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  1. Since I fish both moving and still water, let see if I can explain it. Let's shrink the estuary down to a creek. To me drifting and swinging are just parts of a single cast. You're dealing with current. I'm fishing a creek, using a nymph or streamer. They may or may not be weighted. You cast upstream, your fly will do two things, it will start sinking and move with the current. What does it represent, an insect dislodged from the bottom and injured bait fish. Helpless, easy prey. Depending on the current's speed, the fly will be directly in front of you at some point. At this point you can pick up the line and cast the fly back upstream. That's drifting a fly. I'm lazy. I've got 30 or 40 feet of line out. Pick it up recast or just let it continue to drift downstream or down current. I let it continue to drift. I can cover more water. For a bit, the fly will continue to bounce off the bottom but as your line straightens out, it's going to come to life again. It will lift off the bottom and start swimming across the current toward the shore. Running for shelter. Once you're line straightens out. Instead of picking up the line up, you strip it back in. So don't complicate things. Keep it simple. One cast. Three parts, the drift, the swing and the retrieve. You'll cover more water and increase your chances of catching something. Hope that helped.
  2. I had my fill of cottonmouths when I was in college in NW Tennessee. Most times they took off though I did have to wack one over the head with my rod, I love Ugly Sticks, when it insisted on trying to grab the Jitterbug my dad was fishing and followed it to the bank. I never had one drop into the boat I was fishing in, but one did drop from a tree into the boat a couple of friends were fishing in on Reelfoot Lake. Since it hadn't dropped into my boat it was a hilarious watching them jump around the boat trying to get it out. They swore it was a cottonmouth. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. A visual lesson, if you fish with a bobber and worms, don't reel the sunfish you've caught in real slow.
  3. Very seldom. I might make a cast or two before I get on the water.
  4. Neither have I. Cross out the lines that lump you in with the most of the crew in this forum. Didn't mean to insult you.
  5. When will any vaccine be available, let alone a safe one? And you're waiting for there to be multiple options available so you can ask your doctor which one to take? What year are we talking about? Your hero in the White House says "soon" Warp speed ahead. Do you believe him? I don't. Based on the "fake news" I watch most of the time, not till late winter/early spring 2021. I certainly plan to talk to my doctor once they're out in the market place. Figure he'll have a better idea about which one might be more effective for me. That's assuming more than one will get the green light. Dueling vaccines, eh. We need a banjo tune for that. Just keep repeating "soon"
  6. Normally, I'd vote in person but didn't in the primary, because of the plague. I won't be voting in person in November because I'm having knee replacement surgery in September and don't expect to have clearance to drive by then. I doubt I'll feel like walking to my polling place or standing in line, if it's open. They moved it to another location during the primary. I requested a ballot on line, yesterday. If it flows like it did during the primary, I'll have an e-mail trail that alerts me of each step in getting the ballot, and where it is after I mail my vote in.
  7. I have a bunch of different brands. Prismacolor and Sharpies, which aren't alcohol based, are my favorite since I'm able to blend/fade colors into each other easier than the alcohol based markers. I have three different brands of the alcohol based markers, Copic, Artist's Loft and Art Marker. One thing I like about the alcohol based markers is that they come in fluorescent colors and bright colors. The only color I've had issues with interacting with super glue is yellow and mainly with the alcohol based markers. It bleeds a nice bright red.
  8. Depends on what I'm fishing for. I don't own a great variety of rod weights. I have a couple of 5 wgts rods that I use for trout and pan fish. Three 8 wgts, for some reason, I'm using them a bit more these days, mainly for bass, pike and salt water. The rods I use the most are my 6 wgts. I've used them for trout, pan fish, bass, pike and light salt water.
  9. So it's your way or the highway. TDS that's his supporters problem, not mine.
  10. "Buddha did not consider “any power so hard to conquer as the power of Mara.” He enumerates the armies under Mara’s command as sensual desire, discontent, hunger and thirst, craving, lethargy, fear, doubt, restlessness, longing for gain, praise, honor and fame, and extolling oneself while disparaging others." Perhaps Satan has orange hair.
  11. A couple of more patterns. First is intended as a pike fly, but if I can find the right colored skirts should make a decent squid fly using a different hook. The second batch is a pattern I learned on a IFF Zoom tying class. Called the Foam Dragon Bluegill Slayer. These are tied on size 4 Partridge Sea Streamer hooks and are intended for largemouth and smallmouth bass. They still need a bit of work.
  12. Proof. Give me the facts to back up your statement.
  13. Poppers, sliders, Sneaky Pete's, large Chernobyl ants, Crease flies. Depends how fast your intermediate line sinks. I've used Crease flies, sliders and Sneaky Pete's off my intermediate line. I usually fish a longer leader. Keeps the floating flies on top a bit longer and their profiles give you decent action sub surface.
  14. I haven't fished the Delaware in awhile. One thing I will say is be careful wading. You'll probably end up getting snagged more often with the clousers. Now is a good time for top water though. If you're fishing the PA side you should be able to access the river at Washington Crossing State Park. I used to fish below and off the wing dam at New Hope. Used to be an old factory there and easy access to the river. The factory is long gone, and condos replaced it. I doubt there is any access these days. Drive up Rt 32/River Rd on the PA side, you might find pull-offs that allow you to access the river. On the Jersey side RT 29 parallels the river. There are pull-offs that allow you to reach the river. Also you should be able to access the New Hope/Lambertville Wing dam from the Jersey side. There's another wing dam at Lumberville on the PA side. I think access on the Jersey side is at Bull's Island Recreation area. Another area, though I've never fished it is around Scudder's Falls. You should be able to access if from either side of the river. You also have a shot at stripers, muskie and walleye.