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  1. Just want to clarify that I’m interested in the bottom lot from this pic, not the first pic. (So green over purple, red/black and the white silver). Thanks
  2. I’ll take bottom lot for asking if I can substitute the white silver tip for the parrot
  3. Respectfully offer $80 for a white/pink and a yellow
  4. I’ll take them
  5. I’m going to pass, but thanks for the offer.
  6. Respectfully offer $65 for the calamari
  7. I’m in! Thanks!
  8. Seconds
  9. Thanks for posting but I’m not looking to spend $42-45 for one of these.
  10. I’ll pass. Appreciate you posting but more than I’m looking to spend
  11. Would you sell both for $80?
  12. looking for Beachmaster torpedos. Thanks!
  13. I’ll take them