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  1. I live in the Providence RI area need a fluking rod rewrapped, I have all new eyes. I know all the bigs guys but would prefer a local person who can get it done quick. Nothing fancy on the wraps one color black or dark green metal flake. The rod is in great shape but the eyes have seen their better days finish shot. Thanks Ken
  2. Sebile sold to Bud Light pending payment
  3. All SS Needles sold to M12 pending payment
  4. I'm a computer idiot forgot how to just post pics I sent Attachments. Their all yours send me PM
  5. [ATTACHMENT=8877][ATTACHMENT=8878][ATTACHMENT=8879][ATTACHMENT=8880]Super 004.jpg (268k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT][/ATTACHMENT]Lot 1) Will not break-up SS Needles, one 1 3/4oz Grn/Silver, one 1 3/4 All Black, one 1 3/4 Chart/Grn/Silver $ 12.00 ea plus $2.00 shipping ($38.00 Total). Lot 2) Will not break-up one 1 3/4oz Lime/Neon Grn, one 1 3/4oz Blue/Mack, one 1 1/2oz Blk/Silver $12.00 ea plus $2.00 shipping ($38.00 Total) One, Sebile Stick Shaad, Floating, 182 mm, Grn Shad ?, $25.00 Shipped. One,Throwing Timber 3 1/2oz Pencil, $20.00 Shipped. Check or Money Order
  6. There made here in RI last I knew, if you can't find any let me know. They do work great for the money. Check your PM
  7. I'll take it thanks check your PM
  8. If it's 2-3 oz I'll take it for $32 shipped. Thanks Ken
  9. Yes thats it, mine are put away so I couldn't post a pic. What weight ? is it for sale Thanks Ken
  10. I'm looking for this style lure only in 1 1/2, 2, 3 ozs it is very narrow in the front, wide in the rear. I think it his minnow style plug in reverse. Thanks
  11. It's come time for me to buy a couple top line reels, which one is best. VSB/VS, Tourque, Zee, sizes are around a150/200/250. The 150 sz bailed or bailess is my concern. I use alot of of low drag lures which tends to put the line back on the reel very loose which causes wind knot potential, I don't want to check the reel on every other cast to prevent a problem if possible. The bigger size reel will be bailess. I read that the VS sometimes has a poor line laying problem under normal use. I really like the Zee line but worry if they will be around in five years. Thanks
  12. I've had the same problems with Cabo's ,Boca's, Okuma V Systems sent them back for repairs come back and soon start all over again. So now I just take the bail trip rod out and solves the problem, it just means you have to close the bail manually which I do 99% of the time anyway. It turns out it's the weight of the handle and centrifical force on the cast that pushes the bail trip rod to close the bail. When you talk to the reps at the shows they all say the same thing, you have to position the handle knob facing foward on each cast to avoid this problem. I tell them I wasn't aware that I bought a reel with a precast check list, this is the price we pay for a nice big knob to grab on too.
  13. I took a break from the Canal to fish the Bay first time since the Spring. I found schools of Menhaden everywhere for 2-3 hours, the problem was no fish working them over. I think I saw two fish smash into a school over this time. Went out two times fished for 5-6 hours not a bump dusk into nighttime. I know the water temp is still 71 degrees a little warm, like to see it in the mid 60s. Has anyone else found a lack of fish Stripers/Blues in the Bay. There is still a ton of bait all the way into Pawtucket, I'm hoping things get better with cool nites here, if not back to the Canal or wait for SoCo to heat up.
  14. I don't know how big the bait is, bigger the better, but this used to work for me when their picky. Put a 1 or 1/0 treble with a few #1 split shots for casting the rig. Cast into the bait and snag a few, once you do have 1 or more on just let it sink below the bait it works great sometimes. I used a F/W 6ft rod for the fun, only draw back is if their Blues.
  15. Jim ran my own shop years ago and tried to get my own and quickly found out the shinner schools of my youth were gone thats normal native shinners. Golden shinners were even harder to find in my youth we used small bread dough balls on a tiny hooks to get them, if you could find them. Shinners are always tough to get from Bait Shops this time of year, most come from Ark. the growing conditions are impossible down there due to water temp and in this years drought conditions. You probably will not start seeing good bait till late fall maybe, more likely the winter and this all depends on the drought conditions. If you try seinning on your own you may want to check with DEM if its legal I forget. Good luck