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  1. Usually marabou over some type of flash. Mainly use them in fresh water for pan fish and bass.
  2. I really could care less what's happening in New Hampshire, Little. So you're saying that Democrats did a good thing. You're showing a bit of progression.
  3. You sure fit the title, Little. Get tired of chasing bats around in your White Mountain cave?
  4. Any future meddling in US elections by any foreign entity.
  5. Typical ankle biter. Pulling up a video that didn't occur on 9/11/2001. Not sure what the point was. I was at work that day. Someone had a radio on when the announcement was made. I was able to get onto a news site, which one I don't remember. Eventually about an hour into it, an announcement was made and the base closed down and they sent us home. I spent the rest of the day watching the events unfold on TV.
  6. The ankle biters are having fun. It's a known fact that no ewe or ram is safe when a trump supporter is standing behind one.
  7. If you take that picture in the context of the time, Little, it makes sense. Ford continued to do business with Nazi Germany until the US entered the war in 1941. He was favorably mentioned in "Mein Kampf". He was also awarded the "Grand Cross of the Supreme Cross of the German Eagle" in 1937. He was a well known anti-Semitic. Hitler admired him and considered him an inspiration. So it's easy to associate Ford with Hitler. It's debatable if Ford was pro-Nazi. He didn't support the US entry into WW II, but also wasn't happy with Nazi Germany's militarism. He did get behind the US war effort in 1942 and built a plant near Detroit that produced 9,000 B-24s by the end of the war.
  8. I don't use live bait that often, but when I do I use slip bobbers. Like BrianZ I use the smallest one I can to suspend the bait. With worms, the less worm on the hook the better, especially with bluegills or any other sunfish.
  9. Don't give up on it. It will come back. It may take a while but it will be back.
  10. No, I haven't. When I watched the show, I did some research on line, just to see how it actually tied into historical reality. Which was a bit different from what I had learned in high school. Did the same thing for "The Lost Battalion" There's an interesting article on titled "Texas Rising, Historian's view." I'd always heard the "Yellow Rose of Texas" was about a mulatto woman who served as a spy for Sam Houston in Santa Anna's camp. Like the "line in the sand" there's nothing in history to substantiate it. Good luck with your search.
  11. It was on the History Channel in 1915. The term "drawing a line in the sand" comes from the unsubstantiated story that Travis drew a line in the sand prior to the battle and asked whoever was willing to die for Texas cross the line. Supposedly all but one of the defenders crossed the line.
  12. I watched when it was on the History Channel a couple of years ago. I thought it was well done and historically accurate. Definitely enjoyed it.
  13. I've been using CCG Hydro for my Hoo Flies. Unfortunately, they're out of business, when I run out I'll probably switch to a UV flex resin. I just put a light coat over the body the length of the hook shank. Keeps the body shape of the fly. I use a slightly thicker UV resin to keep the eyes in place. I picked up the idea for this one from the Global FlyFisher web site. The piece of foam keeps it in the surface film and creates a wake when retrieved. Designed for largemouth .
  14. ICE is a government entity. They enforce the policies of the party in power. Some may not agree with the policies they are told to enforce, but they do it because it's their job. They're not the "enemy of the people" and neither is the press.
  15. Let's see your data, Little or are you just making the "facts" up like you usually do.