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  1. Seaboard Marine in Keyport may have an available slip. They are reasonably priced, well protected from storms and there is fuel access 500 yards down the creek. I don't keep my boat there, but they are the only shop I trust to work on my boat. Ask for Steve, the owner. Tell him David with the Stamas referred you.
  2. VID_20190313_164206924.mp4
  3. I'm selling my Evinrude 4hp. It's an older motor (1975) but runs great. It's a 2 cylinder so it runs smoother than a single. It's also very light. Hopefully, the video of it running will work. It should be the link at the bottom. David
  4. Thanks for the comments on Fishbites. I was using them because I wanted to get out of the house and didn't have any bait. Glad to hear that they don't really work for bass this time of the year. I figured that I just suck at fishing... Having said that, I'll keep trying and eventually a kamikaze bass will find my hook. Besides, there's nothing better than having your feet in the sand enjoying a nice cigar.
  5. I just got back from fishing from the sand in raritan bay. I tried fishbite blood worm on one rod and fresh clams on the other. Got skunked. I did see a few bass caught near me on worms. a couple may have been just keeper size, but mostly small.
  6. Has anyone had any success with Fishbites bloodworms? I have these as well as some frozen peanuts from the fall. I don't usually fish worms. do you leave them on the bottom or is it better to attach a small float to get them up in the water column? Thanks.
  7. I couldn't resist, so I fished Raritan Bay for an hour this afternoon. Couldn't find clams so just used fishbites bloodworm flavor. With the cold water temps, I figured it wouldn't make a difference. At least I got to enjoy a nice cigar...
  8. Got out for the first time today. Fished Monmouth county. Too many bunker. The kept getting tangled in the line. It felt good to wet a line though.
  9. Seaboard Marine in keyport if it's an Evinrude or Johnson.
  10. thanks Scooby. You just saved me $70. I'm going to pass on the Socorro. I will still consider the Tsunami Shield, but may have to also look at the BG as well as the Battle II.
  11. Is the Socorro knob metal or plastic? I was looking at a tsunami shield, but I've always been a shimano fan... I have 7 Spheros reels from the 3000 - 14000 size.
  12. I haven't tried Craig's list yet. I haven't found the time to take an inventory of what I have. One of these days... After I get the boat in the water and after the fishing bslows down.
  13. This was my father's collection up until he died in 1999. You are right, Jim beam whiskey is terrible. I'm just trying to find a good home for some of these cars. Unfortunately, the value had gone way down since we started collecting.
  14. Are you collecting for drinking or to display? I have a collection of Jim Beam decanters of old cars. Need to make some room as I probably have about 50 cars. They are from the '70's and 80's. Attached is a picture from when they were on display 20 years ago. Most are in original boxes with the seals unbroken.
  15. I fished a beach in Raritan Bay from 7:30-9:00 tonight. No luck. It feel good to wet a line though.