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  1. It appears the surge is among the unvaccinated in those states. So what's your point?
  2. Much ado about nothing. If I remember correctly there was a republican president when the country shut down. Do I wear a mask? I do if that's what's required for me to go into a store, casino, concert, football game, church, whatever. I don't wear one if I'm in a car, like I've seen some folks doing, or if I'm walking in the open air. Do I find it inconvenient, a little bit, but it's more habit than anything else now. It's also a courtesy. There are enough people out there who feel it's their right/choice not to get vaccinated. Where have I heard "My body, my choice" before. Who knows I might get a breakthrough case. I'd be glad to share it with you by not wearing a mask, then you can spread it to anyone in your circle who's not vaccinated. Did I fire five or did I fire six. I can do anything I want, go out to dinner, movie, concert. Travel, what restrictions. I was up in Canada, first week in September for a week of fishing. I'm headed up to Vermont this weekend. I'm tired of whiners like you who are interfering with what I like to do without having to wear a mask, prove that I'm vaccinated or show a negative Covid test. To the question. How long is this breach of your freedoms going to last or get back to normal as you see it. I don't know. If new cases continue at the current rate, not soon. Maybe next spring, next summer. It doesn't depend on me. I've done my part to get us back to normal. It depends on you whose rights/freedoms are being violated. Will mask mandates go away? Eventually. Will wearing masks go away. I don't think so. Folks might realize it's a good idea if you have the flu, or upper respiratory infection to wear a mask so you don't spread it. So I think you'll continue to see some people continue to wear masks even if Covid goes away, which I don't think it's going to. Be prepared to line up for your annual Covid, along with the flu shot. Of course, you don't have to. Your right, your choice.
  3. Yep, fresh water drum
  4. Switching over to fresh water. Not sure how rare it is to catch one of these. The majority of folks chase their larger cousins, chain pickerel, pike and muskie. I caught this one fly fishing a lake in central Vermont on a PT nymph. A Grass Pickerel. Since it's the only one I've ever seen and caught. I'll put it in the rare fish category. It's medium size, about 6-7 inches long. They seldom grow over 12 inches.
  5. Down da shore, Nicky? I haven't done it in a while but I did a lot of fishing in the back bays behind Brigantine. In the fall, the bait fish are moving out of the back bays into the inlets. The top and bottom of the outgoing tide would be a good time. The mouths of tidal creeks, or out flows from the flats are a good starting points. Most of the bait fish will follow the contour of the sod banks. Points are good ambush points, and if you have a depth finder look for drop offs. Watch for bird activity. Flies, silverside and bay anchovy imitations. Think surf candies. Peanut bunker imitations. Not sure how the mullet runs have been the last few years but mullet imitations. Poppers, gurglers in case you run into a feeding frenzy. And DEET to hold off the no-seeums and greenheads.
  6. That's a nicely tied fly. Just a thought, considering the size of the hatch, it's just going to be one of thousands of flies on the water. Even though a lot of the larger fish will be feeding on the white flies, a lot will be feeding on the smaller fish also feeding on the flies. Might not be a bad idea to have some bait fish or streamer patterns with you to fish just under the surface.
  7. I mostly fly fish for them but my fishing buddies use minnow style lures, mainly floating Rapalas. Black or blue over silver, 4 to 6 inches long. Same color combination for poppers. They've also had decent luck with large Mepps style in-line spinners. 26 inches is the largest one they've caught. The biggest I've gotten with a fly rod is 21 inches. Like oldgoat said, the edges of weed beds or lily pads. Also check out submerged stumps or fallen timber. If there are any beaver lodges on your lake, check them out also.
  8. I had a lot of Gudebrod Dacron from I when was doing a lot of offshore trolling and had a couple of Penn Internationals to fill. I used the 20# for my 5 and 6 wgt reels and the 50# as the backing on my 8 wgt reels. I also have what's left of a large spool of 30# Orvis Dacron, the fly shop I frequented gave me. My one concern about braid which I do use for my spinning reels, I have two spools, one with fluorocarbon and one with braid for each of them, and a light fresh water trolling reel is that everything I've read about braid recommends not putting braid directly on the reel but have some sort of backing so as not to risk damage to the spool from the . I have fluorocarbon under the braid on my spinning reels spools and the 30# Orvis Dacron on the light trolling reel. Based on that I would not use braid as backing on my fly reels.
  9. I tried it once. I walked into the fly shop I frequented and a customer who had just gotten back from Japan had a Tenkara rod he had brought back for the owner. It had cost him 300 yen, roughly $300 US at the time. Tenkara was just getting a foothold in the US at the time. The rod looked familiar to me but I didn't have the money to buy a genuine one. He showed us how to rig it and how it could be used. I thought I give it a try. When I got home I started looking through a Cabela's catalog, and found the page that had collapsible graphite crappie rods. They looked like the Tenkara rod, so I ordered an 11 foot one. When I got it I took it out to the shop and compared it to the Tenkara rod. It was made by the same company as the Tenkara rod. The only difference seemed to be the price. The problem I ran into is that most of the creeks I fish have a low hanging canopy of trees or are extremely bushy and I found it difficult to use it because of the length. I went down to a college reunion and took it with me. The house we were partying at was on a small river that drained into the Mississippi and had a dock. I managed to catch a couple of crappie and bream with it. At some point I must have knocked the plug off the butt end of the rod, and when I straightened it up to pull it out to its full length, all the pieces that I wasn't holding fell out into the water. Thus ended my experiment with Tenkara. Speaking of long cane poles, when I was in college my roommate and I would go out to Reelfoot Lake to try and catch dinner with our spinning rods. We would come in with a dozen or so fish on our stringer and the locals who used the cane poles would be sitting outside the bait shop with coolers full of slab crappie. Very frustrating.
  10. Something like this might work. This one's about 2 inches long. The profile would be close to a snapper blue. I would just change the back color to a blue or a bit of black over a lighter blue and make the eyes yellow. It would be easy to tie in the 4 or 5 inch range
  11. I wouldn't use a 5 wgt for salt water. I have an arthritic casting shoulder and a 6 wgt works well for me in salt water. Casting an 8 wgt all the time would shorten my fishing day. I've haven't run into anything huge with it. Some 20 inch bluefish and a couple of stripers in the mid-20 inch range. One thing I do use is 25# fluorocarbon tippet. I can apply more pressure to the fish when fighting it, and get it in quicker. I tie my own flies, so I can tailor them for weight and length. I do have some streamers in the 7 inch range that I can cast with it. As far as adding a fighting butt, you can buy a kit in any number of catalogs. As already mentioned you pop the butt cap off and replace it with the cap that comes with the kit. I've added screw-in butts to my 6 wgts and to the one 8 wgt I brought rather than building it myself.
  12. On my local creek, I normally start tossing top waters with my fly rod around the middle of May. The creek's in a valley and the action dies when the sun starts hitting he creek, usually around 10 a.m. I'm too old to be stumbling around in the dark, plus I live in Philly, no way I'm fishing after dark. When we hit some of the lakes in the Poconos. We do catch bass during the day on top waters, but the best fishing is two hours before sunset. Haven't done much fishing up there after dark. Same is true when I head up to Ontario. During the day we'll catch them on top around cover, but the best time is in the evening, calm or water with a slight riffle seems to be the best time, too much chop and top waters don't produce. Mostly I fly fish but when I switch over to spinning gear, I use the old lures, jitterbugs, torpedoes, spooks and plain old poppers.
  13. I've been using a Danvise for the past 27 years. The price was right around $100. I've tied flies from size 32 to 4/0 with it. When I first brought it the jaws were set at an angle which made it difficult to tie large flies or streamers. When I was in Stockton, CA on a business trip, I stopped at a local fly shop and the guy showed me how to configure it so I could tie the larger flies.
  14. Interesting. I've got the wax paper, dry wall mud knife. The tear mender glue, I can pick up easy enough. I use zip ties on the bunches I make up. Next time I make up a batch I'll have to give it a try.
  15. Generally, I use Steve Farrar's flash blending method to add flash or create different colors. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to create a good blend. I put a layer of material on a flat surface, then a layer of flash, repeat the process till the pack of material and the pack of flash are used up. Roll the layered together, then repeat the layering process, until you're satisfied the flash is evenly distributed or you've gotten the color you want. I use a 1 pack of material to 1 pack of flash. The one thing I like about the blending process is that the blend is self-tapering which you can see in HillTop's pictures, I don't have to spend time trimming the fly to shape. Usually when I blend for color, I'm looking to make a specific color. If I want to add different colors to the body, I'll mix different colors of Angel Hair into the clear or white material. A couple of pictures.