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    I'm Al, and I have a problem... I'm addicted to tools and machines... I like to "over-engineer" things and too quick to drill holes... I dive before I check the depth of water...
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    Photography & Woodworking
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    Entrepreneur, Fashion Design, Product Design & Development, Retail & Manufacturing...
    Jack of all trades, master of none.

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  1. Fresh, foreplay gets no loving these days...
  2. Um, you opened up a NIB and it was corroded? Or did you buy used one? if new, definitely a warranty claim but if you bought used... hmmm
  3. And floating also helps i have standard horizon HX300 and like it
  4. haven't tried it, I have one in my basement and one in my garage... can you post link to video?
  5. It’s kinda cute but dumb in that it’ll get lost They give you two of these orange bow ties that laps across the seam those recessed areas are in all corners dont see me using them together much
  6. another thing about those air horns, if the diaphragm gets wet, it farts rather than making a loud tweet.
  7. LOL! you definitely don't want a battery flail in your kayak. i usually rig at shore, i stuff seat and PFD in the yak after i get it up on the hullavator but i try to keep it light up there.
  8. when in JBay on my 2014 Revo (the old seat) i can feel when the mirage drive is dragging something... usually some plastic bag and weed that gets caught, i just pull up my drive, remove debris and go back to pedaling. can't compare to other systems as i've never owned a different system.
  9. wouldn't high velocity blowers make too much noise to interrupt the rabbi? no way of putting ducts above the ceiling? the temple (?) it's so nicely trimmed!
  10. nice review, bought one, liked it, bought another one. versatile for sure... Lowes had it for $99
  11. demo a Hobie Revo or an Outback. you can find some 2018 deals in your price range or better. i would have gone for the outback but the size of it made it cumbersome for me to car top even with a hullavator. love the 2018 revo 13 i recently purchased. love the seat too! i've been on waters for 6-8hrs straight without any discomfort.
  12. damn nice chips! love how it don't have any denominations on it. was hoping for a set that is same as mine to replace the missing chips... kids... lol, the case looked same. great price! GLWS
  13. I have yet to graduate into poppers etc... soon enough though...
  14. Clay chips? got image of chip?
  15. Casting SP for blues gives arms quite the workout but watching them hit the lure and even an occasional jump here and there is a hoot!