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  1. (Hopefully this isn't considered a spot burning request...ha ha) I have a 2003 Hyundai with 100,000+ miles on it and have had trouble finding a mechanic that does a good job and/or that does not try and upsell...that is also convenient to work or home. I went back to using a dealership even though the cost was 25% more but last week they did not do a great job, problem still exists even though they claim it was fixed, and tried to upsell. Can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Davis or Porter Square area or in Charlestown? Thanks
  2. Schoolies continue to make a strong showing and provide solid action. Lots of small bait around too.
  3. I'm not going to spot burn but I hit a north shore river today because a personal obligation brought me up from the Harbor and I found a bunch of schoolies and saw two trigger fish in the rocks. They were definitely trigger fish, I got several really good looks, and tried a number of tiny jigs for the triggers that were picked up twice but spit before I could set the hook. Anyone seeing trigger fish and have thoughts on hooking them when you didn't bring bait. Schoolies were small, same size as I have been seeing all year.
  4. Thanks. Like everything, many choices. Safety is the main reason, as a backup to the mounted radio.
  5. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced handheld VHF? I'm looking for one for safety reasons and probably won't even turn it on unless needed. I never venture out more than a mile or so from shore.
  6. Lots of schoolies around. They must be the result of a good 2015 or so year class. Anyone notice all the brown algae on the surface, in multiple areas of harbor? In some cases the wind and current "matted" it up but in others it was spread out?
  7. Unfortunately, I don't have any storage options because we use our parking spot and live in the city (no shed or outdoor property). The parking stop is just enough for a car...I thought of leaning a boat on its side somehow but ilthe car wouldn't fit.
  8. Hi All, A couple of weekends a year (1-3), I go to a region and would love to be able to bring along a Jon boat and trolling motor. I would purchase my own but have no place to store it and self storage rates for a 10' long unit would be more expensive than the boat. Does anyone know of a place in Mass where I could rent one and put it on my car for the weekend? Or, are there other storage options I am missing? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the replies. my trip was postponed till November 5th. How are the post hurricane conditions? Any guide recommendations east or west from Orlando for saltwater?
  10. I'm heading to Orlando on business and would much prefer to fish the salt - snook, redfish, tarpon - as opposed to large mouth. Would it be better to drive east or west? To Titusville...any guide recommendations? To Tampa/St Pete...any guide recommendations.
  11. Sounds like fish are still around in Kennebunk/Saco? Will be trying this evening. I have not been to the area during the fall run in a really long time.
  12. Heading to Kennebunk area Saturday-Sunday. This could be the latest I have ever been. Maybe was there in 2006 a few days later in October and had success but the memory is a little blurry. Sounds like I should be packing the gear and waders! And rain gear
  13. I am referring to numbers. I thought it was like "...for hire board can keep two at 27 inches and everyone else can keep one"