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    I'm Al, and I have a problem... I'm addicted to tools and machines... I like to "over-engineer" things and too quick to drill holes... I dive before I check the depth of water...
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    Photography & Woodworking
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    Entrepreneur, Fashion Design, Product Design & Development, Retail & Manufacturing...
    Jack of all trades, master of none.

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  1. Hey, I don’t think it’s sellable been trying to recharge it and it just won’t come on. sorry bud
  2. i have one, let me get info and get back to you after the holidays if it works for you.
  3. My biggest complaint is that Free Parking used to be good for laughs… now it’s just a lot of volume and no quality… and too many repeat memes…
  4. And yet as you read the posts of the active participants of the PG, can’t you just see the veins popping out as they’re so eager to… both sides imo…
  5. … and mules … and something about a kraken now everyone is pointing fingers at each other and they’re either woke or karens…
  6. Where are you? if you’re near GWB in NJ side, we can meet thinking about $180? If meet and greet?
  7. Usage about 10 times fresh water only price… let me check what I got in it
  8. Purchased this summer scorpion DC 6.2 need to check my emails later to confirm
  9. JDM Scorpion DC any interest? what gear ratio are you looking for?
  10. is that HK?
  11. That’s some funny ****…
  12. I’m good for now… but I’m seriously admiring your OCD
  13. thanks for the pic! i'll print one and put it on my garage in case my wife comes and complain about my stuff...
  14. wanted to get the measurement exact so the bar is bowed and under tension… now it kinda bounces… and no, I don’t normally carry a bass pro shop in my FJ and the rod tubes keeps the tips from crossing over each other… I’ll try with slimmer pvc tubes to help keep rods in place better as I don’t have any rods with bulbous butts hahaha
  15. pop off the cover and you have a M6 screw that holds the hook in place. you can remove the hook all together or add a slim d-ring under it.