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  1. Over the winter I want to have a custom parabolic vertical jigging rod made for striped bass. I will be purchasing all the components other than maybe the alps reek seat from mudhole so please try to recommend brands they carry. We mostly use 2-5oz jigs from a boat but sometimes we cast as well. 40lb main line on either a saragosa 6k or vs 150. I think I know what components, fuji k frame titanium guides, camo ribbed foam handle, and an alps reel seat if they are really worth the money?? My question is, which blank would best suit my needs? Price is not an issue and I was hoping to stay in the 6' to 6'6 category. Also, I will be using the rod a lot so durability is very important. Thanks
  2. Quick question. I want to put a power knob on my older 706z. What's the quickest and easiest way to do this? Also, the reels on here are amazing. Congrats to all.
  3. So would a Diawa Lexa 300HSL-P for $155 be my best option?
  4. Sorry for not specifing. I will mostlly be fishing from a boat, jigging, bottom fishing, live lining and sometimes casting. I CAN use a lever drag but prefer star. And I CAN use my thumb but prefer levelwind. Thanks for all the replies so far
  5. Was looking into a reel that is ok to use in salt water with braid and capable of easily landing striped bass. Also it MUST be avaiable is a left hand retrieve model. Low profile or round style is ok. Thanks
  6. I will give
  7. Meant to post the pic not the link to the site. And trying to do it on a car ride from my phone it didn't work. Sorry
  8. Funny you said that. I wanted a vs but can't afford one and will probably settle for a Gosa
  9. I think for a tuna reel I will eventually have to get a shimano talica16 II. Until then I'll get a good deal on something smaller to learn the lever drag ways. Now I know avets and penns are well suited for striped bass and cod fishing, but for real big tuna I need a reel big wallet
  10. Rods are next since my idea was to get comfortable with the reel on smaller fish this winter. For spinning reels van staals are popular as well. Ill look into the reels you reccomended. Thanks!
  11. I wasn't talking 30lb bass. I was talking 40lb + down deep or in currents and bigger cod down 200ft plus. That requires drag, line capacity, cranking power, and reliability. There's plenty of guys that go after tuna on spinning gear and land them needing nothing more than 400 yds of 80lb braid and drag set accordingly (reels maxing out at 40lbs of drag but set less) With all the mighty mite lever drags out there I figured there had to be a few top options that could meet my needs. But now I know that cheaper reels are cheaper for a reason and to truely have a fair shot I think I'll have to double my price point, and look for a single speed (around 4-5:1 that can hold about 400 yards of 80lb hollow core, be castable/jiggable and max out close to 30lbs of drag. So something like the LG release reels
  12. Off cape cod and yes they are possible. I know people who go after them with spinning gear. But I know conventionals can do it it's just a matter of which ones. 200lb tuna aren't the norm but they are often a possibility
  13. I have smaller lighter stuff for jigging / fishing smaller fish. I said I wanted it to do all these things, not be the best at every single one of them. So yes maybe I should buy a reel that can handle 200+ lb tuna cuz then obviously it would handle smaller fish. So would a reel like the fin nor ma 40t do it??
  14. Would a fin nor ma 40t do everything I need?
  15. Anyone have experience with release sg or LG reels? I'm shocked these haven't come up so far they look sick!!!!