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  1. Not as cool as a racoon, but I had a freaking squirrel eat through my screen window while I was out, eat my food then leave little pellet-gifts for me all over my floor. I had to chase him around for 20 minutes trying to get the stupid thing back outside. I'm really regretting not having that pellet gun around. ~ Niffer
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Operater You'll fit in just fine....Welcome Well, we'll see about that! I'm a noob, but willing to learn at least. I'd love to find out if there are any other Canadians fishing around Lake Ontario or the Algonquin area. I'm trying to figure out what fish are where, before I even try and catch them! ~ Niffer
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Welcome to The Tavern Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Skiddd Welcome aboard Niff Man.................... Happy to be here Skiddd..guy?..... Quote: Originally Posted by HugeDinghy good choice, the tavern is the premier forum of SOL. welcome. Firstly, your username is hilarious, and thanks - I had a feeling this was a good place to hang out. Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick9915 Hello and welcome. How do you feel about stoopid? Hello - well, I know an Archer avatar when I see one, so you can connect the dots if you like. (sploosh) Quote: Originally Posted by 2mcfisher48 Welcome to the Tavern! Thanks! Nice to meet you. ~ Niff