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  1. Pink is a killer!!!!! Those are also my Favorite!!! They catch!!
  2. WoW finally a little recognition!!!! Thanks Arron and Tommy. I really do try to make good stuff.
  3. Have fun and post pic's when you catch!!!!!!!
  4. You have a great display for your lures They Look fantastic. Thanks for posting
  5. Yes thats a Gibbs or one that Charlie made
  6. Gibbs had a GooGoo eyes signed by Charlie Maybe???????
  7. You blew it !!!!!! Should have been at the SWLCC Show!!! there were some great Habs lures and other colectible lures for sale that went off for reasonable prices!!!!!!! You Habs collectors should have been there???? I had the best show ever.... Not many people but we had a great time and some great bargans in the mix. Tons of great information!!!! Maybe next year??????
  8. Saltwater Lure Collectors Club Show This Saturday at Whites of Westport !!!!!!!!!! Be there!!!!! Lots of Great stuff and a bunch of Gret guys who know Tons of stuff about old lures and stuff!!!!! Lots of stuff t most importantly lots of informatoin!!!! Best of all its Free admission . Mass. Hope to meet some of you guys there?
  9. Thats the same color and size lure as the one I caught that great Red Drum on, in North Carolina.
  10. Great Color....My Favorite
  11. Yes thats a SR earley tail
  12. Those are definately the hooks. I'll get my samples that John sent me to use for the hooks he wanted, and take a pic for you. So Jeff or ??? must have tied those. First two pics are John's sam[les last pic of three are ones I tied
  13. I only tied VMC 9171 Permasteel open eye non stainless.
  14. Check lures that are new in package to see if they have body wrap? None of the lures I have in packages have wrap, but mine are all newer lures not early ones.