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  1. This year was weird it was an early spring only bite
  2. Forgot about this thread didn't even know it still existed
  3. the only member more hated than Asrod
  4. eat a snickers, you aren't you when your hungry
  5. ip man because it was based off a true story
  6. every presidential campaign has made promises that they couldn't deliver, I believe trump will deliver on some of his promises, obviously not all, but its not like he's the first to have done so
  7. Bucktail got the job done again today
  8. A fish from yesterday that I got on a bucktail that had scoliosis
  9. color isn't something major, what really matters is the profile and the action of the lure, with color the thing is fish are near sighted so they key in on prey by picking up on vibrations using their lateral line, and especially if your fishing murky waters color is even more minimal so I personally stick with basic colors (white, yellow, chartreuse) for this very reason, swim shads are good to start off with because you could fish them with a straight retrieve and depending on the size and weight can fish any depth or match any baitfish you may encounter, another good choice to start off with is a bomber, you could find them in just about any bait and tackle or Walmart, as you would with a swim shad give them a straight retrieve, for bombers just stick with a slow retrieve and to know your working it right your rod tip should be pulsating, by the way these aren't the best casting plugs but don't worry 90% of the fish you catch are within 20 feet of the beach
  10. I do this because I was looking for a reaction and because I find it funny and that just sufficed thank you btw boat fish still don't count
  11. a couple decent fish on bucktails from this past thursday
  12. boat fish don't count
  13. caught some fish today on bucktails though