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  1. Sure that works. We can figure out a place and time to meet up.
  2. I have a used hullavator (the older version so if you Google Hullavator 898) if you are interested. I can post pictures if needed. Fully functional just sun-bleached. Missing the tie down straps- can't seem to find them. $300 cash preferred. Willing to meet up half way within reason- located in northern/central NJ.
  3. Bump
  4. Yes.. sold to PLKM.
  5. Sure we can do that. Thanks SOL.
  6. I have a new in box Yakima Big Catch here on the site for sale. Designed specifically for heavier boats and I have one already mounted on Thule bars so I know they fit. I also have listed a Yakima Showboat if you are loading the kayak from the back of your car. Both are sitting in my garage and hate to see them just collect dust. Located in northern/central NJ but willing to drive to meet up.
  7. Reduced price- $140 cash or PayPal. Picked up or drive half way... again, can't see shipping due to weight and dimensions of the bars. Hate to see it just sit in my garage.
  8. Reduced price- $150 cash or PayPal. Pick up or if we can work on driving half way (or split shipping cost). I hate to see it collect dust in my garage.
  9. Selling a used Yakima ShowBoat 66. Will come with all pieces to mount on most crossbar designs (factory or otherwise).. no box. Please check with Yakima's website to make sure there is enough distance from the rear crossbar to the rear of your car (do not make the same mistake I did- I bought the ShowBoat used off of CL and did not measure before.. it is the only reason why I am selling it). Price is $170 cash or PayPal and pick-up in Northern NJ (or willing to drive halfway if reasonable). Not willing to ship because the bars are made of steel so extremely heavy.
  10. Just like the title says- I am selling my extra Yakima Big Catch. An awesome roof rack system for big kayaks with a weight capacity of 150 lbs (I car top a Topwater PDL 120 and this works great because of its unusual hull design). The rack is new, never used or mounted (still in box). Price is $180 cash or PayPal and meet up only. Located in Northern NJ but I am willing to drive and meet half way if reasonable.
  11. The showboat will attach to most cross bars- they have a hard-rubber clamp that fits most cross bar shapes. The only problem I ran into with the showboat was the distance from the back cross bar to the back of the car. I have a Honda CR-V with a bare roof so I had to purchase Thule footpacks and cross bars for my roof. When I attached everything to my car, the rear Thule crossbar was positioned roughly over my rear seats so when I attached the showboat and extended the rolling bars, the showboat did not extend beyond the lift gate on the CR-V. From the picture you posted, it does not seem you will have that problem. I thought the Showboat was a great design, but unfortunately it did not work with my car and crossbar setup. BTW- I cartop a Topwater 120 PDL and use the Big Catch kayak saddles and they are perfect. Very easy to move around and great design for the unique hull design of the PDL. PM me if you have any more questions.. I had a ton when I started researching for the kayak and roof systems so I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did.
  12. Thanks for all the responses. I did not consider the Tsunami Shield but I guess I should throw that into the mix as well. Now I have some information to look at while working from home.. the more distractions the better.
  13. I admit I am not the best with breaking down reels but rinse thoroughly after each trip. I am trying to decide between the Penn spinfisher 2500, Daiwa BG or the new Quantum Reliance 30. Plan to use it in the back for fluke from a kayak. I selected these three for their various levels of seals and hopefully low maintenance. Anyone favor one over the other? I currently use a Penn Battle II 2500 but looking for more of a kayak and splash friendly reel.
  14. Tried sea robins for the first time last year and they are pretty tasty. When you fillet them, you realize how much of the fish is the head.. and as everyone else said, great strips for fluke bait as well.
  15. Blowfish Yellow perch Ling.. aka red hake (fresh, never frozen)