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  1. Remi and I went on a Classic Scary movie binge last October, and we re-watched all the old 80's-90's horror movies that scared us ****less as kids.

    The first half of "Insidious" scared me, and "Paranormal Activity" had me worried I was going to dragged down the hall by a demon for a couple of nights.

    But I think the movie that I'd call the most disturbing was probably "Pet Cemetery" an oldie, but a goodie.


    ~ Niff

  2. At 8 months, clearly preggo, I had a patron say really loudly: "WOW! You've put on weight!" .....yeah, no ****. :/


    (I'm a Librarian)


    Oh, I had a woman complain that there was "too much sex" in The Tudors, and she was upset her 7 year old boy saw it.

    I told her that it was clearly rated mature, and he just shouldn't watch it.

    She then asked if I could erase "just that episode" from the DVD....


    I had a stoner come to the reference desk and ask if he could buy my co-workers urine, to "pass a test" my friend, with a total stonewall face said: "That's a service we don't provide here." HA!


    I had a man complain that the DVD he borrowed: "Cheerleader Squad" (or some such "bring it on" type movie nonsense) was "A horrible movie". I told him that he should have been able to tell that just from the title, and I'm not responsible for his bad tastes.


    I've even had people come in and ask if we "have books" ....dear lord....


    So yeah, I hear dumb crap alllll the time.


    The best was this old man who wanted to know how to purchase something was a long blond wig, he told me - "I just like having it on to, you know, play with and run my fingers through." O.O





    ~ Niffer


    Love it! :D


    I've had to give my LO a swat on the butt a couple of times - mostly because she put herself in dangerous situations after I had told her "no" (eg. running away from me in a parking lot / climbing on a chair near a stove etc)

    Normally I do time outs on the step.


    That seems to work.

    Spanking is for the BIG punishments, because I want to do it so rarely, that when it does happens, she remembers.


    ~ Niffer

  4. Hi Jen :wave:


    Hello darling! :wave:



    Do you mean croak, or do you have different frogs up there?


    So say the weather doesn't cooperate, what happens to all that sap?


    Lol, yes, I mean croak. I guess we call it "sing"...


    The tree doesn't produce sap until those temperatures, or at least the type of sap we're looking for.

    If we don't get the season, the tree just fails for produce that year.


    It's actually really interesting and fun, you should come over Billybob, we'll have boiling sap coffee with a dollop of rum, sit around the wood burning evaporator in the sugar shack and play crib. :D


    ~ Niff

  5. Why would you miss a sugaring season?


    Wouldn't it just start later because of the cold weather?


    The temperature for the trees to run is above freezing during the day (no higher than +10) and below freezing at night (no colder than -10)

    If we get a quick thaw, our season which normally lasts 3-6 weeks, could be 7 days. :(

    That's not a lot of time.


    We've had it happen before.


    Interesting tidbit, as soon as you hear the frogs sing, the season is over. It's officially too warm.


    ~ Niff

  6. even if she likes him, at this point, its been years, she must think he is a best, no?


    The best way to get a married woman to cheat on her husband with you is to start an emotional affair.

    So technically years, is probably in his favour.

    Become friends, then wait until she starts coming to you for emotional support and fulfillment, then make your move.


    That's how 99% of affairs start.


    Works the other way around too.


    ~ Niffer

  7. I think we do very very well in hockey, given that our best athletes don't play the sport.




    Really? I think so many of your american hockey players are amazing!

    The Canada/US game was an NHL game. Every single player was a professional.


    Some will complain about that - I think it's fair.

    The best players for that country should play on the olympic team, because they're the best!


    Your goalie is arguably the best goalie in the NHL right now, serious talent. :)


    ~ Niff

  8. I don't know if I missed some valuable piece of information in the past 6 pages...because I didn't look.


    So I can try and answer the OP:


    If she's married, bugger off.

    And I say this in a caring, loving way.


    Let's say she IS in an unhappy marriage and is attracted to you as well, SHE will make the first move, if she's interested.

    Otherwise, forget about her in a romantic way.

    Admitting you feel an attraction will most likely end with you being upset and potentially embarrassed if she says: "Wow, I do not feel the same way about you at all!" and then every time you see her, you'll regret what you said.

    And what happens if she says "Yes"?


    You're now a homewrecker, and are dealing with ex-spouse potential cheating drama.


    You don't need that.


    If she wants you, she'll tell ya.


    If she doesn't tell you, she's not looking for a boyfriend.


    Sorry luv. :(


    ~ Niff

  9. I don't think I've really been approached.

    I get asked for cash if I'm walking around downtown.


    I offer to buy food generally.

    When I was working retail there was always a few panhandlers hanging around the store.

    So I'd offer to buy them lunch and sit and chat a bit before going on my way.


    You hear a lot of interesting stories that way....


    ~ Niff

  10. Niffer you are needed in the mutual attraction from afar thread... please report ASAP


    I haven't even come across that yet...huh


    If you weren't so damn cute, I wouldn't talk to you any more. Damn your hockey team. Damn them to hell!!!


    :D As a Canadian I'm not allowed to rub it in, so I'll just offer you a sturdy handshake, and a "good game eh?" :p


    i get that alot


    LOL! I bet!