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    I'm Al, and I have a problem... I'm addicted to tools and machines... I like to "over-engineer" things and too quick to drill holes... I dive before I check the depth of water...
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    Photography & Woodworking
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    Entrepreneur, Fashion Design, Product Design & Development, Retail & Manufacturing...
    Jack of all trades, master of none.

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  1. Nice spread there!
  2. Tttttoooooo mmmuccch cooofffeeeee? thanks for the tips!
  3. damn... this corona thing is going to kill me with too much carbs and too much proteins!
  4. i did flip them... trying to understand what boiling does to the bagel. did not use barley malt. hmm... brb... amazon... damned gougers... this can't be that expensive!
  5. @Kings over Queens and other bagel gurus... second try at bagels... getting better at it but still not getting that crispy crust second batch was ok but soft... didn’t mind but needed more chew (maybe not enough gluten developed- more kneading) used bread flour and boiled 1 mins... whats the trick? also, my latest batch came out like a guy who fell asleep on the beach... tan on top, white on bottom didn’t do egg wash this time... no shine... thanks in advance
  6. thats a beautiful kayak... it's a New Zealand hull, meaning it has a bit more aggressive rocker that handles chops like a champ. and the NZ seat and lightweight lid is a great upgrades that you cant get any more since they've closed their NZ production site. sorry to see this go... GLWS Jack!
  7. If you do, then what will you have to write and color with?
  8. come on... it's the internet fellow comrade! it has to be derailed! hahaha
  9. damned politicians... all of them, regardless of color or party... in regard to dude in video, this must have been good for his book sales though...
  10. he needs a new controversy to take point in the press... so he can blame the previous admins again... it's never his fault... how can it ever be his fault? he does not take responsibilities at all...
  11. juvenile behavior has been ever so present among both sides especially in a political disagreement... but i guess mr.butthurtwhinybrat needs to be babied more...
  12. hmm... testing something interesting... typing all of the names below in lower case on my pc keyboard... clinton obama regan carter bush the other bush Trump woa, still there... wonder why only t rump gets capitalized? washington adams jefferson madison monroe jackson van buren harrison tyler polk taylor fillmore pierce buchanan lincoln johnson grant hayes garfield arthur cleveland harrison mckinley roosevelt taft wilson harding coolidge hoover truman eisenhower kennedy johnson nixon ford *did not repeat a couple of them due to same spelling*
  13. So for all those who are stating that mass testing is not required et al... what are your thoughts on the daily testing my the current administration staff and the President, VP and such...
  14. They do... check em out. i usually get whole slab and the fixins and assemble at home
  15. i DIY'd epoxy in basement... it's all in the prep work... didn't try garage as i was worried about getting grease out... for basement, i rented a surface grinding thing...