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  1. Damn right. Hiya! This made me laugh "pinkish brown nipple flesh"!! Yeah, okay I could see it being awkward with her man right there, but it's not like someone is like: "Damn, lookit the size of that nursing mothers boob! Sexy!" So the odds are, the guy didn't think it awkward at all. I dunno, I think my vision is a bit skewed, because as soon as I started nursing boobs were the LEAST sexy thing in the world. I could unabashedly go topless and not give a damn. I didn't, because ya know, I have keep a little of the mystery alive..but I could'a! Exactly. I just think some people have trouble making the mental switch of "Oooh boobies!" to "Oooh, feeding time." ~ Niffer
  2. Are you sure you heard that right and it wasn't: "over the edge" as in, of the deep end? Because that I could see. ~ Niffer
  3. Can't do that here legally (yet!) But I've started taking orders for Salvia, if and when it becomes legal I'll probably try my hand at that too. As for beers, nope, but I have brewed some nice Dandelion wine - it's too strong for my tastes, but others like it, so... ~ Niffer
  4. *snort* LOL! Really? There are whole threads dedicated to boobs and nursing freaked you out? THAT I totally don't get. I had no problem whipping it out when I was breast feeding. The baby's head covered everything anyway, nothing was showing that a v-neck shirt wouldn't be showing anyway. Also, nursing milk is generally pretty mild and sweet, that woman with the crappy tasting milk was probably eating something funky beforehand. ~ Niffer
  5. Peanut butter cups, all the way. Also, this probably should have been a poll, eh? ~ Niffer
  6. I loved M*A*S*H* growing up, and yeah, I loved Alan Alda too.
  7. Oh yeah..I forgot about that.. Well now I'm sad all over again.
  8. We use Netflix through our PS3, but because Netflix Canada kinda stinks for tv shows (great for movies though!) we spend an additional 5$ a month on which allows us to change our dns number to an American or UK address. So the internet will think we're in the US (or UK, or Canada) so we can stream from anywhere. It's very worth it, but only if you have unlimited bandwidth, because it will suck that mofo up! And you'll end up paying for overages. Right now I'm in the middle of Deadliest Catch American Horror Story Fringe New Girl So yeah, it's worth it. ~ Niffer
  9. Hey Pete! How ya doing darlin? Had to check in, make sure the site hadn't burned to the ground yet, you know, the usual. ~ Niffer
  10. If I ever become Queen, that's what people will yell while I ride past them on my unicorn.... Good gawd, yes! Meh, I haven't changed that much. Same face - different expressions. never liked you. "a little bit of a thing" I like that. I'm actually a bit Jewish, both my grandpa's were - but if you were to ask, most people would say it passes on through the mother, not the father so... You schmuck. ~ Niffer
  11. Venison and Beef Barley soup with lots of veg and a crusty bread with butter. Yum! ~ Niffer
  12. I'm a pretty big crooners fan myself. I love Nat King Cole - I don't know if I'd call him the "greatest singer" but I certainly can keep listening to him. Him and Andrea Bocelli. ~ Niffer
  13. At some point all marriages can turn to crap - that doesn't mean that there isn't hope that it will get better again. I think it's worth it to TRY and fix it before trashing it - I think at some point you can say: "Well, I have literally tried everything to make it work, and it won't..." Of course, I find a good spanking always helps keep it even keel. ~ Niffer
  14. WHOoooooooooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOo.. I am now a ghost, haunting this site - because I have nothing better to do.... But no, I am actually alive and yes, still safely in Canada; I had to fight off a polarbear to get my mail today, but that's really more every-day stuff. I'm touched by all the outpouring of concern for my death, clearly I'll appoint Bass to read my eulogy.... ~ The still breathing, Niffer ALSO, can we just talk about how I look nothing like that chick? I'm glad none of you would have to identify me.. *sniffs* "Yes sir, that's her alright..I mean, her hair is different, and her eyes, nose and chin..but that is DEFINITELY close to what her profile picture looked like....." *I now picture you breaking down into sobs, it's quite touching actually...*
  15. Broke the radius bone in my right arm. There was a mishap in a barn...and I may or may not have fallen out of the hay-loft window...heh. 6 weeks in a cast, 4 of which came above the elbow. Annoying as hell! ~ Niffer
  16. I'm currently debating the wisdom of watching "American Horror Story" alone.... - this may be a longer night then first thought... ~ Niffer
  17. So I went to go see the new Hobbit movie with the fella, and saw in 3D UltraAVX... It was somethin' else. I had heard that you either loved it, or hated it. I still don't know if I liked it; I suppose I did as I'll probably watch it that way next year for the final installment . The picture was almost too clear - it reminded me of the old soap-operas, where I saw too much and it seemed cheaper somehow.. S'odd. ~ Niffs
  18. Wherein I post about food. Questions, or comments or anything. Only because I have gotten some awesome foodie advice here, and the 'recipes' part of this forum is dead. So I'm trying Traditional Cornish Pasties for dinner tonight. I found out the hard way that you can't get "skirt steak" around here and had to substitute. It looks really good - I have the steak and veg chilling along with the dough. Anyone made 'em before? ~ Niffer
  19. There, there. There, there. Christmas, it sneaks up on all of us.
  20. Watched it live at the pub. Almost made me spit my beer it did.
  21. So this article has been popping up in my newsfeed lately:******_jezebel_facebook&utm_source=jezebel_facebook&utm_medium=****** And while I agree that not all of these photo's were even sent to people (they were just kept on harddrives) how come everyone's reaction is: "Gasp! Your naked photo is on a website!" How much the reaction isn't: "Gasp! Why did you take naked photo's and send them via text message to your boyfriend of only 3 weeks?!" No one should be made to be humiliated like that - and the fact that this guy is refusing to take down these photo's is completely scummy... BUT isn't that the risk you run if you wanna send pics of your junk around the interwebs? I mean, if you don't want people to see your junk, don't take/keep naked photos online... I dunno, it's like walking around naked in a glass house and being upset when people see you. *shrug* ~ Niffer