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  1. Picked up today, Please close
  2. Yea i'll do that pm on the way
  3. all new in box. The box reads Quantum PTs Saltwater. Boca BSP40PTsE. Im pretty firm on the price. I have a big florida trip coming up and i need the funds, so no trades right now thanks
  4. All plugs shipped today! Please close, thanks guys
  5. Got the reel replaced this year by quantum. Retails for 129.99 Asking 90 shipped.
  6. Scratch that
  7. @MorningWood. Are you still interested? Other plugs are sold
  8. Id do 75 for both. I won these in an auction for Matt Ferrell a few years ago and paid 180 for them. They are literally the only two he made.
  9. PM's inbound
  10. Came like that.
  11. Darters are 7"
  12. Resin darter 1 is black, the second is a herring wrap Linesider69 1 is block island green and the second is grey with dark grey head. Pictures posted tonight
  13. All carried never fished. Jointed needles are the only two made. $40 each. Shipping included
  14. Please close.