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  1. Growing weed will soon be the next great business venture. Some places, it already is (legally).


    Can't do that here legally (yet!) But I've started taking orders for Salvia, if and when it becomes legal I'll probably try my hand at that too.


    As for beers, nope, but I have brewed some nice Dandelion wine - it's too strong for my tastes, but others like it, so...


    ~ Niffer

  2. *snort* LOL!

    Really? There are whole threads dedicated to boobs and nursing freaked you out?

    THAT I totally don't get.


    I had no problem whipping it out when I was breast feeding. The baby's head covered everything anyway, nothing was showing that a v-neck shirt wouldn't be showing anyway.


    Also, nursing milk is generally pretty mild and sweet, that woman with the crappy tasting milk was probably eating something funky beforehand.


    ~ Niffer

  3. We use Netflix through our PS3, but because Netflix Canada kinda stinks for tv shows (great for movies though!) we spend an additional 5$ a month on which allows us to change our dns number to an American or UK address.

    So the internet will think we're in the US (or UK, or Canada) so we can stream from anywhere.


    It's very worth it, but only if you have unlimited bandwidth, because it will suck that mofo up! And you'll end up paying for overages.


    Right now I'm in the middle of

    Deadliest Catch

    American Horror Story


    New Girl



    So yeah, it's worth it. :)


    ~ Niffer

  4. Long Live the "NIffer' :wave:


    If I ever become Queen, that's what people will yell while I ride past them on my unicorn....



    understanding what goes on in the Tavern will only confuse you.


    Good gawd, yes!


    If Niffer would post some up to date detailed pics of herself we may be able to avoid such confusion in the future :th:


    Meh, I haven't changed that much. Same face - different expressions. :D


    never liked her


    never liked you.


    She's adorable... just a little bit of a thing... and very cute...


    Too Jewish looking?


    "a little bit of a thing" I like that.


    I like Jewish looking.


    I'm actually a bit Jewish, both my grandpa's were - but if you were to ask, most people would say it passes on through the mother, not the father so...


    It's her attitude!!


    You schmuck.


    ~ Niffer

  5. At some point all marriages can turn to crap - that doesn't mean that there isn't hope that it will get better again.

    I think it's worth it to TRY and fix it before trashing it - I think at some point you can say: "Well, I have literally tried everything to make it work, and it won't..."



    Of course, I find a good spanking always helps keep it even keel. :D


    ~ Niffer

  6. WHOoooooooooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOo..



    I am now a ghost, haunting this site - because I have nothing better to do....












    But no, I am actually alive and yes, still safely in Canada; I had to fight off a polarbear to get my mail today, but that's really more every-day stuff. :p


    I'm touched by all the outpouring of concern for my death, clearly I'll appoint Bass to read my eulogy....


    ~ The still breathing, Niffer



    ALSO, can we just talk about how I look nothing like that chick? I'm glad none of you would have to identify me..


    *sniffs* "Yes sir, that's her alright..I mean, her hair is different, and her eyes, nose and chin..but that is DEFINITELY close to what her profile picture looked like....." *I now picture you breaking down into sobs, it's quite touching actually...*

  7. So I went to go see the new Hobbit movie with the fella, and saw in 3D UltraAVX...


    It was somethin' else. I had heard that you either loved it, or hated it.

    I still don't know if I liked it; I suppose I did as I'll probably watch it that way next year for the final installment .


    The picture was almost too clear - it reminded me of the old soap-operas, where I saw too much and it seemed cheaper somehow..





    ~ Niffs

  8. funny side im sore from the gym...sitting in my chair the other night, sore chest and arms....



    I say, "damn that gym kicked my ass"...


    6 year old is sitting on the couch..


    she .throws down the book she is reading and gets up with a killer look on her face...


    "GYM WHO?!" she says....


    I laughed for a solid 10 minutes...


    That's hilarious! :D



    She's was getting ready to kick 'jim's' ass I bet. :D