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    I'm Al, and I have a problem... I'm addicted to tools and machines... I like to "over-engineer" things and too quick to drill holes... I dive before I check the depth of water...
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    Photography & Woodworking
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    Entrepreneur, Fashion Design, Product Design & Development, Retail & Manufacturing...
    Jack of all trades, master of none.

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  1. if you have access to attic, maybe add some blocking between the joists from the attic
  2. Heck when I travel, I keep my mind open… boar and rabbit! Love the way Italians do it
  3. Weirdest stuff… horse… from a mountain village in Northern Italy
  4. Brute tubs, water, mild detergent, roll up the pants and get stomping… I kid… hand agitate, soak, rinse, drip dry in shade, never dry in machine imo…
  5. hardly used revo 11 i have listed here. we can talk price if you're interested
  6. the kokatat lightweight gore-tex suit i have has incredible breathability. helps with keeping you dry.
  7. lol... wrong country there... that's korea... and last i recall, we burp like MF'ers!
  8. Munich is a great place and fun place... especially near Oktoberfest... be wary of hotel rates and taxi fees there. i recall ISPO tradeshow occurs right before Oktoberfest and that's a big show!
  9. Phil, pm me this place… my FJ needs some TLC
  10. thank you very much for the reply. freshwater fishing seems a bit more daunting... and watching all the youtube vids don't help much in that the amount of technique specific gear etc... was overwhelming. anyways, been taking my son out to the local ponds for a month... waking him up at 7 am every weekend was challenging. i saw his excitement start to fade as we had no success and was even considering resorting to hot dog chunks on tiny hooks. but honestly, i felt a bit uneasy about feeding fish something that is not natural to them... though i'm sure they're fed enough by everyone else who fishes there. this has been a test of patience and perseverance for him... but i am happy to report that he finally caught a wee small bass and i think he's hooked. thanks to the SOL community, haven't participated much in the FW section but been reading a ton. thanks to @buddha162 for all your advice bro! cheers! Al
  11. Wow! Always wanted a walking foot
  12. Sorry folks gonna have to hold off on sale thanks for your interests…
  13. Do most ponds in Northern NJ have crayfish?
  14. love the colors!
  15. A laptop would be lighter