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  1. w/o strong chemicals: olive oil and credit card and elbow grease easy peasy: acetone, lighter fluid, wd-40, gasoline its made of HDPE, the same material they use to make gasoline containers and other chemical containers... you won't hurt it with fluid.
  2. Some Brillo at contact points or vinegar or ketchup the mild ascetic acid should take away the corrosion
  3. But the real question you need to ask is, is the outback #1 in their entire market worldwide? Remember, most countries are not into the big and wide as we are
  4. That looks like a v1 mirage drive check the clicking system where the drive goes in, check the scupper holes check around the molding around seat plugs and third pic, what’s the 4 holes near grab handle? my guess is that’s an older model revo 13 check serial number
  5. that theres an great example of the KISS rule... sadly, I always fail on that rule.... hahaha
  6. ok, gonna go OCD here... 1) some shavings from your kayak, or plastic of similar color, 2) a piece of microfiber towel (just for bumpy texture if your surface is the bumpy texture) with wood or some form of rigid backing 3) countersink bit 4) candle 5) 6" metal spackle blade 6) application blade 7) gloves 8) masking tape, some good ones that'll adhere well counter sink the holes flash the plastic surface with quick heat put plastic over spackle blade over candle to melt, not burn, if it bubbles, it is too hot... slow melt scoop plastic and fill in holes, feather out over edges and try to make sure it "mushrooms" out underneath (inside hull) place texture material over melted plastic press if you can reach the underside, press down the mushroom from underneath else, masking tape the texture plate onto hole and reach in and spread out. apply goop underside did this on my trident ultra and the holes are not noticeable unless you're looking for it. easy and lightweight is get some plastic screws from McMaster and goop the threads and screw it in. but goop turns yellowish, so don't wipe the squeezeouts, just let it set and get a fine razor blade and trim it out. hahaha
  7. I recall reading that rather than singular color, a high contrast combo with motion is more visible hence yea I like my flag neon yellow and neon orange flipping in the wind
  8. hmm... wondering how many years the outback was out before overhaul...
  9. Payment received thanks
  10. Sold to howied will pm you as soon as my road trip to PA gets finalized. (within 2 weeks) thanks Al
  11. You suck... hahaha
  12. gopro's have decent voice command on their product line but don't know how effective it is while you're on the kayak... wind and such... wish they come out with a min 3 hr battery life...
  13. payment received thanks will pm you shipping info. closing thread
  14. payment received. will text you shipping and tracking. please pm me your address to be sure. Al
  15. Done ill pm you my paypal