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  1. There one day gone the next. Worth a shot though if you run into a few they’ve been decent sized up to 10lbs
  2. Sold and shipped to gatorbait. Closing thread
  3. pm coming
  4. can't do $75, $85 shipped and you have a deal
  5. price drop $80 local, $90 shipped pay pal
  6. Up for sale is a brand new Daiwa BG 4500. This reel has never been used and was taken out of the box once to test it on my 9'6 airwave. I am only selling because I went with the 4000 instead. Reel was purchased in April 2019. Price is $90 cash local pickup (21401) or $100 shipped, pay pal. I am also open to trading for a new BG 3000 or good condition saltist 3000.
  7. Man I would love to jump on this. Don’t have a way to transport at the moment. Can’t believe it’s still available.
  8. Daiwa aird coastal inshore rods- $50 can't beat it
  9. definitely 4000 at least. I'd recommend the 5000 as they are sized slightly large
  10. In line circle hooks are also required in the Chesapeake bay when using bait
  11. I bought both the 4000 and 4500 for my 9'6" tsunami airwave elite, 3/4-3 lure. The 4000 was a much better fit imo so the 4500 was returned. 4500 is pretty beefy and as far as I know it has the same build as the 5000 with a lower line cap
  12. I've got both too as far as I can tell the body materials are all the same but the 4500 does feel beefier. Maybe heavier internal parts? The 4500 does handle 22 lbs of drag vs 17. Could explain the jump in weight. Still haven't had issues with the 4000 though, knock on wood
  13. Got on some bluefish Friday morning. Blitzing the surface- all taken on white/red gotcha plug. Landed about 12 but kept 9 for the smoker
  14. Seen them in my tackle shop but have never picked any up though they do look good. Interested to hear if anyone has experience with them..