.
  8. RedGreen, You are obviously not a rod builder! :-) I have so many rods now that I keep building them and then give them away as I upgrade old ones. However to your good point, I plan on cutting of the stripper and reel seat and taping on fly stuff for testing.
  9. I have a few different skagit/switch lines in the 425 - 500gr range. I also need to put loops on some T material which I expect to add another 100gr or so.
  10. I have no idea what line I will settle on for the Daiwa. The rod is supposed to come today. The next step is to strip it down and put fly components on it. It is snowing here right now so I don't expect to get out and give it a go for a week or two.
  11. I will offer my parting words on this thread. I will have a DC 9wt, maddragon 2.75 plus an assortment of other TH rods including a Meiser rod (lighter weight then the rods in this discussion but a valuable data point) available for anyone who wants to play around with one before buying. You are welcome to come by and give them a try at a local field. Just PM me. Once April comes, I am down by the Cape a lot and we could meet there. I live about 30 miles west of Boston. I'm pretty sure if fly fishing means throwing 800- 1000gr lines I am picking up my surf rod and throwing plugs.
  12. Esa, What are you using for a running line. How do you deal with the loop connections constantly going back and forth through the guides? To date all of my lines are integrated because of the loop connections when using just heads.
  13. Yes, went with 2.75. I also have a 11' 9wt Deer Creek which I just finished. I will begin experimenting as soon as the weather is a little warmer. The DC was not built for this type of fishing. The plan is to use it for tradition spey type casts on the Salmon River NY.
  14. Just ordered a Maddragon from Amazon. Should be here in a couple of days. Will strip it this weekend and turn it into a fly rod. Should be a fun project for very little money. I have a family member who lives on Nantucket that is looking for a beach fly rod to I suspect I will give it to him. Now I need to find a line.