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  1. Parting together a new rod and im having trouble finding eva foam handles longer than 18in. Anyone have a link to any ? Thanks
  2. I love um, I enjoy them more than the ultracast
  3. 1974 abu 6000c with smoothie drag washers, foran reel ct conversion on a 2010 frame,and the drive shaft bearing mod.
  4. Finished cleaning and putting back together. It feels like the kind of reel you leave in the car . It feels meh,but works. Cool concept ,it probably wouldn't be too bad with bearings on the driveshaft and spool.
  5. I swooped up some abu garcia seven side plates thinking they'd fit a older 7000 . Turns out they fit but are slightly different. The hole for the button to disengage the spool was a little larger. So i googled and found out the abu seven is a different reel ,it's alot like the 7000i under the side plates. Read it was marketed to new Zealand. Anyways ,I happened to get one in a trade locally and thought I'd share some pics since there doesn't seem to be any on google... excuse the gross grease and dirt ,I'm working on that. Things I've noticed so far in taking it apart. It uses a old 7000 main gear and dog paw. No bearings ,it uses bushing behind the end caps,and a black nylon bushing on the drive shaft like the old 7000. It uses the old 7000 drive shaft and drag washers Instead of a button it has a switch to engage/disengage free spool . It's very 7000ish and old 7700 Cog gear is metal ,and has a Swedish clicker setup ,and old star drag It has the standard old screws ,no phillips I'll post more later as I finish swapping plates and cleaning
  6. Nevermind I figured it out
  7. Recently got a mint Abu 6000c and figured I'd hop it up a bit before taking it out. I ordered a current soft grip Abu garcia handle for it and handle nut kit. When I went to install I noticed there's not enough drive treads to tread the handle ,retainer,and nut. I've seen photos of this combo of parts working. Only washer between the handle and the star is that thin flat spring washer :/ ? ...... Also it's still has the stock nylon drive shaft bushing ,the bearing kit and ct frame won't be here till Monday.
  8. Man ,that's a tough one .. if you're throwing alot I'd stay away from the brass side plates. The brass are x2 heavier. I'd just look for a later model ,good used standard c3 and toss a ct conversion on it . The one is fat enough that it doesn't flex much and isn't a dumbbell shape, Or buy one of his reels. I waited around forever to find a 2nd narrow spool reel and still paid more than I expected. Now the ones I'm seeing are very used up and going for the same prices as jerrys reels . Better off buying one of the reels if your looking for a 7000hsnCt
  9. Here's a few pics of my abu garcia 7000 high speed narrows with CT conversions and black 7000c brass plates... these reels fish so good
  10. I'm just going to order part 62a (one-way ball bearing).. It seems fitting considering its for a gold bg7000 hsn .. Hopefully it works,if not oh well only out a few bucks for a bearing.
  11. Thanks man .. Hopefully you hear something. I asked a couple catfish guys on a forum and one guy said he'll post a pic of the bearing set up on his omoto later. I've never seen a one way bearing configured like a rotary bearing before ,it's got me curious how they have iar.... Sitting here trying to imagine my 7000 garcia with iar is blowing my mind lol..
  12. I wasn't talking about the new abu 7000i models .... Here's the omoto [img= And here's a older abu garcia 7000c] If I read right the omoto uses a dog and one way bearing,right ? I thought the omoto was a copy of the og abu 7000 c3
  13. I was looking at an exploded view of the omoto 7000 series and was wondering if the one way bearing (iar) would fit in a older abu garcia 7000 ? Anybody try this ?
  14. How did you use a standard screw driver bolt ? I thought the wheel was held on by a small clip.... It looks very fast
  15. You could do a "static mag" ,and run no brakes.also the cog bearing and level wind upgrades. Those mods would keep cosmetic look stock .Once you chop the frame I'd assume the resale would drop..