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  1. That's what I was saying about just listening, and not trying to resolve ANY way.


    'Cause...yeah...I know how bad that is to say.  :)


    A dude comes up to you with a problem, he's generally looking for a solution, or at least some words of advice.  A woman generally just wants a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to hear her, at the time of an emotional upheaval, don't mean ****.  And a bad haircut is a time of SEVERE emotional upheaval.


    Right, Niffer????



    I'm not saying it's a bad haircut, but here, have a beaver hat.


    IT IS severe emotional upset!! I should know!!


    DAMN STRAIGHT you need a beaver hat!!


    Bizarrely enough, I told Remi this morning that I was going to shave my head to rid myself of this horrible haircut.

    His response: "Go for it."


    yay...gotta love a supportive husband.... :waiting:

  2. I'm sure its classy too, not on the forehead or cheek right(face cheek of course)?


    You know, as much as I considered how much a face tattoo would really enhance my beauty and job opportunities, I opted for an ankle tattoo.


    ...and it hurt like a sunofabitch.


    I also had to get it touched up twice.


    So I basically got the same tattoo 3 times..I'm done!!


    Also your avatar cracks me up, she's really feelin' it, eh?? :D

  3. 1000


    Staten England Chowda


    A tbs of butter, tbs of flour make roux, add milk maybe 2 cups (or cream) as much as you want maybe a quart if you want, at least one bar of cheddar cheese grated into the roux and milk and about 1/4 lb of american cheese. Fry bacon 4 oz or so, crsip break into bacon bits. Dry a bit. Dump the bacon fat. Set aside. Fry one big onion or two, steamed like, not browned in vegetable oil, add blackfish (or clams or anything else, but blackfish is best because it turns bacon grease into liquid and has a sweetness that goes best with carrots). Add the bacon bits to the onion and fish (add a clove of garlic if you use striped bass). When the onion mix is ready add to the soup. Dice red potatoes or yukon gold potatoes add to the soup. Add a half pound of diced carrots. Add about a half to 3/4 package of peas. You can also add fresh tarragon during the last 15 mis of cooking. Adjust any ingredients to taste. Or add a tsp of vanilla instead of tarragon.


    I just ate half the pot.



    Holy crap that looks awesome!!

    Thank you Sir!! :kiss:

  4. Seriously.

    I'm reading this stuff online about the manosphere and 'the game' , and watching women go ape-**** over it, freakin out about how men are still managing to roon everything.

    And then I'm reading about how men are loving it because so little is being expected of them anymore, so they just lounge and let the wimmin take over.


    When I talk to remi about it, he gets all pissed off because he thinks men are being emasculated, then I go on some women's forums, and they're all mad because men are too controlling.


    I don't get it - so what about it men?


    Is it easy or difficult?


    ~ Niffer

  5. Thank you very, very!  I am going to make this for New Years with frozen strawberries.  In the spring I will try the fresh. 


    You are much welcome!


    Okay, I'm torn, do I make this Bacon, Mushroom, Onion and Artichoke Quiche?



    Tarte au Citron?



    They both look lovely. The ONLY thing I'm not thrilled about is the Lemon tart recipe I want to use is in UK measurements/weights.

    However, it looks sooooo good.




    ~ Niffer

  6. Is a scone like a biscuit?  Looks awesome!!

    It is! It's a British version of a biscuit, (though to a brit, "biscuit" means cookie. ;) )

    Scones can be savory or sweet, these ones I wanted to serve with jam and cream, so I went sweet and flaky.


    You mentioned strawberry pie in another thread.  Care to share the recipe?  Sounds amazing!


    This is my family's favourite Strawberry pie. In my family my dad is the pie maker, I had to "help" him for about 3 years before he'd even let me attempt to make the pie-crust by myself.

    He came from a family of four brothers, and somehow it was him that my grandma corralled to learn how to bake.

    While this may look simple, this uncooked Strawberry pie is just to die for.

    We make it for my Mum's birthday, which falls right in the middle of Strawberry season, so everything is very fresh!


    Niffer's Uncooked Strawberry Pie


    1 quart strawberries

    1 cup sugar

    2 1/2 Tbls. corn starch

    1 baked pie shell (bought or from scratch)

    1 Tbls. butter


    Mash 2 cups berries, with sugar and cornstarch, Cook in small pot over medium heat until thickened, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, stir in butter, then stir in remaining whole berries.


    Fill pie shell with mixture, chill in fridge, and enjoy. Garnish with some whipped cream if you like.



    ~ Niff

  7. I made chili today to take up to the cabin for deer season. Ironically, it has some venison in it.


    I love Venison! Especially in chili or my beef (or venison) and barley soup.

    I hosted a family shindig, had about 9 people over, made a delish butternut-squash soup and beef roast.

    Then went to the parade where I froze my badonkadonk off - but was smart enough to make crockpot hot chocolate. ((Though it was crazy sweet! milk, heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips..oy. Diabetes in a crockpot!))


    But my scones turned out magnificently, no thanks to the recipe.

    So bizzarely, all the pastry/dough recipes I've been looking at have called for the ingredients to be thrown into a food pro.

    I stupidly followed it's advice the first time which resulted in that 'effing stiff pastry for my pasties.

    This time, I cut the lard in my hand, and what a difference it made!


    So these are my sour-cream scones:




    Super easy, and very good. I have no left. :( Ah well....


    Now I need to decide what's next on my list...


    ~ Niffer

  8. Handsome crimp :)




    Thank you! That I had to youtube how to do. ;)




    Finished result.

    First thoughts, the pastry was fluffy and crumbled well, the meat/veg were cooked well - but it was very much "worker's food". I really felt like it was missing something to really put it over the edge.

    It's good, filling, but basic.

    I have 3 pasties left that I'm going to freeze for another meal.


    Tomorrow I'm trying sour cream scones with clotted cream and my homemade strawberry jam.

    I don't have much experience with scone dough, I know it's crumbly, and that's bound to freak me out.

    To me, dough should be smooth and flexible - so its a bit of a learning curve.

    It's the Santa Clause parade tomorrow, so I'm having a bunch of people over after for hot cocoa, and hopefully warm scones. :D


    ~ Niffer

  9. 1000


    Here they are about to go into the oven. The pastry was a bitch to roll out, reeeaaalllly stiff, but held it's shape well.

    It filled with steak, potatoes, carrots, onions, herbs and some olive oil.

    Now we'll see how they bake up!


    Now the part I hate most - cleaning up the frikin' kitchen.. :mad:


    ~ Niffer

  10. did she say pasties?


    PAST-ies...not "Paste-ies" ....there's a difference...namely that what I'm making has nothing to do with boobs.


    *ly, put on a record. Most skirt steak tastes like vinyl ..  But clean the schmutz out of it first ..


    Yeah thanks Brian, I'll keep that in mind. :kook:










    :kiss: It's a good thing I find craziness attractive..



    ~ Niffer

  11. Wherein I post about food.

    Questions, or comments or anything.

    Only because I have gotten some awesome foodie advice here, and the 'recipes' part of this forum is dead. :p


    So I'm trying Traditional Cornish Pasties for dinner tonight.

    I found out the hard way that you can't get "skirt steak" around here and had to substitute.

    It looks really good - I have the steak and veg chilling along with the dough.


    Anyone made 'em before?


    ~ Niffer

  12. Ah, the old penny on the stylus trick. Effective, but not as permanent as the spackle.


    Awesome, I had not heard about that trick, (the penny, not the spackle)


    Yep. Weight.


    Clean 'em up with some Ivory dish washing liquid, too - if they schmutz-y...sometimes the skip is a scratch...sometimes the skip is just **** in the groove. :th:


    They are pretty old, so it wouldn't surprise me if its just schmutz. When you say clean with waching liquid, you're talking, like in the sink with water and a soft cloth right?



    We are wise beyond our age, and being wise we traded in our LP's for 8 tracks, You're a young chick, what are you doing playing with old guys toys? And speaking of old guys, this old guy is a year older today.


    Vinyls have the greatest sound (unless it's skipping ;) ) I just love the grittiness of the sound, not to mention that I was raised on much of the music that originally appeared on LP's.

    Yeah, I could download the track, but where's the fun in that?

    I spent a year looking for "Kenny Rogers and the First Editions" on LP, (and no, not on amazon, but actual digging through antique stores and garage sales) It was like winning the lottery when I finally found it.

    The hunt is half the fun.


    ~ Niffer