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  1. I don't think I've really been approached. I get asked for cash if I'm walking around downtown. I offer to buy food generally. When I was working retail there was always a few panhandlers hanging around the store. So I'd offer to buy them lunch and sit and chat a bit before going on my way. You hear a lot of interesting stories that way.... ~ Niff
  2. I haven't even come across that yet...huh As a Canadian I'm not allowed to rub it in, so I'll just offer you a sturdy handshake, and a "good game eh?" LOL! I bet!
  3. *sigh* Ya'll be judging by my canadian-ness again. My friend doesn't lock her car (and rarely her house) I asked her once if she was worried about her expensive car seat being stolen, she said: "If someone is going to go through all the trouble of unlatching and unhooking the car seat, they must really need it - so they can have it..." o.O Although I know one day I'm going to come home and all our crap'll be gone. I'm horrible for remember to lock stuff, and have left my keys literally hanging from the lock more than a few times. So far, so good though! Canadians wear sexy panties, under their longjohns of course. Speaking OF maple syrup, I'm starting to get really pissed - our weather has been too cold for syruping season so far. It was supposed to start last week but is still too damn cold! We tap about 700 trees, and if we go without a season, there'll be a serious syrup shortage, and our government will shut down. ~ Niff
  4. According to you, if you think it is then yes!! WHOO!
  5. It's okay. It happens to all of us.
  6. In a sense....
  7. Lol, yeah even I felt bad about that one!! I heard a suggestion that we leave him in Russia....I'm okay with that. ~ Niff
  8. But what if you're not? "Good" I mean. What definition are you using? And is "good" really just the majority? Because I'm pretty sure those terrorists who blew up the twin towers thought they were doing "good". I assume you'd disagree with that sentiment, so then do you get to judge more accurately what 'good' is? Not ****** logic, just following your bouncing ball. (which to me, seems like pretty flawed logic to begin with, as I've tried pointing out) It makes sense though, people don't like being told that what they want isn't necessarily what is "good" because then all of a sudden you're responsible for your actions, decisions and consequences. A guy who steals money could probably twist a way to making that "good" for him. The action itself however is commonly regarded as wrong. So I do see where you're coming from, I just think if you're going to be throwing around the terms "****** logic" don't have to look far. ~ Niff P.s. I don't label myself as a contentious objector, no. I support my troops.
  9. But isn't "good" subjective? Who gets to decide what 'good' is? Is it good to protect your country and go to war, but then you kill someone who is loved by their family, so then does it become 'not good'? And what if you think they're bad, so killing them is, in your mind, essentially 'good'? But what does that say about the other soldier who also thinks he is doing 'good' by fighting against you? It seems like a cop-out sentiment to me. ... ~ Niff
  10. A very similar quote was made by another well-known Christian, C.S. Lewis "You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." (excerpt from "Mere Christianity" ) ~ Niff
  11. I made cupcakes. yup.
  12. Took Eloise to the doctor today to get her next round of vaccines. (She's 2.5) I hate doing it, mostly because I hate her being in pain - anyway, I packed along an arsenal of stuff to relieve her "post-shot" trauma. We're waiting in the room, Dr. comes in does the preliminaries, everything looks great and he asks me to put her in my lap in the restraint hold. She's so engrossed in playing with my stupid cell-phone she's oblivious to everything that's going on, until finally she gets jabbed in the thigh. "Ow!" She said, looking down to see what hurt her. She watched the Dr. pull the needle out, and I **** you not, gave him the meanest, dirtiest stinkeye I have ever seen. She didn't cry a tear but was apparently right pissed off. That's when I realized, my daughter is a badass. I was so proud. ~ Niffer
  13. Yeah its the grumpy one on the left. I got into a fight at school once too, it was grade 5 or 6. This girl was being an ass to me and finally I just decked her - I have a brother close to me in age and we used to fight all the time, so I already had lots of experience. Anyway, we get in trouble, I get told to "sit in the hall" she gets sent to the principal's office. My teacher comes and talks to me, he tells me he wasn't impressed by my fighting, but he said he understood why, and that he wouldn't tell my parents THIS time. ((this girl was a serious b**** and used to bully me)) I got off with a warning, she got suspended for 3 days. Had it comin. ~ Niff
  14. Guess which one is mine... LOL!!!
  15. Hm, never had to deal with the cost of using public land. I always just hunted on our own, or a friends land. Yesterday was -28 with the windchill making it feel more like -35. (which would be -31 to you Fahrenheit-ers) there was also a frostbite warning after 5 minutes of exposed skin. My friends thought it'd be a awesome day to go skating on the canal. I mean, I'm all for winter activities, but not enough to potentially lose a toe while doing it. O.o
  16. That....that just might need to happen...
  17. dammit! I knew I was missing part of that.... ~ Niffer
  18. You all sound the same to me: "rah rah rah, murica, rah rah rah, obamacare, rah rah, gun-control" I was told that's how you say "hello" in american. ~ Niff
  19. hullo Bass. ...I bet he has a picture of Alan in his wallet, with little hearts drawn all over it. And Mrs. Homer Alda written on the back in different fonts.... ~ Niffer
  20. I love winter, until March - then I get tired of the snow. Snowshoeing, sledding, snowboarding, even just going to walks, it's all awesome. Especially those nights when the moon reflects off all the snow, and it looks like mid-day out there. I dropped some serious bucks on this NorthFace coat: Thankfully I got it half-off, couldn't afford it otherwise! O.O But it is THE warmest coat I've ever owned. You can go skiing wearing a t-shirt under this coat and still feel warm. You just gotta know how to dress for the weather. ~ Niffer
  21. From the album Winter

  22. Glad to hear you're just as sane as the rest of us. ~ Niff
  23. lookit you getting all hot and bothered.