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  1. 1 min ago, aneary said:

    Interesting, we used to put celery in water to restore it never did it with asparagus, why don’t you cut it up and blanch it in boiling water, then put in fridge. 


    If you store asparagus upright that way they'll stay fresh for a week or more without getting slimy!

    That's a really good suggestion about blanching. I think I'll do that!

    Just now, Brother Brian said:


    I would steam them. 

    Yup, I think you're right - easier to just cook them first then add them to the broth.. thank you! 

  2. 4 hours ago, flylikabird said:

    If a guy can operate sufficiently in the kitchen, he'll score more ash in the bedroom simply because women can no longer cook.

    Women are no longer taught by their mother's how to cook for men.   It's been this way since the mid to late 80's.   

    Actually to be more succinct to the OP's thread title......we have to cook or else we'd starve to death.  :bigeyes:

    There are women out there who can cook. 

    Just don't expect a feminist to be able to, that's like asking if they'll work for equal wage. 

  3. I could actually use some cooking advice and Google is failing me.

    I have a ton of fresh asparagus that was supposed to be used at Thanksgiving (it was not) so to use it up I'm making a big pot of fresh asparagus soup.

    Here's me question:

    I've currently got my spears chilling upright in an inch of water very happily.

    The recipe calls for the spears to be cut into one inch lengths - is there ANY way I can prep this now (cut them up) and put them back in the fridge without them getting woody??

    (I have three little ones running around, you either prep food during naptime or you don't get fed)


  4. Its not unmasculine to know how to cook, it doesn't make you an idiot if you're not especially talented at it either. (If you can boil water, you can feed yourself)


    I can't change the oil in my car, I'm not strong enough to rotate the tires and I don't think it makes me an idiot to rely on a man for that.

    That being said, if I knew how to do car stuff, I don't think it would make me any less feminine. 

  5. 4 mins ago, Tom T said:

    She loved the *******!!

    Are you now an east coast commie, or are you still a proud oil person who feeds the rest of your country?

    East coast commie. Only lived out west for a year, decided that it sucked and moved back.

    Snow from October to May every year and Edmonton refuses to plow for goodness knows why. S'awful.

    1 min ago, Lagerhead said:

    If you were only real.

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

    .... Thaaaats right, straight from your nightmares and onto your screen, iiiittttsssss *me!*

  6. 12 mins ago, fishing pete said:

    All good here. Got a new girl. we are happy. I got her hooked on fishing. I created a monster.

    Wow 2 more hugh? You have been busy. Where are you now? Youre in Canada right? In the west.

     Congrats on the fishing girl! That's awesome. 

    Yeah, 8, 4 and nine months. It's a busy house. 

    Was out west, but now in Ontario. So much nicer than Alberta (imo)

  7. 2 mins ago, fishing pete said:

    Niffer is lurking!  Whats up chick? Tell us whats new? Hows the baby?

    The baby is now 8 and I've got two other munchkins now. Remi and I are doing well, moved out to the country, living that rural life. :)

    1 min ago, fishing pete said:

    It wasnt even that bad. You really cut your teeth here that day. Then you disappeared.

    I didn't think it was that bad either, just a touch of snark. Buuut I thought I could shoot with **** with her like I did the other guys.  

    Found out I was mistaken. Lol. 

    How you been Pete??

  8. 8 mins ago, MikeMc said:


    Remember the dude that wanted to start a revolution but wanted the weekend off? What a slacker.



    Niffer :love: 



    And there she is!! :kiss: 

    I haven't been described as way cool in many moons. I'm sure my coolness has dropped in the past *squints* ..5 years. 

    9 mins ago, Tom T said:

    Some have the same meal, we don't. But I catch your drift, the big holidays are too close together.


    I believe we have a new quest to CHANGE THANKSGIVING!!


    (sorry to hear about the sick kid)

    See, that makes sense. I assumed you must not do turkey for both. 

    I've always wanted to try one of those deep-fried turkeys or that turducken monstrosity. 

    It's like some foodie watched the human centipede and got this great idea...


    Ah thanks, he's doing better now that we have him on some meds. He's 9 months and you can't freaking give them anything.

    I, a grown ass woman, get a cold and load up to the teeth with pain killers and antihistamines, and this tiny little baby who is even less capable of dealing with things we are just like "well, he'll power through",  very this-is-Sparta.