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  1. Ok, maybe I should know. But, what is this massive injection of fresh water into the bay going to do to the stripers in SF/SP Bay? I'm hoping it draws the big mommas down from the Delta and in from the Surf. What will it do to the anchovy/smelt schools? If we keep getting rain, perhaps bullheads may reappear?
  2. Thanks. Are Bullheads less abundant than they used to be?
  3. Got into some fish on Tuesday. 25 fish in one hour. 23 of them were 18-20", two were 24". The 24" fish felt huge!
  4. What are the stripers in the SF Bay shallows feeding on in Dec/Jan/Feb? Perch spawns, crabs, and shrimp? Or are they still on anchovy and smelt?
  5. I'm having a hard time getting any fish over 18' on the Marin Side of SP Bay. One day with several 24" fish and nothing as large since then. Maybe an injection of fresh water will change things.
  6. Is it just me, or are the stripers in the bay right now smaller than normal? I'm having a hard time getting anything over 22".
  7. Thanks, I'm right here in San Anselmo.
  8. I emailed Shimano to see which exact Stella parts I would need for the Stradic Ci4 4000 and this is the response I got.....pretty bad. "Hello, Thank you for your inquiry. I have put the link below to our parts website. Here you can look for your reel and find the parts you need. If your reel is not here but you have the parts number, you can search the part number on our website and buy the part that way. I hope this helps. * Best Regards"
  9. Quick question would the line roller parts for the Stella STL-SW4000XG, fit my Stradic 4000 Ci4?
  10. I guess....? I caught plenty of 30" stripers on my old 3000 Stradic which seemed to handle just fine.
  11. I have a 7'10 Lamiglass that needs new saltwater guides. Is there anyone here in Marin or SF that could do that for me?
  12. I'll probably end up with a cheapie Okuma Rockaway. I like the specs and the look, but I'm aways weary of rods that cheap. Are they decent? 8' 10-17lbs 1/2 - 1 1/2oz.
  13. Wow, those Edge Rods look awesome! Only problem is I'm looking for a 2 piece rod because I leave it in my car while I'm at work in San Francisco, and now days my car will get broken into if they can see the rod/reel. Ridiculous, I know.
  14. OK, I'll put my 4000 Stradic on it. Think it's too light for 1/2 oz 4" Big Hammers?
  15. 7'9____8-12 lbs____1/4 - 3/4 oz. Thinking about grabbing this rod since it's about the only 2-piece rod I can find in the 7'6 to 8' range. Going to pair it with my Vanford 3000 and 20lbs PowerPro for my plugging rod. What do you think?