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  1. I’m not sure, I think my buddy say it was called the cannon ball or bowling pin. But it made by Robert Davies from cape cod.
  2. Just curious to see what everyone got. Here is the two lures I purchase at the show in Pembroke.
  3. Feeling butt hurt for?
  4. 10ft rod, 30lb braided if fishing beaches/rivers. 50lb braid if fishing the canal. I’d think you have to do at lease 10 post or comment to DM. So once that happen just DM me and I will help you out. I don’t post much on here, just a long time lurker to see reports and read people boring post to keep me busy until it go time.
  5. I was there on Saturday and all I got was 2 lures and a fishing license.... ain’t much going on there and pretty disappointed. In my honest opinion I felt Tomo in Salem have more Lures and better reels than what that whole place has to offer. My buddy even heard one of the sale person at the ODM booth whispering to the other sales guy to don’t even bother with us cause we ain’t going to buy. lol I’ll stick with my century rod then.
  6. So this happen to me last Thursday. The fishing is good on the beach and and getting plenty of hits but then I will manage to get a pogie caught on my line. (I live line it with a smerk on my face thinking a monster will show up any moment) and all of sudden the bite completely die, even when I switch back to the bait I was using still no bite. Yesterday I told my friend whom I was fishing with about the pogie problem and what do you know I manage to get another pogie on my line and bam! The bite die again! Why is that?
  7. If you find a white plastic boga grip (I think that what it is call) a glow in the dark one at Salisbury jetties since yesterday can you please let me know or at least put it to good use. Thanks! I let my brother carry my bag and that **** disappear.
  8. But one thing about plainridge is that the slots do pay out.
  9. where you buy this one?
  10. where you buy this one?
  11. We usually fish with 4-7 people and we want to be able to travel faster to fishing spot or to further location but with our 23ft unreliable boat, were only able to fish around the area.
  12. sounds good! If you know where the fish are at that's all that matters. Lol
  13. yeah I figure..we are currently looking in FL cause it just too expensive around here.
  14. I somewhat did on Saturday. Won 40k lol
  15. is it possible to show me the link to look at it? My brothers and friend want a brand spanking new boat but I'm not looking to spend 50-70g for one.