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  1. I notice everyone doing well in the rivers...I’m getting skunk in the open beach in all my usually spots! (-_-)
  2. You sure? Lol
  3. That’s crazy I didn’t think we have those around here. The only time I seen it was on river monster.
  4. Just caught this pogie an hr ago but what the hell is the thing attach to it? A lamprey?
  5. It is what it is.
  6. Right? Bout to go rob a store on this st at this time. Lol
  7. Are we allow to catch herring for bait now? Remember catching them as a kid to used for bait until the ban. Been a hell of a long time.
  8. I just crush my barb on bucktails. Easier to remove but I did lost a monster 2 years ago, not because the barb was crush but because I didn’t set the hook hard enough to pierce thru the lip.
  9. Went to 4 different spot from Lynn to Winthrop with 4hrs of dedication but came up a nothing. My buddy caught one schoolies out of the 4 of us but then again it is very windy today and no birds action.The skunk is getting to me.
  10. Gotta wear a colorful man thong a safety vest Incase you get tip over.
  11. Probably by end of this week or mid next week, we should all be catching something.
  12. lol that sucks.
  13. Well said. I hate the ditch cause I alway struggle there lol
  14. True. Can’t lie though it felt good to go out and get the line wet after a long winter.